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So why is it all right for women to be sexist about MEN?…

By Giles Coren

The two Sky Sports presenters who were caught on tape making disparaging
remarks about women earlier this week are a pair of daft old duffers, and no
mistake. It is important for me to say that first, before I get to the
business in hand.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys are a couple of dull, flabby, middle-aged
football bores and are just the sort of doddering old clowns you would
expect to relax off camera by swapping ancient prejudices and poking fun at
women – in this case a female linesman – for not understanding the offside

You shouldn’t pass unflattering remarks about women behind their backs
because it is not a well brought-up thing to do, and they needed to be told.
I would never do it myself. Not because I am a feminist, but because I am a

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