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THIS jew had it right on Settlements

" ‘My conclusion is that civilian settlement in the administered territories contravenes explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention,’ to which Israel is a signatory. That Convention’s ban on population transfer is ‘categorical and not conditional upon the motives for the transfer or its objectives. The Convention’s purpose is to prevent settlement in occupied territory of citizens of the occupying state.’ "

-Theodore Meron: legal adviser to Israel’s Foreign Ministry 1967

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Anti-Masturbation Proponent Christine O'Donnell Win Republican Senate Nomination in Delaware

Anti-Masturbation Proponent Christine O’Donnell Win Republican Senate
Nomination in Delaware

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One in four women is relying on her husband's pension to pay for her retirement…

By Becky Barrow

One in four women faces an impoverished retirement because they are relying
on their husband or partner’s pension, alarming research reveals today.

Experts warn that it is ‘an extraordinarily risky strategy’, which could end
in disaster for millions of women.

A poll of 1,100 people over the age of 40, by insurance giant Prudential,
warned of the dangers of ‘pension dependency’. —

So much for all that "i am a hardworking INDEPENDANT Woman"

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How the Media Sell Misery to Women

Paige McKenzie

Throughout the 1990s, women’s magazines became focused less on fashion and
more on features about violence against women and children, "even though
crime statistics were plummeting across the country," Myrna Blyth notes in
"Spin Sisters: How the Women of the Media Sell Unhappiness and Liberalism to
the Women of America."

Research studies of women’s magazines such as Cosmo, Family Circle, Good
Housekeeping, Glamour, Marie Claire, Redbook, Vogue, Woman’s Day and Ladies
Home Journal show that during that decade stories and cover lines that
touched on social issues and victimization skyrocketed.

"In almost all of the stories, the message was the same: We have a big
problem. It’s scary and could affect any woman or her children. . we need
government action, and we need it now!"

Blyth says that a major tool of the media is to grossly exaggerate the
challenges facing ordinary women as far more difficult and even tragic than
they really are to make a political point.

This was a technique employed even by the Clinton administration. Blyth told that Bill Clinton’s team had something called the "Redbook
Strategy," purportedly to reach all those so-called soccer moms.

The networks began to mimic the magazines, writes Blyth, with "hyped-up
stories of murder and mayhem, usually at the hands of abusive husbands or
boyfriends, evil corporations, or incompetent doctors. It could be you!"

Television executive and "20/20" creator Av Westin, which helped pioneer
many news magazine shows, told Blyth: "We started every story with a victim.
That’s what we said. We need a victim. Find me the victim."

Blyth urges readers to notice that shows such as "48 hours" and "Dateline
NBC" "all have the same format: high volume on emotions, low volume on
facts . because they all want you to feel afraid."


And then, of course, there’s the "mother network of all victim television":
Lifetime Television Network for Women, a forerunner of "Sex and the City,"
whose programs tell women that "all men are unfaithful rats, abusive
monsters, dishonest scumbags, or all of the above." Women, however, are

More than 20 years ago, Blyth recalls, political scientist Aaron Wildavsky
looked around America and wrote: "How extraordinary! The richest,
longest-lived, best-protected, most resourceful civilization with the
highest degree of insight into its own technology is on its way to becoming
the most frightened."

Just count the female victims paraded before us all during the last decade:
Princess Diana, Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, Lorena Bobbitt,
Nicole Brown Simpson, Susan Smith, Louise Woodward, Paula Jones, Linda
Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy, Laci Peterson and, of course, Hillary

The "vast right-wing conspiracy" couldn’t keep the worst poll numbers of any
first lady ever from shooting through the roof when news broke of the
Lewinsky affair.

Though Hillary is a "supremely powerful" woman, she learned to milk the
victimization card for all it was worth, notes Blyth.

"It wouldn’t surprise me, however, to see Bill conveniently fall off the
marital wagon publicly sometime in 2007, just in time for the long-suffering
senator to publicly don a victim’s rage one more time."

Oprah’s Fake ‘Science’ Fools the U.N.

But there is a bright side to all the stress of victimization. It entitles
you to focus on yourself. As Dr. Alice Domar of Harvard says, "Your plan for
yourself … is just as important as any other." And women should not be
required to give up anything if they need it for themselves.

Interestingly, Blyth notes that anti-depressants have become a $10 million
market. Could there be a correlation?

