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Bank of America exec gets a protest at his house!

 I feel sorry for the frightened teenager who was the only person at
the home at the time, scince it wasn’t his fault that his father works
for a corrupt bank. It should have been the father quaking in his
pantaloons. Anyway, this is what execs can expect when the screw
around with people’s lives.…
(warning: foxnews link on forum)

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Teacher hands out porn to 2nd-grader

Updated: Thursday, 27 May 2010, 7:02 AM EDT
Published : Thursday, 27 May 2010, 7:02 AM EDT…

FLORIDA (FOX 25 / – A Florida teacher is accused of
accidentally handing out porn to a second grade student.

The 8-year-old girl, who is a student at a school in Crystal River,
was given a DVD that she thought had class pictures of school events
throughout the year.

But investigators say the girl and her 12-year-old brother got an
x-rated eyeful when they pushed play.

Police say the video was an adult porn commercial.

The teacher claims she was making copies of the school picture DVD
from her home when one of her husband’s porn DVDs got put in the wrong

Police say they can’t prove criminal intent, so no charges will be

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Questions Google is unable to answer #1: Obama, is he circumcised?

Is Barack Obama circumcised? Google draws a blank.

Considersations: Hawaiian, Democrat


"Ward, weren’t you a little hard on The Beaver last night?" –June Cleaver

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Mother of baby girl found dead at Fleet station traced

Detectives investigating the discovery of a baby’s body at a railway station
have traced the mother of the child.

A teenage girl has come forward and is now receiving treatment, Hampshire
police said.

The newborn girl was found wrapped in a plastic bag inside a bin by a
cleaner at the front of Fleet station in Hampshire on Wednesday.

The death is being treated as murder after it was found the baby suffered
injuries not caused during childbirth.

‘Extremely difficult’

A spokeswoman said: "Detectives are continuing to investigate this tragic
case and are working closely with the girl and her family to establish the
full circumstances surrounding this incident."

Det Supt Jason Hogg said: "This is an extremely difficult case for everyone
involved and we would ask people to respect this family’s privacy as they
come to terms with what has happened."

A post-mortem examination was carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital in
London on Thursday but the results have not yet been released by police.

However an initial examination showed the baby had suffered "significant
injuries" after birth.

The infant’s body had been wrapped up and hidden inside a Morrisons
supermarket reusable carrier bag.

Floral tributes have been laid by people at the station.

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The school gates of hell: Bullying, backbiting, tears. No that's not the children but the school-run mums, says one battle-scarred victim…

She fixed me with a crocodile smile and simpered: ‘How lovely that you’re
going to work from home. Now you’ll get to be a proper mother…’

It took me about an hour to realise that I had just been kicked in the teeth
by a Mumzilla. It was the first ‘Mums’ Coffee Morning’ I had ever been to. I
don’t think I went to another.

A new study by The Baby Website has found that friendships between new
mothers are not always as friendly as they seem. Of the average 11 new
friends a woman makes at the time of her baby’s birth, more than half will
apparently be a source of seething resentment by the time that child starts
school. —

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Affirmative action put incompetent women in as cops…..…

Here we are again, affirmative action will inevitably turn a once reliable
police force into a bunch of baby sitters while the privilege princesses
wander about doing all that is useless and letting all and sundry rob, steal
and abuse anyone without any resistance…

While they continue to gender cleanse all males from the force and install
incompetent women because of their capacity of owning a vagina justifies
this action and hopefully women will eventually get the response from one of
these princesses only to be told to wait while they get a man to get the job

Welcome to the feminised girlie men state of Victoria, Australia…..

Run by the Australian Labor Party akin to your democrats with the same
mentality and total disrespect for personal safety and public order…

Dear oh Bloody dear… it’s world-wide.

And as usual we only have one single male exposing the truth about those
feminised bunch of wimps…..

  Victoria’s thinning blue line

  Andrew Bolt

  May 04, 2007 12:00am
  Article from: Herald-Sun

  VICTORIA Police has a new bunch of recruits, Andrew Bolt writes. Many are
women and while some are welcome, are their numbers weakening the force?
  Lovely to read in my copy of the police Gazette that we’ve hired yet
another batch of recruits.

