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(rev 5.1) Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health, and also the United Nations Organizations – (incl. Real life definitions of 'By-pass surgery' and 'Narcosis') – {HRI 20100304-V5.1}

Medical Doctors: The Sickening Force Undermining World Health
 and also the United Nations Organizations
 (incl. Real life definitions of ‘By-pass surgery’ and ‘Narcosis’)

                                                        5 March 2010
                                                  {HRI 20100304-V5.1}

                                                        (Version 5.1
                                                      on 17 Mar 2010)

                                                       (view Summary
                                                         by skipping
                                                         much or all

                                                      (suits foreign
                                                   language students)

Of course, eating Omega 3-6-9 oils (fish oil, flax seed oil, borage
 oil) daily, DOES restore health to your body’s blood vessels, the
 arteries and veins.

That is also MUCH CHEAPER, than 50,000 USD per 6 hour torture of your
 body under full narcosis

      – which, not surprisingly, causes much impairment to your
        bodily and even to your mental health (memory loss, etc.) –

 in the jargon, this is called ‘a by-pass operation.’

      So America spends something like 20 BILLION USD a year, on this
      entirely unnecessary and very NOT recommended torture of its
      citizens – per year, yes. ***

‘Narcosis:’ very severe poisoning of your body, often for many hours
 at a stretch – in which you, additionally, lose all command over your
 body, and thus you cease to defend it from any Energetic attacks on
 it (on your body).

      This (the severe poisoning plus the severe cutting plus the
      loss of control over your whole body – the whole operation)
      does understandably inflict considerable damage on all bodily

       - including, on by far the most important of its systems, the
         Energetic systems or structures,

            which you know of, under the name of the Meridians and
            the Chakras,

         which are, however, ‘cut out’ of the body of medical

         and these – the by far senior, and most vital systems of the
         body – are ‘cut out,’ not only out of medical "science,"

         but these are also INTENTIONALLY and MALICIOUSLY omitted in
         the "sciences" (including medical "science") practiced and
         promoted by those

                  (by those Criminal Minds and their followers),

            who want you to assume – who want everyone (as "science"
            wants you to assume and) – to be convinced, and who also
            want you to convince everyone else, of

            the malicious BELIEF – which they themselves do NOT
            believe, but which they THEMSELVES ONLY PRETEND ‘to
            believe’ –

                 (perfect liars as Criminal Minds are, by their very

             they want you to be converted to and embrace THE BELIEF,

                  with "political or social correctness" to think, or
                  at least publicly you must state, and also write,

                        going along with their "science" – which

                             (INTENTIONALLY and very maliciously

                        omits ninety percent of APPLICABLE, and most
                        VITAL, and already KNOWN data,

                        nevertheless, they want you "scientifically"
                        to adopt the BELIEF, and to act as if, *(4)

                  and you must make others BELIEVE too, in education
                  and in the media,


                 "YOUR BRAIN DOES (and other body parts, even,
                  COMMUNICATION," FOR you. *

                        They are suitably omitting also, by the way,
                        that the transmission speed of nerve cells,
                        is only a few meters per second.

           "Scientifically" DENYING, that people are souls, and
            instead converting you "scientifically" to the BELIEF

                  – in glossy magazines,

                    and by cleverly financing other Criminal Minds
                    "to do medical research,"

                    and by running fancy "charities" to fund them-
                    selves or each other

                     and by having Associated Press "science" writers
                     report their lies in "science" articles –

            they manage to insert FALSE data and they manage to omit
            ninety percent of AVAILABLE and most relevant data, and
            they are

            replacing these with a truly malicious and very harmful
            BELIEF, which is, that "people, that you, are being a
            brain," (can not think or feel yourself) and "have five
            senses," (can not sense yourself, can not perceive the
            nature of others, etc., can not repair your body, etc.)
            and "know nothing when you are born" (do not remember
            who are Criminal Minds, and who are friends): *(4)

                  You, "an object" – that they can manipulate the
                  awareness, the memories, the feelings and the
                  motives and goals of,

                        by means of compulsory "education," THAT
                        entirely UNSCIENTIFIC BELIEFS, as "the truth
                        about (your) life;"

                        by depriving children of all rights, "because
                        children know nothing …not even, how they
                        themselves, how children are born," "because
                        it is all new," "virgin"

                              – you are so INTENSELY, DESTRUCTIVELY
                                Insane AND desirous to remain so
                                destructive to others, to ruin the
                                life of YOUR OWN children with all
                                those very destructive beliefs –

                        and manipulating also them, also children,

                  by means of some doctor prescribing chemicals,
                  "out of care," and "with superior knowledge about
                  you and about health"

                              – "there IS nobody hiding under your
                                 bed, or in your cupboard:"

                                 You are a spirit, but "spirits do
                                 not exist," is what you tell your
                                 child when it has been attacked and
                                 is frightened, or has fallen sick.

                                 So you are in fact – and in fact
                                 maliciously due to your abject
                                 REFUSAL to face life itself and to
                                 know about life – with that, you are
                                 in fact saying to your child (who is,
                                 like you and everyone too, a spirit),

                                 you say, you imply to mean and you
                                 state in fact to your child: "YOU do
                                 not exist."

                                    Either, "Spirits do not exist at
                                    all," or at best, "Spirits are
                                    only dead people."