Stress also sells self-indulgence, writes Blyth, which in turn sells
"everything from Botox injections to body creams, spa visits to yoga mats."

Even the United Nations and the World Health Organization got in on the act
when Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to a brand new female ailment —  
"perimenopause." As Blyth notes wryly, "the same crowd that voted to give
Libya a seat on its human rights committee" officially defined a condition
that did not exist until just a few years ago. Now a Google search reveals
nearly 70,000 references.

Reality: ‘The Best of Times’

The truth is a much different story.

"This is the best of times for American women. Every statistic proves it,"
Blyth writes. "You also happen to be the best-educated, healthiest,
wealthiest, longest-lived women with more opportunities for personal
fulfillment than any other generation in history.

"Yet you’re are being sold, day after day and month after month in soppy TV
movies and scary TV newsmagazines and on the slick pages of colorful
magazines, the most negative interpretation of your lives."

Perhaps the biggest tool of the spin sisters, says Blyth, is the way they
present themselves as ordinary American women, and use sympathy as
manipulation, to convince readers and viewers that all women should and do
think alike. And, she writes, they are manipulative even in the face of
tragedy … doing things to get stories that "most women would not approve

But the tactics aren’t working so well these days. Sales of magazines are
plunging, and the networks’ ratings are in the toilet.

"I find it so fascinating that even on Wisconsin public radio, believe it or
not, 90 percent of the women who called in agreed with me. …. When women
call up, and men too, they say, ‘At least someone has said this.’ It’s as if
everyone feels very isolated with their beliefs, especially women, and don’t
realize there are many others who agree with them," Blyth told NewsMax.

Media filter out diverse opinions, notes Blyth, especially those of
conservative women.

Conservative Women ‘Invisible’

"Finding conservatives or even moderate Republicans like me in the Spin
Sister media elite is as likely as finding a size 16 model on the cover of
Vogue," she writes.

When Blyth observed aloud that she was the only Republican at a recent baby
shower, attended by Hillary Clinton, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Barbara
Walters and other media spin sisters, she was told, "You were invited
despite that fact."

As far as the media are concerned, "Not only are conservative women dumb,
but dull and uptight," says Blyth, who admires Dr. Laura, Michelle Malkin,
Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter.

All strong, attractive successful women, they and others like them – such as
Bush administration members Condoleezza Rice and Elaine Chao – are ignored
by the spin sisters.

Blyth mentions a particular noteworthy female, "a brilliant operative .
whose own life story reads like a Barbara Taylor Bradford novel . who worked
her way through university in a munitions factory, winning a fellowship to
Radcliff for graduate work, attending law school in her fifties, an expert
on arms control, the author of a major work of political philosophy. Oh, and
a wife and mother of six children. My media buddies are wildly impressed by
her achievements. Until I mention her name ."

Phyllis Schlafly, a Midwestern housewife who outsmarted and outmaneuvered
sophisticated New York editors by marshalling huge grassroots support in
defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment when it was just three states shy of
approval, Blyth recalls.

"But no self-respecting Spin Sister would be caught dead doing a piece on
this woman, who by any objective measure, has led an extraordinary life."

Then there’s Patricia Heaton, who is "unabashedly pro-life. When asked how
other Hollywood types reacted to her unusual for Tinseltown views, she
sweetly says, ‘On a personal level, as a Christian, it will not be Barbra
Streisand I’m standing in front of when I have to make an accounting of my

The spin sisters see the America between the east and west coasts as empty,
and don’t want women from small towns on television because they are not
articulate enough in a one-minute sound bite, says Blyth. She quotes
pollster Kellyanne Conway: "You just don’t see many women on television from
the ‘red states,’ the states that voted for George Bush. You don’t hear
about their beliefs. They are almost invisible."

Even so, Blyth told NewsMax she didn’t know if a conservative magazine for
women could succeed. Though tests repeatedly show a huge market and desire
for magazines that would appeal to conservative women, she says,
"advertisers want nothing to do with them."

"In truth advertisers are more and more important in women’s media. The
editorial staff is getting smaller, and the marketing and advertising staff
are getting bigger. And the fashion advertisers love the new, the hot and
trendy, so they’re [uninterested] in things that confirm traditional
conservative values. They’re more comfortable with articles about sex toys
than things that talk about how many women in this country are deeply
religious. They would think a magazine like that is exclusionary."

Now Blyth is the one who will be excluded, she says. Though no one has
refuted the stories she reveals in her book, the spin sisters have not been
very nice. But she says: "I’m pretty tough. I won’t be invited to parties by
Hillary anymore."