  The Gazette even named the men and women I might one day need to call on
to break up some brawl, disperse some Cronulla-style riot, smash into a
gangster’s house or clear some picket.

  So it’s hello to the members of Squad Four of 2007.

  From the top, hello to Kylie, Tegan, Suzanne, Leanne, Jacqueline, Clive,
Rachael . . . and hmmm.

  There’s a pattern here, I begin to suspect, being trained as a journalist
to pick up subtle clues that might escape you, gentle reader.

  To be sure, I check the April 5 list of constables newly appointed to our
Victoria Police by Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon.

  Same story. From the top again, I read their names: Cassandra, Daniela,
Kerryn, Joel, Julia, Louise, Kristen . . .

  I make calls to confirm it’s true: two-thirds of these newest recruits and
constables are women — and that’s far from unusual now.

  As it turns out, that’s also fortunate, since Nixon has given the force
until July to make sure 25 per cent of her officers aren’t men.

  Wait. The people in charge don’t like the way I sniff these lists. This
isn’t affirmative action hiring, they insist. No, it’s all merit based.

  And perhaps, in a way, it is.

  After all, under the Bracks Government — so keen to seem progressive in a
1980s way — the tests for police recruits have been changed in ways that
help women a lot. Women, that is, who want to be police, rather than to call
for them.

  Here are four of those changes. Once recruits had six minutes to complete
their physical test; now they get an extra 30 seconds.

  Once they had to be able to climb a wall 1.8 metres high. Too hard, so the
wall was lopped to just 1.6 metres.

  Even that proved too high for the ladies, so now there’s no wall-climbing
test at all. Also gone is that dragging of a weighted bag at speed.

  And bingo! Sure, our police are now more feeble, but see how many are now

  As the Auditor-General noted in a report on police manpower: "Since 1999,
the proportion of female applicants who successfully completed the (fitness)
test is over 80 per cent, compared with approximately 30 per cent in the
1990s before the changes were made."

  Little was spared to shoe-horn more women into our force — even women who
weren’t much good at policing or wanted to leave.

  As the Auditor-General put it: Nixon now had "special support for women
throughout the recruitment process, and follow-up with women who fail stages
of the process or withdraw".

  What other rules were bent, what other sly help given, to make sure women
were hired above the men that have long been first to volunteer for the job?

  Never mind that. Nothing seemed as important now as smashing not the
mafia, but the maleness of our police.

  I exaggerate? Then note that the Australasian Council of Women and
Policing, of which Nixon is president, last year gave its bravery medal to
our Sen-Sgt Janet Mitchell for "challenging the strongly masculinised
culture of the Police Association and her advocacy for women and cultural

  It all worked a treat, if your main aim is to have a feminised force,
rather than the most effective one.

  The percentage of female recruits went from 27 per cent in 2000 to 41 per
cent two years ago, and is even higher now. What an abrupt change it’s
been — a force that was 80 per cent male only two years ago is now hiring
classes of recruits that are 60 per cent female.

  But I must be fair. Nixon says more women actually make the force
stronger. For a decade now she has spruiked her new doctrine — that
policing is no longer about upholding the law.

  "Policing is about keeping the peace," she said in 1996.

  "It is only when we begin to attempt such a reassessment that we begin to
see how well-suited women are for the task."

  These were honeyed words to this Government, which hired Nixon to practise
on our force what she had preached, and create what she boasted would be a
"non-authoritarian" culture.

  Of course, when you redefine policing like that, there are some things you
no longer like your police to do. The most obvious, as we’ve seen, is
clearing the streets of mobs breaking the law.

  Note how Nixon’s force just stood back at last year’s anti-G20 riot as
protesters smashed windows, trashed a police van, invaded shops, destroyed a
bank’s charity box, vandalised signs, kicked police horses, blocked roads,
terrified local workers, stole a policeman’s baton and injured nine

  Just seven protesters were arrested that day, most hours after the worst
damage had been done.

  Only after a public outcry and months of expensive detective work were
more suspects picked up in raids as far away as Sydney.

  It’s true that using police muscle has been made risky by crusading
lawyers and activist magistrates.

  But the force Nixon is developing — less fit, less strong, less
authoritative — may soon be physically unable to do much other than such
hands-off policing.