                                    So your child has a choice:

                                    Either, that your insult implies,
                                    that the individual who is your
                                    child, does not exist at all,

                                    or else, the insult, that ‘he is

                              I would then advise (those who will be)
                              children, NOT to be born to you,

                              due to the Malicious, Destructive
                              Insanity that you adhere to and that
                              you enforce on people in general, and
                              towards children in particular, with the
                              biggest insult of all, that "you do not

                  We are on the planet of ‘Flat Souls’ – on ‘Flat Soul

                  practicing and funding the barbaric, cruel, and
                  malicious "science" of the worshiped Medical Doctor
                  and the Medical "scientist."

                  With MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines each
                  costing many millions of dollars apiece,

                        – they, these indeed MALICIOUS medical
                          sociopaths, they spend NOTHING on machines
                          to show and examine Life Energy, though many
                          such machines exist – NO, NO! INSTEAD,

                  they "prove" that "you do not exist (the spirit,
                  your soul, and your Life’s Energies and those of
                  others, ‘do not’) exist:" *(a)

                                "only your BRAIN exists, and thinks,
                                 and ‘therefore you exist’," and

                                "only as long as your brain gets
                                 oxygen, do you exist,"

                                 and, "ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY,
                                 does not exist at all," and "must
                                 be burned, or otherwise, banned from
                                 view and consideration – even though
                                 ’it does not exist’;"

                                 with big slogans of government and of
                                 philanthropists "furthering talent
                                 and development of abilities of
                                 young people by the educational
                                 institutions," "to give them opportu-
                                 nities" and be of true value to the

                                 AFTER YOU SMASHED THEM to pieces,
                                 with your barbaric cruelty, in every
                                 lesson and every school classroom,

                                 that "children, souls, ‘do not exist"
                                 but "are replaced by brains, WHO DO
                                 THEIR THINKING AND KNOWING AND PER-
                                 CEPTION AND FEELING for them…"

                        which you ALSO have to agree to, "for your own
                        good" and "for the benefit of the productivity
                        of the society," or else you will be FORCED
                        TO AGREE TO IT "BY the society."

                  EXACTLY as Criminal Minds want it to be and to
                  come more forcefully into existence, by means of
                  their "science."

                              Such is the nature of Evil, which you
                              do ALSO not know anymore:

                                    Evil GETS WORSE AND WORSE AND
                                    FOREVER MORE AND MORE EVIL,

                                    unless understood and thus stopped
                                    by you.

                                    And there is NEITHER REASON
                                    BEHIND EVIL, NOR IS THEIR ANY
                                    NECESSITY FOR EVIL – whatsoever,

                                          no matter what Gary Null, or
                                          any other guru or expert
                                          sales trainer, or any
                                          ‘religionist’ (a "religious
                                          or spiritual know-all") does
                                          tell you to the contrary.

                                    It is ONLY Criminal Minds and
                                    their followers, who tell you,

                                          with their often "beautiful
                                          reasons," convincing you,

                                    that "Evil is necessary" – so that
                                    you will NEITHER understand, NOR
                                    stop THEIR JOY OF BEING EVIL TO
                                    YOU AND TO OTHERS.

                              And PART of that Evil, already very far
                              down a scale of Evil, *(9) is,

                              to insult everyone with, and to convince
                              everyone, that "the soul, you (you who
                              are in all aspects entirely and comple-
                              tely different from a brain – you) ‘do
                              not exist’."

                        Of course the only way a person – any child
                        and any adult alike – DOES produce well, is,
                        when he is addressed as himself,

                        when you admit and address him as someone
                        who – of course – DOES exist as himself, as
                        a spirit or soul.

                        That, every successful manager knows, and
                        certainly works with

                        – and every caring and civilized person
                          knows this and works with this;

                          it is no more than normal and polite,
                          to look at a person, at his SOUL of
                          course – behind his eyes –

                              when you look at him, or at her,
                              AS A SOUL – from soul to soul,

                              or from heart to heart (as you may call
                              it "to not create conflict with Criminal
                              Minds and to not oppose their demands
                              of ‘political or social "correctness"’."

                  Criminal Minds, try FORBIDDING you to connect to and
                  feel yourself, your own Energies,

                        which you however do feel, if you are in
                        normal shape and when you therefore naturally
                        OPPOSE the Energetic demands of Criminal Minds
                        (while these for instance try preventing or)

                  FORBIDDING you to talk about how well you feel

                       (and instead, "you must feel self-conscious"
                        (that is an American idiom), meaning:

                       ’feeling embarrassed about yourself, feeling
                        embarrassed about showing to Criminal Minds,
                        that you ARE existing, that you ARE a soul,
                        that you are the very unique you, that you

                              because showing THAT, is ridiculed and
                              is vehemently opposed …by Criminal

                                    And the fact THAT I have to tell
                                    you this, shows your current level
                                    of Insanity, and the level of
                                    Insanity that you maintain in
                                    others, too,

                                   ’in order to comply with the
                                    bullies, the Criminal Minds
                                    in the society,’

                                    who DEMAND that you do not connect
                                    to and do not feel yourself – not
                                    who you are, not what are your own
                                    Life Energies,

                                    so that you will not recognize
                                    THEM: ‘Do not point out Criminal
                                    Minds,’ ‘do not study Criminal

                                          so that you, instead, will
                                          ‘worship them,’

                                          like worshiping Barbara
                                          Streisand or Charlie Sheen
                                          or Sean Penn, or George
                                          Clooney, or Oliver Stone,
                                          or Naomi Campbell.