She doesn’t seem too concerned.

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Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck……

This is mainly about AW’s, but I think these same comments can apply to any
female in any western country. Demonstrated beyond argument and for all to
see daily….

  Top Ten Reasons Why American Women Suck
  1) Selfish – to the point where they don’t know the difference between
love of self and plain downright greed–and drilled into believing that
whatever happens is the fault of whatever man is in their life because of
the feminist crud drilled into them by the cadre of asexual closet cases
called "therapists" who appear on "Ricki", "Oprah" or other such electronic
  2) Deluded – into thinking they "deserve" a rich, model-handsome husband
who will "take them away from all of this"–whatever the "this" might
be–and leading to resentment when they discover that the universe does NOT
revolve around them
  3) Angry – ALL the damn time about things which are so far out of their
control as to be nonsensical–and constantly wanting to "discuss" this mind
numbing drivel ad nauseam
  4) Psychotic – multiple personalities in the same woman – as "Nomad" put
it in the "Star Trek" episode: "Woman…a mass of inconsistencies…", and
also when the feminist voices in their heads start with the regrets and
victim acculturation
  5) Worthless – anything that does not immediately resolve itself in her
favor or to her benefit is meaningless to her, especially husband and family
  6) Lazy – drilled into their head that they "deserve" a maid, nanny and
personal slave to take care of every detail – and that their
husband/boyfriend is REQUIRED to cater to their each and every mindless whim
  7) Resentful – especially of other women who have things that they do not,
in material, spiritual and esoteric senses
  8) Greedy – to them, "housekeeping" means getting the house in the divorce
(thanks to Zsa Zsa for that immortal line) and sucking the guy for every
last cent, even if they had nothing to do with the building of the nest egg
  9) Mindless – constant, irritating, idle prattle about topics they read
about in some women’s magazine and then become instant experts–particularly
pop psychology and the latest crap they see on "Oprah" or "Ricki"
  10) Vain – believing that they are irresistible to everything in pants and
therefore are allowed to behave sluttish and without any honor

Borrowed from a fellow blogger..


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Female Hypocrisy – A Feminist Condition..…

Of course I just love the fact that occasionally a "woman" will actually
confess to how feminism and what feminism has done to screw up their lives.
I have been saying this on this blog as well as on MP3′s over many years. To
me it was obvious but apparently to most, they prefer to suffer in denial or
ignorance. So just another reminder how feminism has been doing you over for
years while you sit on your hands and allowed it to happen. It’s never too
late to disown and fight against it.

The obvious course would be to make the government sycophants aware as well
as politicians, better still, do not vote for anyone that promotes purely
female benefits or incentives. Streuth, how many more do you need anyway ?

Female Hypocrisy – A Feminist Condition
Nancy Levant

  Feminism in America has taken the rights of women and implanted a new
philosophy – a socially engineered, think tank doctrine – to eliminate the
most fundamental rights and biological functions of womanhood. But why don’t
we see this? How did the feminist movement, which claimed to represent the
rights and needs of women, twist the most fundamental knowledge and
instincts of women? I believe they accomplished this most devious and
inhumane mission by 1) eliminating the opinions of women with brute
political force built upon the profits of the abortion industry, and 2) by
partnering themselves to globalist dollars (huge money) and missions – like
the United Nations, for one.

  If women are "liberated," why do we need or continue to allow feminist
organizations to lobby on our behalf? Why do we continue to support feminist
organizations with our donations? For that matter, why are there two
genders? Does the feminist movement and philosophy have the power and
intelligence to change fundamental biology, to recreate the fundamental
meaning of womanhood, AND to mandate their rules and opinions upon every
American woman (or every woman on the planet)?

  Political feminists are the enemy of women. If we disagree with their
campaigns, we are considered to be ignorant idiots to be fought. They are no
more or less than all previous gender enslavers, and we must get that
through our thick and drugged heads. Freedom and liberation do not need
masters, self-proclaimed intellectual elites, and social engineers!! Wake up
American women. Your unhappiness is epidemic and rapidly spreading. You are
being used as workhorses to a sick and manipulated political culture that is
destroying your health and sanity, and is DEFINITELY destroying your
children. Political feminism exemplifies total disrespect for women.