  Already some male officers warn of having to protect weaker female
colleagues in a brawl or take their place at picket lines that turn rough.
Others claims that policewomen on patrol have called for backup at jobs two
men could do on their own.

  Yet others complain that women officers gravitate to desk jobs —
particularly once they are pregnant — leaving men to do the hard stuff.

  Be clear. I don’t dispute there are many police jobs that can be done by
women. I’m even sure that women tend to be better suited at some aspects of
policing of the more calm-down kind.

  But I wonder if this rush to recruit more women is leaving us with a force
able to do all we’d like. What corners are being cut? Are we hiring recruits
with the right talents, or just right gender?

  As you consider this, imagine another G20 style riot — this time outside
your factory, shop or office. Or a gang of party-crashers in your street,
out for trouble.

  You ring for the police to come clear the mob, and watch as the cavalry

  Hey, don’t go all pale. Just say hello again to Kylie, Tegan, Suzanne,
Leanne, Jacqueline, Clive, Rachael .

  flint’s gunner said…
  It really is a shame that the Modern Woman has become so totally
impervious to facts, logic and common sense. You’re certainly correct about
one thing: this willful refusal to exercise even basic good judgment has
spread throughout the Western World like an extra virulent dose of the clap.
I advise men nowadays to join the Ghost Nation, simply keeping to yourself
and avoiding these women AT ALL COSTS! But of course, far too many men will
not listen, and doggedly pursue their way to the State-run Castration
Centers which are the extremely anti-male courts of the Gynocracy.

  May 05, 2007

  flint’s gunner said…
  As an after thought, I believe you may have overlooked the worst erosion
of our society that these bitches in blue represent to the West.

  Whereas a male police officer can frequently cow a suspect into
cooperating simply by threat of his physical strength(after all, who among
us are itching for a good old fashioned police beat-down administered by
REAL cops?) but it is my understanding that women in the same situation are
FAR, FAR more likely to draw their side arm and SHOOT THE SUSPECT, rather
than utilize proper policing. (I’m an American, obviously.) Can’t you just
imagine agents of the Matriarchix investigating such a situation?

  "Your Honor, he may not have been armed, but he CERTAINLY had a penis!"
  "Case dismissed! I declare you a Hero! Please accept these all-expense
paid tickets for a month in Wonderfull-ville, a place where men are publicly
humiliated and discriminated against in our courts! Mary Winkler will also
be on hand, with tips that EVERY womyn needs to hear if she plans to SHOOT

  This issue has become SO pervasive, and SO wrong, that it reminds me of
slavery. That was such an obviously evil practice that Britons and Americans
rose up and DEMANDED that it be stamped out and driven from the face of the
earth. Would you volunteer to spend time with slave drivers, or would their
moral stink be so overpowering that you are left with no choice but to shun
them? What must we conclude from the silence on the part of ‘good women’?

  Far too many women whimper and make excuses when presented with these
self-evident truths; "Not all women are like that! There’s still good ones
like ME!ME!ME!ME!" Because that’s what every single thing in the Universe
revolves around, you see.

  If you are not with us, you’re againt us. Simple as that. There’s no gray
areas here. Any woman who has freely taken advantage of all the special
privileges of the Gynocracy is equally culpable. Just ask yourselves this,
what if YOU were a slave owned by wealthy Southern women in 1845. You would
be forced to wait upon them hand and foot, every hour of every day, for your
entire lifetime. Dinner conversation revolves around the never-ending stream
of discussion on the subject of Slave Depravity, all freely discussed in
your hearing as you hand them caviar and champagne on silver platters.
What’s that you say, consideration? For a SLAVE!? hahahahahahah!

  No whim is too trivial but that it demands instant gratification, made
possible by the blood and sweat of people like you and me. Your children
would be taken from you, and while the women are wallowing in the lap of
luxury you are left with the thankless task of carrying out all the dirty,
humiliating jobs that allow her to enjoy her lavish lifestyle.

  Now imagine these Distaff Slavers receive female guests from Atlanta;
these guests move into opulent rooms up in the mansion, and come round to
the slave quarters at night to say, "You musn’t think that ALL white women
are this way! Oh, how silly of me! You can’t understand me with this
enormous silver spoon in my mouth!I’ll start over, let me remove it before
going on to say that you slaves are just whiney! I bet you can’t please a
woman! Why are you so afraid to commit your neck to our chopping block?
You’re a scared little boy, I want a REAL man!"