                                                And with that, we are

                                    getting back to our Celebrities.

      At the time of writing this, it is actor-celebrity Burt
      Reynolds, (who is not a Criminal Mind, but) who shills for
      the medicos and their operations, for their malicious surgery,

           ’Burt Reynolds released from hospital after bypass’

      Before, they had actor-celebrity Robin Williams, and also
      former First Lady Barbara Bush, to name a few:

 Advertisers for that form of torture, for a ‘by-pass operation’ on
 their heart,

 which the participants agree to, and only CAN agree to, BY BEING

      They also did put Dick Cheney under their operating knife,

      and some of you know, that THE STRUCTURE (and functioning) of
      the heart, is strongly influenced by the heart Chakra:

            when someone desires to create a lot of LOVE Energy
            (‘Green’) PARTICLES towards people, (and Dick Cheney very
            definitely does have a strong Love-for-People Energy,
            desiring strongly that people Love each other)

                  – George W. "Washington" Bush ALSO has a strong
                    Love for people, but he is far more able to block
                    the intense Hate Energy PARTICLES from reaching
                    and thus from damaging his body,

                        but on the other hand he is thus also
                        less understanding of and less capable of
                        addressing Hate towards him, *(11)

                    the Hate projected to him by Criminal Minds and
                    by those (the Destructive Cowards, "pacifists")
                    who REFUSE to face Criminal Minds, and who all
                    of them thoroughly HATE him, George W. Bush, FOR
                    ACTUALLY Loving people and FOR his therefore
                    opposing Criminal Minds –

            but when your outflow of LOVE ENERGY is hindered or is
            being blocked by the (‘Red’) Hate Energy PARTICLES created
            by Criminal Minds,

            who are directing and placing these HATE Energy PARTICLES
            (and other Harmful Energy Particles) in particular so as
            to attack the heart of others, to attack people’s Love
            Energy output,

                  they attack emanations of Love, which come – not
                  only proverbially, but as ENERGY PARTICLES, they
                  come – actually from the heart area, or ‘heart

            then you get trouble in the heart – and they STILL call
            that, that what is the direct and indirect result of the
            inflictions of Harmful Energy PARTICLES by Criminal
            Minds, they call it still a ‘heart attack,’ which indeed
            it is:

            an attack on the heart’s Energies, on the STRUCTURAL Life
            Energy patterns that govern (or fail to govern)

            the mechanical, molecular structures and motions and
            chemical reactions in the body, the organic molecules and
            reactions, that you are nowadays allowed to learn about
            in schools,

            that medical "science" has agreed to let you discover and
            talk about and examine and even get a paid job in, in
            examining those molecules

                  …the bottom level of Life itself, however, as
                  Life is ENTIRELY SPIRITUAL in nature and functioning

                  – which you will learn at school only in the next

      But we know it now, already, as we are being endlessly senior
      to Medical Doctors.

      People who do create a lot of Love Energy towards others, are
      thus, and indeed, much more likely to get hit by Criminal Minds
      for it, because Criminal Minds want to STOP LOVE for people and
      between people.

      The Harmful Energies INFLICTED hinder and block, gradually, but
      also by Criminal Minds inflicting sudden bursts, (as with an
      acute heart attack) they suddenly block the proper functioning
      of the PHYSICAL parts of the heart (which they have already
      gradually weakened, usually)

      that part of a living body, that the medicos are willing to
      admit the existence of, and which they can grab with their

            As I get frequently attacked, of course, (me being one of
            the biggest and strongest Lovers on Earth and beyond)

            I remedy and go about repairing such acute attacks on
            my body – the inflicted, attacking PAIN-HATE, and other
            Harmfully Altered Life Energy PARTICLES (abbr. ‘HALEPs’)

            by simply knowing this mechanism, no matter how fierce
            and debilitating the attack is, I know that this is what
            is happening, how it works, how Life functions,

            and also by then looking – as I described in detail in
            Fine Particle Physics *(12) – I look at WHO, at which
            individual Criminal Mind(s), alive or dead, do or did
            create and inflict the Harmful, Altered Life Energy
            PARTICLES on my heart,

                 (or on my forehead, or on my throat, or in my lungs,
                  or in my legs, or in my hands, or feet, or in my
                  head, and in my eyes and in my ears, of course, too)

                        mostly they try to breach and destroy my
                        forehead (forehead Chakra), to obtain and
                        take away my Energy of Perception of them,

                        which – contrary to the reasons given by your
                        great-aunt – do produce a "cold" in the
                        forehead, complete with medical symptoms,

                  and these inflictions BY CRIMINAL MINDS, are often
                  accompanied and also often motivated by the Criminal
                  Mind(s) desiring to smash and pull away some of my
                  or some of my body’s Life Energies – as much as they
                  can, in particular during my sleep – all Criminal
                  Minds are Life Energy Vampires, on you, too,

                        and so the ‘Upper Levels’ of Masonry are
                        actually teaching you ‘How to be a Criminal

                        but NOT how to detect Criminal Minds,

                        much less how to defend yourself and your
                        body from their inflictions on you and on

                        but now you know how to defend yourself,
                        which you are doing anyway BUT ARE UNAWARE

            My looking at these INFLICTIONS, in particular at WHO does
            or did project these onto me or into my body, my looking
            for and at that,

            does INSTANTLY remove the inflicted, Harmfully Altered
            Life Energy PARTICLES (the ‘HALEPs’), the Pains etc.
            inflicted, which are PARTICLES, Altered, Life-damaging
            Energy PARTICLES which, designed to and intending to
            dislocate Life itself, do produce Pain, etc.,

                  you know:

                  THOSE Particles, that Benjamin Franklin *(8) and a
                  host of other Criminal Minds with authority then,
                  did insist about and told you about and reported to
                  the (French) government at the time, about,

                 "that these, that ANY Life Energy Particles, ‘do not

                  – which is, like saying "Life does not exist."