  If you care about yourselves, your health, your children, and marriage,
wise up and THINK! I ask readers to please read The Cultural Devastation of
American Women, by yours truly. It is a book that matters and is desperately
needed in today’s world. I promise it will help to clarify the dangerous
trends and pitfalls that befall all of us in today’s managed reality. And,
as always, I promise you will not be a bored reader. Such writing is not in
my nature.

  Nancy Levant is a renowned writer for Constitutional governance and
American culture. She is the author of The Cultural Devastation of American
Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (and her
dreadful timing).

  She is an opponent of deceptive governance and politicians, global
governance by deception, political feminism, the public school system,
political economics based upon manufactured wars and their corporate
benefactors, and the Federal Reserve System. She is also a nationwide and
lively radio personality.

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The much ballyhooed "battle of the sexes"…

The much ballyhooed "battle of the sexes" was over even before it had begun.
Our side didn’t merely lose, it never fired a shot. But we mustn’t feel bad
because we never had a chance. We are far too chivalrous, and our opponents
fight dirty. To use a baseball analogy, their tactics are akin to moving the
outfield wall in 100 feet every time their side comes to bat, then moving it
back when our team comes up. You see, women won the "battle of the sexes"
with an amazingly simple, yet frighteningly ingenious, strategy: they made
up aphorisms, little mantras that recharacterized reality in order to
declare themselves oppressed in every facet of their existence. "Patriarchy"
and "glass ceiling" and "women don’t lie about rape" and "Men are" — fill
in the blank — "pigs," "dogs," "rapists," "couch potatoes," or "assholes."
They invented a language all their own to "prove" their victimization, and
this was enough to send chivalrous men — feminism’s useful idiots — into
retreat. Isn’t it about time men adopted their own pithy assertions of
truth?  Here’s a suggested start:

?Women remove male role models from their sons’ lives, then when their sons
behave badly, women blame "patriarchy."

?Stereotyping girls as inferior to boys in any respect is "misogyny";
stereotyping boys as potential batterers, rapists, predators, and deadbeat
dads is a public service announcement.

?When girls supposedly were behind boys in educational achievement, most men
agreed there was a problem with the schools; now that it’s been proven boys
are behind girls in every indicia of educational achievement, most women say
the problem is the boys, and the schools are just fine.

?Women insist their college’s "Women’s Center" is necessary to correct
gender discrimination despite the fact that the entire college campus has
become a women’s center.

?Women say they want men to be less manly and more sensitive; those same
women refuse to date actual men who are more sensitive because they aren’t
sufficiently manly.

?It is the mission of feminism to unshackle women so they can express their
femininity in whatever manner they desire, and to shackle men so that they
can express their masculinity only in the manner feminists approve.

?Women harshly brand young men hesitant about marriage as commitment-phobes;
when those same women later end their marriages because they aren’t feeling
"fulfilled," their own "commitment" is not at all pertinent to the issue.

?A woman who tells her fiance that she wants to take time off from work when
they have children is called a normal woman; a man who tells his fiance he
wants to take time off from work when they have children is called an

?Attending a bachelor party with a stripper is disgusting and depraved;
attending a bachelorette party with a stripper and a raunchy cake depicting
an ejaculating penis is a girls’ night out.

?Women insist that men be "equal partners" in performing their share of
domestic chores. This "partnership" consists of women dictating exactly
which domestic chores must be performed and the precise manner and timing of
performing them.

?When husbands and wives perform the same amount of work, but she performs
more domestic chores while he performs more work at a paying job, she’s
oppressed and subjugated and he’s undeservedly privileged.

?If a man wants sex more often than his wife is willing to give, he’s
selfish; if a woman wants sex more often than her husband is willing to
give, he’s selfish.

?When a man buys his wife a gift she can use around the house, it is a
sexist faux pas; when a woman buys a man a gift he can use around the house
it is a loving and thoughtful gift.

?In days long gone, when a married man had an affair, the other woman was a
"homewrecker." Today when a married man has an affair, the other woman isn’t
mentioned because that would destroy the preferred narrative of holding men
solely responsible for the world’s wrongs.

?Married men who have affairs are selfish pigs; married women who have
affairs are seeking the fulfillment they are not getting in their marriages.

?Women insist their husbands assume the responsibilities of being a full
parent, but as soon as a woman files for divorce, she and the judge let the
man in on the little joke he’s the last to hear: he is not, and could never
be, a full parent, he’s an ATM with a penis.