  What would you conclude? I would conclude these women were complicit, and
every bit as guilty as the slave owners! There are no good women in the
West, because if there WERE this vicious, unjust and INSTITUTIONALIZED
hatred for men would never have become so entrenched.

  Bottom line: they are ALL Feminists, it’s just a matter of degree. They
will cheat you, they will lie to you, they will destroy you emotionally, and
as the piece de resistance they will rob all a man’s livlihood by having
their hapless husband declared a Wage Slave in service to the Gynocracy.
Stay away from them! Flee from these poisonous whores as you would from an
open mass grave! You’ll be sorry if you don’t.

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Justice for Scientology 'Dirty Tricks' ex-Head (the sociopath Mike Rinder) – {HRI note 20100528-V1.0}

Justice for Scientology ‘Dirty Tricks’ ex-Head (Mike Rinder)

                                                         28 May 2010

                                             {HRI note 20100528-V1.0}

Their purpose: to ‘at all cost and by any clever means and lies’

      DOMINATE all and everyone.

      Mike Rinder – an Evil* Creature who is "DEFENDING" ‘Scientology’
      and l. ron hubbard*

      against the exposure of l. ron hubbard’s (and equally of his
      own) true and depraved nature and actions against the society,
      to be like a Criminal Mind "ABOVE the society," and "ABOVE
      PEOPLE," having no concept of Crime,

            other than in terms of "failure to execute and to keep
            their Evil* deeds and intentions towards people, hidden."

            Others FAILING to execute and hide their own or some
            else’s Evil, is the only "Crime" they recognize and feel
            as such.

According to The Definition Of Justice (DOJ),* Mike Rinder has to make
 public (according not to his – sociopathic –  but according to OUR
 concept of Crime):

 — whom, which individuals, he damaged or intended to destroy, and
     how he did so or planned to do so; and

 — how he justified doing so, according to his motive of covering up
     and hiding his own nature and purposes, and to actively cover up
     also the hidden nature and the hidden purposes of l. ron hubbard,

      in his capacity of running Scientology’s ‘Office of Special
      Affairs’ worldwide

      – the job of "handling" all people who expose the fraud of
        ‘Scientology’ and the nature of l. ron hubbard, and his job

        to "destroy people utterly" in order to hide the nature of his
        "senior," l. ron hubbard,*

            exactly as l. ron hubbard did it himself as well, to all
            and everyone, including his closest "friends,"

            and as ANY intelligent sociopath does:

     "to destroy or incapacitate anyone who did, who will or who MIGHT
      perceive and expose him," and "to make others accept him ‘being
      above everyone’ and ‘above all law and morals and decency’."

            (see also: ‘Independent, Objective Definition of Evil’
            (ODE), under References, below)

Mike Rinder recently escaped from the Nazi-style management group of
 ’Scientology’ – escaping from the ‘Scientology’ top-"management"
 compound in Hemet, California,

      where he was – for more than a decade – the malicious, and
      notoriously lying head of l. ron hubbard’s Scientology ‘Dirty
      Tricks’ bureau, called the ‘Office of Special Affairs’ (OSA),

     (Mike Rinder, now working as a car salesman – really!)

 is most UNLIKELY to apply Justice to himself, regarding his Evil to
 the society – knowing the nature of his soul –

      he refuses to apply the actual, natural Definition Of Justice,*

           (Mike Rinder, being a sociopath himself like l. ron hubbard
            is too, is unlikely to apply Justice to himself)

 and therefore, The Definition Of Justice* is to be applied to him by

      in particular by the victims of his

           (‘Scientology’-justified, ‘Scientology’-inspired, and
            ‘Scientology’-trained, ‘Scientology’-ingrained,)

      ‘Dirty Tricks’ on people and against journalists and against
      legal and social institutions, the world over.