                  Now you know.

                  And it is an even bigger insult (which you do hear
                  and are reading all the time, in the media and from
                  the Medical Profession and by their advertisements
                  directly, and from various ‘"science" writers,’

                  they all tell you the biggest and most sickening
                  insult and most violently DESTRUCTIVE lie, *(3)

                        that (you being a soul, that) "you do not
                        exist," and,

                        that "your Life Energy ‘does not exist’, nor
                        the Life Energy of others:"

                 ’Just buy and take enough pills to make you unaware
                  of it’ – in your Brave New World, in your agreeing
                  to be a ‘Flat Earth Soul,’

                        where "the Earth and the Soul, are thought of
                        as being flat …as very flat."

That is called "Medical Ethics" or "The Duty to Remain Silent," of the
 medical peers – amongst each other.

I call it ‘Doctors Without Morals’ – or, if you like that better,
 ’Doctors With Borderline Morals.’

      That much, you stand to "gain" from your compulsory health
      insurance: adhering as it is, and paying as it does your money,
      to a deeply malicious medical "science" which remains MALICIOUS
      by means of "peer" reviewing by Criminal Minds.

                  Obama currently shills for the medicos spending
                  another hundred thousand dollars ON NOT CURING
                  CANCER PATIENT Natoma Canfield (20100316),

                  INSTEAD of demanding of the medicos, that cancer
                  patient Natoma Canfield be CURED, and that they do
                  it for a few hundred dollars or less, and that she
                  BE CURED NOW.

                  But Obama has NO LOVE for people, is not capable
                  of loving people, by the nature of his soul (and
                  the soul has nothing at all to do with race, nor
                  with education – we talk about the individual,
                  the soul, his spiritual condition, and),

                  so he won’t even THINK of demanding that of them.

                        The medico’s cancer business is merely a
                        ‘peer-reviewed’ and very Evil *(9) business
                        scam and fraud.

                              Criminal Minds keeping people ignorant,
                              so they can be ‘milked’ as long as
                              possible, as paying patients and as
                              paying drug-consumers.

                        And so, Obama’s remarks (20100316) are as
                        repulsive, as (to the extent that, because)
                        they are omitting the very sickening, mali-
                        ciously medical truth of the  matter.

           ’Peer Review:’

           "Only when enough morons – who don’t know either – agree
            to it,

            AND when the maximum number of people do financially
            benefit most from it for the longest period of time,

                  professionals benefiting from the therefore very
                  much prolonged and maximized suffering of another,

                  and when professionals are NOT stating this ‘small
                  and unimportant detail,’ of course, but when the
                  professionals can and do vehemently deny such
                  ‘ridiculous’ accusations,

            AND when the proposed treatment increases the authority
            of those in charge of health and of those practicing

            ONLY THEN can some method or discovery be admitted as
            being true and workable, as having been thoroughly
            ‘peer-reviewed with convincing and consistent evidence,’

            ONLY THEN can it be used and allowed."

      Criminal Minds ENJOY to spend all their intelligence and all
      their work, on MAKING YOU STUPID FOR ETERNITY.

            But the ‘activists’ hide also that from you, as they
            MISDIRECT YOU TO FAKE "dangers," or FAKE "help of others,"

      and so they absorb your attention, and they bleed your very good
      intentions, to dead-end into fake goals,

            while you still create the Energy to feel, that "you do
            good things;"

            but in fact you are not doing good things at all, anymore,

            or they even arrange things so, that you are in fact
            doing THE REVERSE of good things.

                  Most medical personnel fall in that category:

                  They will perform the most harmful or the least
                  effective action on a person (on a ‘patient’),
                  while they FEEL,

                        – the medical professionals have been
                          convinced by their peers, and thus they
                          have assumed the BELIEF themselves also,

                          with the appropriate FEELING, a kind of
                          self-hypnosis which APPEALS to their inner
                          goals of ‘helping people’

                          and THEREFORE that hypnosis sticks, and
                          THEREFORE the false activities and false
                          feelings are vehemently defended by
                          themselves, by Medical Doctors, and even
                          by their patients –

                  that "they do and intend ‘the very best’ for your
                  health." *

                        Truth however, is absolute – and the harmful
                        actions performed ARE harmful, and the
                        ineffective "treatment" IS ineffective,

                              because these violate truth, therefore
                              these (as some say, "they create bad
                              Karma") these ARE bad, *(9)

                                    and WHATEVER medical (Latin and
                                    old Greek or "scientific") word
                                    for it they make up, to impress
                                    you and to give authority to
                                    themselves and to their peers,

                                    regarding your affliction, and
                                    about their treatment of it,

                              these ARE harmful ACTIONS and entirely
                              false statements,

                                    the "reasons" they give you for
                                    your headaches, for instance,

                                    which (giving you very false
                                    "reasons") is part of their
                                    ACTUAL harm inflicted on you
                                    by the medical profession,