?When a man in an intact family goes through tough financial times, the
entire family tightens their belts and sacrifices together. If the woman
kicks the man out of the house on a whim and the man goes through tough
financial times, the family does not tighten their belts: dad either comes
up with the support money or he goes to jail.

?Women criticize men for not being actively involved in their children’s
lives, but the minute a woman sees a man she doesn’t know photographing his
own children in the park, she calls the cops.

?Women expect men to protect them from danger; but no matter how heroic a
man is, at least two airlines say he is unfit to be seated next to an
unaccompanied child because of his gender.

?Women seeking to enter the workforce are afforded all manner of special
incentives to offer them encouragement; men seeking to enter the domestic
sphere are afforded nothing, least of all encouragement.

?When men work in dangerous, physically demanding jobs that few people want,
it’s their choice; when women work in safe, physically undemanding jobs that
everyone wants, it’s "discrimination" when she’s paid less.

?To prove women are discriminated against at work, they tout the "glass
ceiling," so-called because no one has ever seen it, and we must take their
word that it exists.

?Women insist that shattering the "glass ceiling" and putting more women in
supervisory positions is good for the company, but most women admit they
would rather work for a man.

?When men outearned women, women were oppressed because the wage
differential could only mean discrimination; now that young women outearn
young men in urban settings, women are still oppressed because they can’t
find mates who are their intellectual peers.

?Young female employees are angered when their male supervisors socialize
with young male employees instead of them because it keeps the women from
climbing the corporate ladder; young female employees are not the least bit
angered when their male supervisors are falsely accused of harassment and
rape after they socialize with young female employees.

?Women insisted on having equal access to every place men congregate, then
as soon as they gained admittance they insisted on having "women-only"

?Women insist they need to "take back the night" even though innocent men
are victims of violent crime far more often than women.

?Women routinely bellyache about the slightest whiff of sexism but snidely
remark that any male who exits the elevator before they do has no "manners."

?A man who mentions anything sexual in a conversation is "creepy"; a woman
who mentions anything sexual in a conversation is "empowered."

?Women attorneys routinely commiserate with one another about the time,
thirty years ago, when some elderly male judge called one of them "Mrs.";
then they march into family law court and gladly exploit the inherent biases
against men to screw some poor guy out of his children, his life savings,
and his sanity.

?When women pay more for health insurance because they belong to a group
that poses a greater risk to the insurer, it’s discrimination; when young
men pay more for auto insurance because they belong to a group that poses a
greater risk to the insurer, it’s only fair, and why are they always

?Women complain that men "objectify" them, then they proceed to subsidize
the multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty industries, driven by women, in
order to attract male attention.

?Women gripe that men treat them as sex objects while making no apologies
for treating men as success objects.

?Men with younger women are "disgusting" and "dirty old men"; women with
younger men are "empowered."

?Women claim they are "objectified" in mass media entertainment and ads
despite the fact that female characters are almost always portrayed as
smart, wise, and put-upon by the selfish and oafish male characters with
whom they interact.

?Man who hits his wife = batterer, felon; woman who cuts off her husband’s
penis = victim, feminist hero.

?Male bashing = humorous and empowering; female bashing = misogyny.

?When men see a woman being hit by a man, they rush to her rescue; when
women see a man being hit by a woman, they utter, "you go, girl!"

?When a woman sees a man naked in his house, he’s an exhibitionist; when a
man sees a woman naked in her house, he’s a Peeping Tom.

?When women commit domestic violence, it’s called "self defense"; when men
act in self-defense, it’s called "domestic violence."

?When an angry woman commits a terrible atrocity against her boyfriend, we
gussy it up into a romance novel and call it "scorned love." When the
genders are reversed, it’s "domestic violence."

?Men hitting women is a solemn public service announcement; women kicking
men in the balls is hilarious and justified, regardless of whether there was

?A man who murders his wife is a murderer; a woman who murders her husband
must have been abused.

?When it comes to rape, we empower young women by insisting they are
powerless; we make them strong by insisting they are weak; we celebrate
their free moral agency by insisting they are incapable of resisting male

?Rape of women is a national crisis; rape of men in prison is a punchline.

?Telling young men who would never harm a woman to be part of the solution
to end rape is laudatory; telling young women who engage in promiscuous,
drunken behavior with men they don’t know to be part of the solution to end
rape is "victim blaming."

?It is

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TV American? "No Justice for them so you can have it all as yourself" Right?