The same, of course, applies regarding other Scientology staff, when
 and as these become available to be exposed to Justice.*

KNT hrp&p


      All data provided by l. ron hubbard, both in writing and spoken
      by him, is tailor-made to be FALSE and is INTENTIONALLY designed
      so by l. ron hubbard himself, as his life’s work’s "achievement"

            – as the typical sociopath sees and feels it is "a true
              and magnificent achievement,"

              ‘to very cleverly deceive others without that they ever
              know THEY ARE DECEIVED, and are coontributing to the
              deception – (as Goebbels formulated it, famously)

            as Very Clever Evil* (likely abbreviated as ‘VCE’)

      designed to PREVENT perception and to DESTROY memory and

            and understanding of the social, material AND spiritual
            nature of Life,

      all while making the victim experience (and pay for) getting the
      very opposite,* and

      to FOREVER PREVENT understanding of l. ron hubbard himself* (and
      of any other clever sociopath, in general, too)

            which infliction of Stupidity THEY call "Shattering
            Suppression" – all exactly in reverse, as Criminal Minds
            do – and

      with the common, typical trick of THE INTELLIGENT SOCIOPATH:

            PRETENDING TO TEACH and "increase awareness and freedom",

            in such a way, that people (students and followers) are
            then convinced,

            that "they KNOW NOW (about Life)," and that "ONLY THEY
            know (about Life)"

            – which walls them off, from access to what IS true and

                  they meet you and act with an arrogant smile or
                  attitude of "knowing better than everyone else,"

                  and some "out of their care for you," become fanatic

      All ‘Scientology’ "data" from l. ron hubbard himself

           (he ripped off a lot of data from others, which he then
            proceeded to pervert, and to claim as "his own" invention)
            – all ‘Scientology’ "data"

      is an intrusive and insidious PRETENSE,

            with attracting but VAMPIRED Life Energy – vampired from
            actual great and caring thinkers, and the IMPERSONATION

            is giving the sociopath and VAMPIRE l. ron hubbard a
            semblance and force of "truth" and "care,"

                  which you can not look through if you are already
                  made and kept spiritually Blind, and

                  when you are falsely "educated" in school, college
                  and university, and at your parental home, about the
                  nature of Life.

                        So he easily replaces one set of lies – your
                        false "education" about the nature of Life –

                        with another but MUCH MORE CLEVER SET OF LIES,
                        which he called ‘Scientology’ to give it the
                        flavor of "science" and "logic."

      Scientology’s data "about Life" is based on a typical Criminal’s

      to dominate all people with THE CLEVEREST OF LIES;

      and it is intended by l. ron hubbard, TO PREVENT people from
      gaining freedom, and, to forever BLOCK the awareness and the
      knowledge of Life and the Energy required, to maintain freedom,*

      and instead, it is designed to spread l. ron hubbard’s spiritual
      enslavement, and that on a self-propagating basis:*

            exploiting your vulnerability* of complete (also academic)
            LACK of any, even vaguely correct and vital knowledge
            about the nature and mechanisms of Life itself,
            about awareness and perception and interaction of Life,

                  which is however now given and made available to you
                  in Fine Particle Physics (the physics of Life Energy
                  Particles) – at tremendous expense to me.

      – KNT hrp&p


(*)   see References, below


     ’Definition of Justice’  (DOJ)
      {HRI 20070817-V2.1.1}
       (17 August 2007 – Version 2.1.1 on 9 July 2008)

     ’The Final FAQ’s Answer about alt.religion.scientology – on
      sociopaths who want to feel themselves and each other as
      "fighting for truth and freedom" ‘  (FF)
     {HRI 20100402-V1.0}
      (2 April 2010)

     ’Much vital truth acquired by me, the Demonic Critics of
      Scientology, have been attacking and denying, since thirteen
      years now (Example: Mike Rinder Interview 1996)’
      (includes Ambassador for Mankind RI-753i of 2 Dec 1996)
      {HRI note 20091103-V1.0-t} – includes {AfM RI 19961202}
       (3 November 2009)

     ’Human Rights Order on Satan, last incarnation l. ron hubbard’
      (incl. Definitions of ‘Karma,’ of ‘Truth,’ and of ‘Punishment’)
      {HRO 20081017-V2.5}
       (17 October 2008 – Version 2.5 on 22 Dec 2009)…

     ’Independent, Objective Definition of Evil’  (ODE)
      {HRI 20090810-V1.1.2}
      (10 August 2009 – Version 1.1.2 on 11 Aug 2009)