                                     - ESPECIALLY when it is delivered
                                       as "their intention to help
                                       you," and given with the pro-
                                       fessional confidence "to cure
                                       your condition" –

                              especially THOSE Evil *(9) actions on
                              you, that are based on your trust and
                              on their position of authority,

                              to IN FACT harm you or give the worst
                              "cure" possible at the greatest cost to
                              you and to the society;

                        so all those things, understandably, do build
                        up considerable emotional trauma or Harmful
                        Energy, Harmful, Altered Life Energy (building

                        in the doctor and the nurse, in the patient
                        too, in the above example,

                        FOR their doing something harmful

                              – regardless of it being labeled "very
                                beneficial" and "urgently needed"

                                   (like past ‘blood letting’ – which
                                    is letting a person actually
                                    bleed considerably, seemingly
                                    "to remove Evil from the body of
                                    the patient," only a century or
                                    so ago)

                                or methods labeled "we always do

                                nevertheless truth remains absolute:

                        because LIFE IS BASED ON TRUTH, and not, on
                        what some medical bread-earner, "who has
                        studied and is licensed," says or believes
                        or teaches about it – in a new century of
                        medical folly and tragedy –

                              nor is life based on ‘what your great-
                              aunt claimed to be the cause of your
                              "catching a cold".’

                                    Medical Science – dominated as
                                    it is by Criminal Minds – will
                                    get more and MORE Evil, more
                                    and MORE destructive to you and
                                    to the society, as time goes by,

                                    because that is their NATURE, it
                                    is the nature of Evil people, to
                                    create more and more Evil, *(9)

                                    UNLESS they are faced, understood,
                                    and ACTIVELY stopped by us.

                                          And even IF they are stopped
                                          to the point of being a
                                          beggar in the street, EVEN
                                          THEN they will try to cause
                                          as much Evil as they can,
                                          but by different, rather
                                          more Energetic means,

                                          by which, for instance, even
                                          Saint Francis of Assisi
                                          was victimized, because
                                          he did not face THAT Evil,

                                          coming as it did, from "a
                                          helpless beggar," who told
                                          Francis, that "he, Francis,
                                          ‘did not know what it is
                                          to be poor, and ugly, and
                                          without intimacy’." *(10)

                        And, in this example medical personnel, must
                        have been considerably BLOCKED from FEELING
                        LIFE and people, thus from FEELING THE TRUTH,
                        about Life, about people,

                              exactly BY having studied the "science"
                              of medicine, their thinking and feeling
                              has been that heavily blocked, and that
                              much debilitated,

                        that they indeed CAN perform such harmful
                        actions on their patients, while thinking of
                        it as "care," and being paid for "delivering

                              and in turn then, their FEELING OF LIFE
                              is further destroyed because of their
                              inflicting harm (on their patients),

                              as they are further blocking off their
                              SENSING the Energy which holds the truth
                              of their Evil action performed as "care"

                                    – their Evil being recorded
                                      absolutely, because it is part
                                      of the nature of Life and of
                                      The Creation itself

                                     (which I described elsewhere, as
                                      the faithful reader knows)

                                      to record all that happened,
                                      precisely as it was caused by
                                      whom, with what intention, and
                                      indelibly available to view for
                                      all time to come, to anyone
                                      who cares to look.

                        Their Sensing-of-Life is walled-off by their
                        holding beliefs and by their following customs
                        in our "civilization"

                              – they COUNTER AND OPPOSE the simple
                                nature of Life, by means of beliefs
                                and customs –

                        that Criminal Minds did and do create and
                        have enforced on us with exactly that very
                        purpose in their sick minds:

                        To make GOOD people inflict Evil and

                              – of course, because good people CAN
                                only inflict Evil, by –

                        making them think, that the Evil they commit,
                        "is Good."

                              Criminal Minds do provide the necessary
                              beliefs and social customs for that,

                              also by means of the "science" embedded
                              in a civilization, in our civilization
                              as well, that we call "medical science,"
                              and associated "sciences" in our

                              This – the BLOCKING OF FEELING of life –

                                    harmful by refusing to examine and
                                    to address the true conditions of
                                    someone (or refusing to study the
                                    actual nature of a human or animal

                                    as they DO REFUSE, in medical
                                    "science," to see even the MAIN
                                    part of their subject:

                                    Life Energy and its structures,

                                          WITHOUT WHICH a body is ‘as
                                          dead as a corps in a morgue’

                                    and by hiding that, the basic and
                                    most vital knowledge about life,

                              THE FEELING OF LIFE is being blocked by
                              Criminal Minds, who dominate "science."

                              And that applies equally and in particu-
                              lar to any of the caring and protective

                                    and obviously it applies very much
                                    to parents, as these,

                                          with that intensity of
                                          protecting  and furthering
                                          life, that often comes with
                                          parenthood, so parents

                                    want the very best for their
                                    children, and

                                    as in the caring and protective
                                    professional sphere, it applies

                              not only to the medical, but also to
                              the judicial, prosecuting, police and
                              military professionals,

                                    when their FEELING for Life is
                                    cut off, opposed and FORBIDDEN
                                    by Criminal Minds,

                              and it applies, no less, to activists
                              for Human Rights and for the protection
                              of Nature: *(1)(2)

                                    All protective and caring people
                                    are FRUITFUL TARGETS for mis-
                                    direction by means of "science,"

                                    misdirected by Criminal Minds,
                                    who are always perverting and
                                    always inverting the original
                                    goals and the original and vital