Busihte Nazi Grunt Enemies Pushing Heroin

INTO AMERICANS. Teens. Life term prison
sentences to those who get addicted as third
strike felonies, but not death to the grunts
displayed in this video, that FOXNEWS Tea
Bagger parasites will claim are Patriots.
Like themselves. Patriot’s to what? Satan?
You got it.  Liar evil enemies of Life in
the Universe to not champion Justice for
American murder victims on 9/11, and so on.
Claiming "FUNDAMENTALISTS" are not
"FUNDAMENTALISTS" who disagree with selling
heroin to send Americans down the river?
(Again a Shrine to the Taliban right on
Ground Zero, right on it, will be the
victory of Christ in Justice. ) Do you care
to still refuse to forward this to someone
else, that would care just as much about
our dying futures here as Yourself. Or
no.. you’d rather see freedom lose wouldn’t
you. TV American males suck the Devil’s
greasy Cockas the Anti-Gay faggots, while
the Women can near only Dream what a real
man is who truly defends The Family. with
honor as virtuous.  America near no where
make those any more with their refusal
to forward these words of brotherhood for
Life. They hate We. Become a Man for a
change. Time for the arrest of Bush and
Cheney for Obstruction on 9/11 to continue
ourselves on following probable cause to
get the rest of these ungodly war criminals
responsible for mass murdering Americans.
…Or get back to what you weren’t doing
‘American Citizen’ you’ll be frantically
telling the lawless bushite "Cop" when
it arrests you without cause just to see
what you have in your wallet.. Why not
TV American? "No Justice for them so you
can have it all as yourself" Right? (I
swear, that is very near a verbatim quote
from Palin/Huckabee 2012? – and not
far from AJ on AZ either) [..] Decide

"The Truth About the 2009 Gaza Massacre"

/ / This video or group may contain content
that is inappropriate for some users \ \

How so? Did you notice the counter of
"Gaza 2009: We Will Never Forget"
linked at near 100,000 separate locations
for more than a year seen by who knows how
many greater than what Google is tallying,
has more than 1 for every 10 views a
comment? With largely people furious over
our failures to fairly communicate for
freedom? And the Rightard liar vids that
sell the mass murder of our innocent
families with Zionist demon lies weaker
than a seven year old, (youtubed without
restrictions!) is topping nearer a
million with comments in the Tames? Tell
God honestly, do you hate us because we
are wiser than you, as a TV "Rightard"? Do
you enjoy being a TV "Rightard"? I hate
Rightards with the evil minds of a bigot
who pirate our free wills to levy Justice
for our time. Don’t You? Eh? Care at all?
This should be front page. Forward March.
Hey! People! Don’t Be Evil.

Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government"

We have no real leadership. The Iraq war
is not a "Police action", but an info crime
against American teens to die for tyranny..

Petraeus: Afghan War Could Take Another Decade

Why not save our soldier’s lives, by fighting
for a just cause? Oh yeah, he wars God and
Humanity with lawless tyranny, to rape
women and children, to push heroin, all
to escape Bush and Cheney for 9/11 as
naked traitor. He’s into running death
squads against every last one of US as
innocent victim, if it means more stolen
values into the ungodly evil pockets of
the enemy Neocon demon liars. He gets
teen soldiers killed for the escape of
those like himself who carried out 9/11.

Brothers in Arms

I cry for ourselves here, and your failures
as my reader to sent this post out to everyone
you can.. I’ve tried and tried for so long,
and we just can’t go on all alone with
this if you will to not support our callings
for Justice to defend the innocent, real
Justice.. So I will pray there is another out
there who sees our desperate needs today for
open free communications above our TV clowns
for the cause of all fairly as freedom being,
Brothers in Arms. Please.

U.S. Military Officers Demand 911 Investigation

Well now, that just sounds American to me.
How about You?


CHRIST SAYS ‘Israeli are Anti-Jewish’

.. on the naked lies of TIME magazine warring America
for the escape of the Zionist Neocon Peenackers in

/ / Deflecting criticism of [war crimes] Israel by
screaming "anti-Semitism" makes as much sense as
deflecting criticism of the Nazis by screaming
"anti-Germanism!" \ \

..or anti-Jewish because without argument from
anyone, the Palestinians are the Semite Peoples
here, and too, the millions of Iraqis dead or dying
from all the bushite Nazi indiscriminately mass
murdering. But the TV trained Zombie Rightards
we guess either go insane from programmed lies
in their personal self inflicted hellish cries,
or become Human.