     ’Amazing: ‘Scientologists’ actually REPLACING Jesus Christ with
      Satan (incl. definition of Jesus Christ, definition of Satan)’
      {HRI 20100106-II-V5.2.1}
       (6 January 2010 – Version 5.2.1 on 30 Apr 2010)

     ’Die Bamberg Notiz – (A Notice to Bamberg)’
      {HRI note 20090819-D-V2.1}
       (19 August 2009 – Version 2.1 on 31 Aug 2009)

     ’Mathison-Trenite ‘Particle Buster,’ Life Energy Fluctuation
      Meter (LEF Meter) of May 2009′ (MTLEFM)
      {FPP 20090913-circuit-V1.0.nfo}
       (13 September 2009 – Issued 17 Nov 2009)



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San Francisco Pleads: Let illegals vote in elections.

San Francisco pleads: Let illegals vote in elections!

    * Posted by Editor on May 27, 2010 at 8:37am
    * Send Message   View Editor’s blog

We want to make sure all immigrants here have a say

By Chelsea Schilling

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is seeking to grant illegal aliens the
right to vote in school-board elections if the illegals’ children attend
taxpayer-funded schools.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu introduced proposed
charter amendment 100635 on May 18. The amendment may be added to the Nov. 2
ballot if at least six spuervisors vote for the legislation.

"One out of three parents of the kids in our public-school system is an
immigrant," Chiu told CBS. "We want to make sure that they have an
opportunity to have a say."

When a reporter asked Chiu whether it would concern him if illegal aliens
vote, he responded, "What we don’t want to do is turn our elections
department into INS agents. That was an administrative situation that we
wanted to avoid. Again, what we wanted to do is empower all parents and give
them a voice in their kids’ education."

"Even the ones that are here without documents?" the reporter inquired.

"We want to make sure all immigrants here have a say," Chiu replied.

He argued that in recent years jurisdictions in New York, Illinois, Maryland
and Massachusetts have allowed noncitizens to vote. The San Francisco
legislation states:

    Charter Amendment (first draft) to amend the Charter of the City and
County of San Francisco by adding Section 13.111, to authorize San Francisco
residents 18 years of age or older who are the parents, legal guardians or
caregivers of children in the San Francisco Unified School District to vote
in elections for the Board of Education, regardless of whether the residents
are United States citizens.

However, according to the California Secretary of State’s office, individuals
may register to vote only if they meet the following criteria:

    * You are a resident of California

    * You are at least 18 years of age

    * You are not in prison or on parole for a felony conviction.

    * You have not been judged by a court to be mentally incompetent

    * You are a United States citizen

Adding a separate ballot for noncitizens would cost taxpayers an estimated
$250,000, according to San Francisco Elections Director Jon Arntz. He said
adding a separate election would cost "a couple million dollars."

But Chiu told CBS, "I don’t think it’s going to be a significant cost

Sponsors of the legislation include Chiu, David Campos, Eric Mar, John
Avalos, Ross Mirkarimi, Sophie Maxwell, Chris Daly and Bevan Dufty.

The plan mirrors a ballot measure that was narrowly rejected in 2004, with 51
percent of voters opposed and 49 percent approving. That measure, known as
Proposition F, was promoted as an initiative to "empower the parents of
one-third of our children in San Francisco public schools to have a say in
how their children are educated."

(…) More details at:

San Francisco is considered a sanctuary city and has an ordinance prohibiting
city employees from assisting U.S. immigration authorities with
investigations or arrests unless required to do so by federal or state law or
a warrant. The city website displays the ordinance in English, Spanish and

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors, on a 10-1 vote, recently approved a
nonbinding resolution to boycott Arizona because of its recently passed
immigration law.

(Note: Concerned individuals may e-mail the San Francisco Board of
Supervisors or call (415)554-5184 or (415)554-5163.)

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Feminist Accountabilty: Useless, jobless men – the social blight of our age..

A good article once again explaining the plight of Men and the total
concentration of G’mint focusing solely on women..

But ofcourse there was and is a cost. The cost being a generation of
neglected members of society that society cannot do without but explain that
to the male-haters. As far as they are concerned they should be crowing
loudly from every rooftop and patting themselves on the back for their
"extra" effort in promoting just one half of the polpulation while totally
neglecting and trying to destroy the other..