                              when and where your very good, caring,
                              and loving intentions and efforts

                              are bent around and misused – VERY
                              CLEVERLY by Criminal Minds,

                                    often gradually beginning at

                                    with the very "science" and preju-
                                    dices about life and about people,

                                    that Criminal Minds have invented
                                    and promoted, pervading our

                              where their Evil is not understood, not
                              faced, where they have achieved, that
                              they must not be recognized and must not
                              be pointed out, but instead,

      where Criminal Minds are hidden and even admired, and yes, are
      having their face printed on banknotes and flaunted on the
      central square of the country’s capital city (in China)

 where hiding Evil is "civilized." *(3)(4)

Certainly, from the viewpoint of the Criminal Minds, the only
 "civilized behavior" there is, IS to hide Evil. Again:

      According to Criminal Minds "THE ONLY BEHAVIOR THAT IS


      Maybe all of the above is not even known to you, or you do NOT
      know most

            – but I do –

            which is why I have to now again spend my very valuable

            with alleviating that condition of yours, TILL YOU CAN
            DO SO FOR YOURSELF AND FOR OTHERS, to alleviate

            a condition of yours which is mental but which is induced
            by the hidden and age-old force of Medical Evil enforced
            also today on you by the Medical Profession and their
            various Institutions

                (and the faithful, attentive reader has already had
                 an inkling of the following):

The general purpose that the Medical Profession holds – indeed
 "peer-reviewed" – in common, is


            That’s what Medical Doctors do.

            Your headaches "are caused by narrowing blood vessels,"
            is just one example of their utter malice, their delibera-
            tely stupidifying you in their "peer-reviewed diagnoses,"
            to let you suffer, in order


            Nevertheless miracles do happen:

            I was interviewed recently by a very intelligent and
            caring woman.

            When I mentioned the matter of headaches, she actually
            ASKED me, to explain on camera, what IS causing headaches,

            and so I did explain that, with the SCIENCE of Fine
            Particle Physics, and it was recorded by her.

Hiding Evil, not discussing Evil, VIOLATES the condition of

      Peace, of

      Health, and


           (I have explained this to you in various Human Rights
            Issues or HRI’s.)

            Medical Doctors, being used to hiding the source of
            Evil, always did well in dictatorial regimes

                  – with Cuba crowning the Evil, but they also do
                    well in all other dictatorial regimes –

            they played a MAJOR part in hiding and condoning Evil,
            and they continue to do so HIDE EVIL, also in current

            AND hiding Evil – with the Medical Profession in the
            forefront – has since long been (in what was supposed
            to be, after World War Two)

            in the United Nations Organization, VIOLATING The First
            International Law: *(5)

                  Do NOT remove the Evil regimes – that the Medical
                  Professional supports and fights to maintain – but

                 "send them food and medicines,"

                        WHICH WOULD – NOT – BE NEEDED IN THE FIRST
                        PLACE, if the regime had been removed

                        – if the dictatorial individuals, such as Mao
                          Zedong, too, had been removed, those, all
                          being SEVERE Criminal Minds, have NO RIGHT
                          WHATSOEVER TO GOVERN ANYONE –

                  they have – with The First International Law *(5)
                  NO RIGHT to govern anyone, CERTAINLY NOT THEIR OWN
                  NATIONALS, *(6)

                        and so you VIOLATE the First International
                        Law, towards North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela,
                        Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Laos, China,
                        Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Syria, Gaza, etc..

      ALL THAT EVIL, is HIDDEN by the Medical Profession, and
      especially by those – of such a mind-set or even a medical
      education – in most if not all United Nations Organizations
      and Assembly.

            Taiwan is BY DEFINITION a member of the United Nations

                  Yet its members, and its Assembly, is TRAINED TO
                  and prefers to hide Evil.

                  And indeed also the Security "COUNCIL" has NO LEGAL
                  authority or standing whatsoever,

                  because CRIMINAL REGIMES (China, Russia, etc.) do
                  not keep to its decisions anyway, and

                  Legal authority CAN NOT BE conferred by Criminal
                  Minds upon decent and trustworthy people, not even
                  if trustworthy people are tricked into accepting
                  a decision from what is a "Security" "Council" in
                  name ONLY.

Again: The general purpose, that the Medical Profession holds in
 "peer-reviewed" esteem and practice, is,


      Why? Because it is the nature of their profession. They ENJOY
      to do so, and they thrive (financially and socially) on it.

            It forms the basis of the thoughts given by Hippocrates,
            in the West, and given by the Yellow Emperor, in the East,
            and given in Hinduism in the South-East:

      Harmful Life Energy, which IS CREATED AND PROJECTED BY EVIL

            and which causes or predisposes or precipitates all
            diseases, and all accidents, too, and all mental

      IS EVEN DENIED TO EXIST, by the Medical Profession, and with
      vehemence by its Criminal Minds:

            Again: Since ages, and also now – it is the general
            purpose, of the Medical Profession,


So I straighten you (its customers, and that profession itself) out

      Maybe even before this century has passed …considering the
      mess you have gotten yourself drawn into, and that you keep
      letting yourself be drawn into.