Innocent Held Without Trial by Bushite for Torture…

/ / Tens of thousands of detainees are being held
without trial in Iraqi prisons and face violent and
psychological abuse [..] [bushite nazi grunt]
military spokesman insisted Iraqi detention
facilities met international standards. \ \

Bushite "I don’t care."

A Bushite isn’t American.

AIPAC is a treasonous act against all Life in America,
that should warrant Public arrests without bail of
all in Congress inside the AIPAC club. But, my cowardly
dying American readers refuse to forward these fine
words, not because they doubt I am right, but because
they know I am not wrong as real Freedom I do
proclaim. TV’ed Americans would rather die than
learn what a real man is, hence is why they refuse
the light of God’s incredible vision. A Bushite Nazi
Grunter was quoted saying, "I don’t care." about who
did what to America left still undefended, and now,
not surprising to US, they is rightly dead for their
personal contempt for God and Mankind.

Obama’s Naked Hatred for Christians and Jews?…

"kill Jews"  This is taught for
14-year-old boys in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia oppresses Christians, they oppress
Jews, they OPPRESS MUSLIMS.  They are direct
enemies of Allah as life ourselves, when they do
not respect Muhammad’s teaching on treating all
fairly, ESPECIALLY ALLAH, by respecting the
Gospels and so on as divinely inspired through
God.  Saudi Arabia speaks nothing of the
indiscriminate mass murder of millions of Muslims
in Iraq and Afghanistan murdered needlessly by
war criminal forces aligned with Satan.  Bush
gave no evidence to form any remote conclusion,
that bin Laden was tied in any way what so ever
to the crimes of 9/11.  Crimes of which our
Police Services were near immediately halted from
acting upon by following the crimes scene leads
at the real mass murder scene.  But the UNGODLY
Arabia dictatorship needs to buy the family
another fleet of multi million dollar cars
painted in blood red, that will sit in a garage
visited by vampires doing nothing as a Testament,
to their direct hatred for our entire Humanity by
LEASTLY, not using a thousandth of that money
wasted to provide safe clean drinking water to
the Innocent Iraq Peoples being directly deprived
to die by Bushite Nazi savages.  Allah says to
those demon enemies hiding as "Royal" in Allah’s
Saudi Arabia, fuck you evil tyrant enemies of
every thing imaginable, FUCK YOU.  Now, where’s
America’s Obama on this growing issue of his
refusal to publicly address ourselves in honesty
as our best policy?  Saudi Arabia OPPRESS MUSLIMS

How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther

Republic Radio’s Dr.  K uses much of this on his,
‘there was no planes, I be the real deal’
nonsenses.  It was all cgi we can only guess
then, while every witness offered is a plant by
the "Jews" he actually claims – no exaggerating
here that he can’t be defeated on his baseless
falsehoods of "fact", "facts" of which he now, at
his worse, won’t allow any to disrupt his train
wreck of total quackery.  An actual half
intelligent person committed to Justice by
following probable cause he has suggested is
working for the Jews who did the 9/11 crime, no
question, no question.  Dr. K alleges that just
because no evidence was offered for the arrest of
Laden by Bush, or through General Ahmad who was
officially sent to the Taliban to tell the
Fundamentalists as much directly matters not to
Dr.  K, because those who say so, are those that
work with the Jews who carried out the attack
too.  He Publicly supports NOT following Probable
cause, to get those truly responsible, as a high
jacking 911 truther who discredits US all being
irrational.  Pure Zionist lawless control he is
attempting foolishly as a lashing blind man in
our presence over the minds of the weaker thans,
who refuse as himself to humble themselves to how
Freedom is defended by Law fairly practiced.  Dr.
K is not being helpful to helping others to
discern what can be thus far proven correct like:  
NO EVIDENCE was brought forward against the alleged
suspect, while then investigations were halted by
threat of false arrest by the ungodly bushmob
cabal of evil doers escaping still in progress.
(Not one of the alleged 19 suspects had been
found with any connection to Afghanistan or bin
Laden!  just as Condi planned with her "Top
Secret" Presidential war crime plan to invade
Afghanistan dated two days prior to 9/11) Now, I
actually am a genius to be able to explain this
so simply, that near anyone world wide should be
able to understand just as much with minimal
effort. Effort banned for open Public consideration
by an NWO Alex Jones wannabe devote cult follower.
Including Dr.  K…  So why is he

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