This article rings the truth like a bell and my favourite part which
reflects this bloggers own opinion, aims and goals..

  He believes that governments must start to focus on these men, and
question the feminisation of education and the workplace. It is no solution,
he says, to say that women don’t need men or that men should become more
female. Nor is it any good waiting for economic growth to dig them out of
poverty. Those men need a chance, not a benefits system that undermines
them.need men or that men should become more female.

It still makes my day whenever anyone points their finger decisively at
feminists and hold them accountable as much as they would like to deny the
damage they have caused..
(Akin to a child standing next to a broken clay pot with a hammer in it’s
hand and denying culpability.)
They have blood on their hands and it will never wash off..

  Useless, jobless men – the social blight of our age
  The benefits system has produced an emasculated generation who can find
neither work nor a wife
  Camilla Cavendish

  Of all the government adverts that have swamped our radio stations these
past few years (must be a quick saving there for the Treasury), one of the
most irritating was the jolly woman asking us in a sing-song voice if we had
remembered to report changes in our circumstances. Like hell. Every time I
heard the ad it conjured up a vision of a lonely official waiting in vain at
her desk for people to come in and sign away entitlements to which they
feel, well, entitled.

  This pathetic advert seemed to me to epitomise the politicians’ total loss
of control over the monster that is our benefits system. The Department for
Work and Pensions (DWP) presides over a system so complex that it has to
issue 8,690 pages of guidance to help its staff to apply its 51 different
benefits – the product of the ever more precise targeting of benefits to
particular groups.

  In the years of plenty, it was easier to placate and complicate than to
simplify. Every new benefit and its separate computer system was just bolted
on to the mainframe. But the result is that Britain has more than twice the
number of sick people as France. The potential for playing the system,
defrauding the system and falling foul of the system is enormous.

  So in declaring war yesterday on both poverty and the benefits system,
Iain Duncan Smith had it right. If the Government is going to make real
inroads into the deficit it will have to tackle the nearly �200 billion
welfare budget, which is a third of government spending. This week’s �6
billion of cuts was only Round 1: �6 billion is only 1 per cent of
government expenditure, so this was a warm-up. Round 2 will need to take on
the DWP leviathan.

  But the argument for welfare reform is not just one of affordability. In
too many cases, welfare has entrenched poverty. Mr Duncan Smith is one of
the few politicians who really understand the poverty trap. Gordon Brown
made life more bearable for many people on benefits, but he also made it
harder to escape from them. Get a job tomorrow earning between �10,000 and
�30,000 a year and you’ll take home only 30p out of every extra pound you
earn after the first �10,000. Twenty pence will go in income tax, 11p in
national insurance, and 39p in lost tax credits. Add in the loss of other
allowances (housing benefit, council tax benefit) and you may find it simply
doesn’t pay to work harder. Our poverty trap is deeper than that of most
other European countries. That is a strange legacy for a government that
wanted to make work pay.

  The fear of losing benefits – of not being able to scramble back on to the
lifeboat if you fall off – is a huge disincentive to change your
circumstances, let alone report them. One in seven working-age households is
dependent on benefits for more than half its income. More than half of all
lone parents depend on the State for at least half their income. William
Beveridge would be horrified to discover that the safety net he designed has
become a trap, creating generations of worklessness and dwindling
self-esteem. It is also creating a glut of unemployed, unwanted,
unmarriageable men.

  These men were overlooked during a decade of prosperity that did nothing
to change their lives. At the beginning of that decade, 5.4 million
working-age adults were claiming out-of-work benefits. The same number were
still claiming just before the recession struck. Almost a fifth of 16 to
24-year-olds were not in education, employment or training in 1997. The
number was identical in 2006. These people stayed put in the Welsh valleys,
in Liverpool, in Glasgow, while Eastern Europeans travelled a thousand miles
to pick up work on construction sites in London. Immigration reduced the
opportunities available to white British men whose poor education made them
less attractive candidates, while the benefits system undermined their

  The problem affects the whole of society because of the striking
correlation between male joblessness and single motherhood, particularly in
the old industrial cities. In Liverpool, male unemployment rose from 12 per
cent in 1971 to 30 per cent in 2001. In 1971 11 per cent of families were
headed by a single parent; by 2001, 45 per cent were. Similar patterns can
be seen in Birmingham, Strathclyde and Newcastle. The epidemic of male
joblessness after the collapse of manufacturing industries coincided with an
increase in female employment and welfare support to mothers who found that
they could manage alone.