            You are so INCONCEIVABLY lacking in Sanity… **

            not to mention your frightening desire to keep it so
            and "to wait for Salvation," or else to boast about

                  – whether  "Evolution of the body," as some claim
                    to be occurring and vital, or "Evolution of the
                    soul" as quite others claim to be occurring and
                    vitally so,

                        but which is all very thoroughly DISPROVED
                        by ACTUAL SCIENCE –

            or "God will take care of it," or "Cosmic Justice" will
            prevail or handle it – as the very cowardly or the very
            irresponsible are claiming THEIR untruth, but also ACTUAL
            SCIENCE disproves THEM,

            and then, some of you are "waiting for medical ‘science,’
            or for ‘modern physics’ to come along for you"

                  and "automatically" to make you (or else
                  your children, or else their children) into
                  "intelligent, happy and healthy persons,"

                        and some have their body deep-frozen to
                        await that event (they have been told by
                        "science," that "they are not a soul, but
                        entirely Insane, and thus ‘are a body’")

            …in your "Brave New World," (a medical-drug-induced
            euphoric numbness);

            or else in your "New Age" (Energetic-Drugging, Harmfully-
            Altered Life ENERGY inflicted euphoric numbness), as the
            case may be.

Again: So I have to straighten you out – maybe succeeding even before
 this century has passed.

Koos Nolst Trenite ‘Cause Trinity’
human rights philosopher and poet

                                            ‘Men of all nations came
                                       to listen to Solomon’s wisdom,
                                  sent by all the kings of the world,
                                         who had heard of his wisdom.’

                                                        1 Kings 4:34


(a)   Michelson and Morley at least did not spend tens of millions of
      dollars on their machine, that "shows, that Life Energy and the
      soul does not exist," that "Life Energy Particles or Aether ‘do
      not exist’:"

      They used simple mirrors – knowing that these only reflect
      photons – a spirit or soul (you, after you die) being notorious-
      ly invisible (when you look at yourself) in a mirror, and they
      still drive physics students Insane with that, and from that
      moment onwards, so that they lose all rationality, and start
      to worship severely Criminal Minds like Einstein and Hawking.

(b)   Whatever you do and intend (and also if no one knows about it,
      still it) becomes part of and so remains part of The Creation,
      and therefore it can be viewed forever after,

            whether you like it or not, *(9)

      indelibly and viewable by anyone, as those educated in Fine
      Particle Physics know about Perception,

      which is inconceivably far ABOVE current University and
      ‘Nobel-Prizemia’ level.


(*)  ’ ‘To sleep or not to sleep’ – Parenting Elvis Presley
      – The INTENSE medical Evil of the ‘sleep industry’ ‘
     {HRI note 20100222-V2.0.2}

(**) ‘Definition Of Sanity’  DOS
      {HRI 20040410-V2.0.1}
       (10 April 2004 – Version 2.0.1 on 12 May 2007)

(***)"Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is widely performed in the
      United States. The American Heart Association estimates, that
      573,000 coronary artery bypass graft surgeries were performed
      on 363,000 patients in 1995.
      Seventy-four percent of these procedures were performed on men;
      44% on men and women under the age of 65 (1995 data).
      The estimated average cost of this procedure in 1995 was

        – Lori De Milto, in ‘Encyclopedia of Medicine’ on

(1)  ’Koos Nolst Trenite Anecdotes – Intending others to be decent
      to each other – What is ‘Zero Tolerance’ actually’
      {HRI 20060305-V2.5}  (ZTA)
       (5 March 2006 – Issued 7 Dec 2007 – Version 2.5 on 8 Dec 2008)

(2)  ’The First Law Of Economics’  (FLE)
      {HRI-20031201-V3.7.3} (the HRI was first issued on 18 July 2008)
       (1 December 2003 – Version 3.7.3 on 8 Apr 2009)

(3)  ’The Anti-Normal’
      {HRI 20071208-V1.0}
       (8 December 2007)

(4)  ’Evil Creatures Fight for Evil BELIEFS, versus the Rational
      Truth’  (ECFEB)
      {HRI 20080918-V1.5.1}
       (8 Sept 2008 – Version 1.5.1 on 15 Mar 2009)…

(5)  ’The First International Law (FIL), in very short form’
      {HRI 20091004-V1.1}
       (4 October 2009 – Version 1.1 on 8 Oct 2009)

(6)  ’The Rights of Criminal Minds’  (RCM)
      {HRI 20040108-V2.1}
       (8 January 2004 – Version 2.1 on 13 Jul 2009)

(7)  ’Elaboration and Proof, on the Royal Society’s famous sociopath,
      Stephen Hawking, with his ENTIRELY FALSE "Physics" ‘
      {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1-A}
       (4 December 2009 – Addition V1.0.1-A on 6 Dec 2009)…
     ’Famous Nuclear Scientist Debunked’
      {FPP Note 20091204-II-V1.0.1-A-T}

(8)  ’American Constitution – Destroyed By Benjamin Franklin In 1787,
      How’ – Quote from {HRI 20021018-V2.0} ‘The Mafia Code Against
       (10 October 2003 quote, of Version 2.0 on 10 October 2003)

(9)  ’Independent, Objective Definition of Evil’  (ODE)
      {HRI 20090810-V1.1.2}
      (10 August 2009 – Version 1.1.2 also on 11 Aug 2009)

(10)  See the NEXT, upcoming Version, of
     ’Ending their Hate: all my Ex-wives, Ex-friends, and Ex-family’
      {HRI 20091211-V2.2} {FPP 20091211-V2.2}
       (11 December 2009 – Version 2.2 on 14 December 2009)