  Overlooked by society, irrelevant to employers, unwanted by women who can
raise families on benefits without their help, the man who has no work or a
series of short-term jobs is a problem. Without steady work, he will
struggle to acquire a family: unemployed men are less likely to marry or
cohabit than employed ones. Without a stable relationship, he is less likely
to grow into a good family man and raise good sons. The taxpayer has become
the father: one in four mothers is single and more than half live on
welfare. A lot of these women describe the real fathers of their children as
"useless" or worse. The men have no role.

  In the worst cases, the State has helped to create a class of jobless
serial boyfriends who prey on single mothers on benefits. When two of these
men moved into the flat that Haringey Council had generously provided for
Tracey Connelly, Baby P’s mother, the little boy’s fate was sealed. They
killed him. Other such men appear in bit parts in tragedies such as that of
Shannon Matthews, abducted and drugged by her own "family". The welfare
system has helped to deprive these children of the most effective check on
abuse – the family.

  Robert Rowthorn, Professor of Economics at Cambridge, has shown that
female and male worklessness have been going in opposite directions for 30
years, well before this latest "mancession". His research suggests that half
the rise in lone parenthood in the past 30 years may be due to male
unemployment. He believes that governments must start to focus on these men,
and question the feminisation of education and the workplace. It is no
solution, he says, to say that women don’t need men or that men should
become more female. Nor is it any good waiting for economic growth to dig
them out of poverty. Those men need a chance, not a benefits system that
undermines them.need men or that men should become more female. Nor is it
any good waiting for economic growth to dig them out of poverty. Those men
need a chance, not a benefits system that undermines them.

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Yet MORE special help for useless females.

Annual board elections in new code for top companies

Plans for directors to submit to an annual shareholder vote form part of an
overhaul of the code of conduct for the UK’s top 350 listed companies.

It is a seen as a way to increase accountability, as directors are currently
re-elected every three years.

The Financial Reporting Council’s new code will also demand that gender and
diversity is explicity considered when new board members are appointed.

At present, a quarter of FTSE 100 companies have no female board members.

A further guideline is to link more closely the pay of top executives with
their company’s long-term performance.

The guidelines – known as the UK Corporate Governance Code – comes from the
Financial Reporting Council (FRC), the country’s independent regulator. Its
key role is to promote confidence in the way companies listed on the stock
market are run.

It enforces its code by a "comply or explain" policy – which means companies
either follow it or explain how else they are acting to promote good

‘Group think’
Baroness Hogg, the chairman of the FRC, said: "The FRC responded to the
financial crisis by examining the questions it raised about corporate
governance and thoroughly reviewing the code."

Changes to the code will see board nomination committees asked to consider
gender and diversity when hiring to avoid so-called "group think".

It states companies should assess board candidates "with due regard for the
benefits of diversity on the board, including gender".

The government welcomed the new rules. Equalities Minister Lynne
Featherstone said: "Half of all consumers are female but only 12 per cent of
FTSE 100 directors are."

"A more equal workplace is a more successful workplace."

Changes to the code follow extensive consultation, and there has been broad
approval for it from business organisations, big business itself, and
shareholder groups.

The CBI’s director general, Richard Lambert, said: "We welcome most of the
measures put forward by the FRC. It has rightly stuck with guiding
principles, rather than impose hard-and-fast rules."

It warned though that the target for annual board elections may backfire and
promote a focus on short-term results – as well as destabilising boardrooms.

But the Co-operative Asset Management said forcing directors to stand for
re-election each year would bring greater accountability to shareholders.

The new edition of the code will apply to financial years, starting after 29

This report comes in the wake of a raft of recommendations made an earlier
review by Sir David Walker following the financial crisis.

The FRC is also working on a new Stewardship Code, in response to calls for
institutional shareholders to engage better with the companies they invest

Listed companies have increasingly found themselves at odds with their
shareholders, particularly over executive pay.

The FRC aims to report back with a final code by the end of June.

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