      Hu Jintao (China) will declare war on America’," says US State
      Department’s Criminal Mind Robert Zoellick’
      includes ‘George W. Bush, the Chamberlain to Hu Jintao (as in
      1938, Munich, Britain’s Prime Minister Chamberlain to Hitler)’
      – {HRI 20060423-V3.5.1}
       (11 May 2006 – version 2 on 13 May 2006)

(12) ‘Restoring Vital Perception: Proper use of Life Energy
      Fluctuation Meter (Vital Perception Aid), intensely hated by
      Criminal Minds’
      {HRI 20100209-V4.2}{FPP 20100209-V4.2}
       (9 February 2010 – Version 4.2 on 17 Feb 2010)



Copyright 2010 by Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher
 and poet
This is ‘learnware’ – it may not be altered, and it is free for
 anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
 who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
 to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
 specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
 of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
 or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
 and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
 about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
 PlatoWorld at

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CPR guide

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Lightning Safety

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Nevada cracking down on brothel ads

This is an outrage! My mom has been working on her advertisement for
months. She should have the right to use it. It’s perfect:

A federal appeals court has upheld a Nevada law that prevents brothels
from advertising in areas of the state where prostitution is not legal,
such as Las Vegas and Reno, according to a report by The Associated

There are about two dozen brothels in the state.

The ruling applies to billboards, newspapers and leaflets.

Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto hailed the ruling by the
9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court reversed a 1979 ruling that laws prohibiting brothel
advertising in counties where prostitution is illegal were overly broad
and unconstitutional.

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Gay seniors come out late, start second lifetime

Gay seniors come out late, start second lifetime

By MATT SEDENSKY, Associated Press Writer Matt Sedensky, Associated Press
Writer – Mon Mar 15, 9:19 am ET
MIAMI – On his 75th birthday, Bill Farthing decided to be reborn. In the six
years since he’d buried his wife of 45 years, he’d felt as he did long
before: Lonesome, different, outcast. He wondered if he was going crazy; he
contemplated suicide.

Looking back, the clues leading to this day had been scattered throughout
his life, but only made sense just now.

So Farthing dressed in the most basic of blue wool skirt suits he could find
on the Internet, with a white blouse and low-heeled, open-toed white shoes,
and went shopping. Arms loaded with skirts and blouses from the clearance
rack, Farthing approached the checkout.

"Did you find everything you wanted, ma’am?" the cashier asked.

Farthing looked over his shoulder, then realized she was talking to him. He
had pulled it off.

He had become a she.


Increased awareness and acceptance of varied sexualities and gender
identities has led Americans to come out far younger, as early as middle
school. A less noticed but parallel shift is happening at the other end of
the age spectrum, with people in their 60s, 70s and 80s coming to terms with
the truth that they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

While no one tracks the numbers of the elderly who come out, those who work
with older adults say the trend is undeniable, and a resulting network of
support groups and services has cropped up.

The decision can fracture lifelong relationships. Or it can bring the
long-sought relief of an unloaded secret.

"For the first time in my life, I’m not putting on a show," said Farthing,
who eventually had sexual reassignment surgery and changed her first name to
Chrissie. "It seems like I’ve been out on a cloud all my life and now I’m
not. I’m me."

Outing yourself late in life can be complicated after having lived through
times when being openly gay could get you arrested, put in an institution
and given shock treatments. It’s snarled in a lifetime of trudging along
through society’s view of normalcy and the resulting fear of being
ostracized by children and grandchildren. And it’s marked by a nagging doubt
that all the heartache, all the potential for it to go wrong, may not be
worth it with one’s years numbered.

"When somebody comes out at the age of 20, they have their whole life ahead
of them," said Karen Taylor, the director of training and advocacy for SAGE,
a national group that works with LGBT seniors. "There’s a real sense of
regret and loss for somebody who comes out later in life, even when talking
to them and they say the decision was the right one."

Still, many seniors have felt empowered by the growing presence of gays and
lesbians in pop culture and some high-profile, late-in-life outings. Among
the most notable, "Family Ties" star Meredith Baxter came out in December at
62; Richard Chamberlain, long the target of rumors, came out in 2003 at 69,
decades after the height of his career as a TV heartthrob.

Those who’ve mustered the gumption to out themselves say they feel as if
they’ve been given a second chance.

Carl Martin, 83, of Falls Church, Va., came out as gay not long after his
wife died in 1997. He says he was happy in his marriage but had known of his
feelings for men since he was in high school and revealed an unrequited
crush to a friend. Coming out, he says, has changed him from a withdrawn,
tense, reticent bystander to a vibrant social butterfly who even talks to
strangers in the supermarket.

"I would describe these as the happiest years of my life," he said. "I’m
free to be who I am. I was not free to be who I was before."

The realization often doesn’t come easily. Sue Pratt, 74, of Kirkwood, Mo.,
remembers having feelings for her high school English teacher, but she
wasn’t sure what to do with them when she always dreamed of getting married
and having a husband. She got her wish, but even when her husband left her,
she still couldn’t come to terms with the truth.

"You would think I would say, ‘I’m free now,’" she said. "But that thought
never occurred to me. I was so deep in denial."

Eventually, in her 60s, she answered a personal ad and slowly began coming
out to her loved ones as a lesbian. Not everyone has taken it well, as she
feared would be the case, but she has no regrets.

"I didn’t want to have a secret," she said. "It doesn’t matter if I lose
every friend that I have, this is what I have to do."

Dr. Loren Olson, a psychiatrist in Des Moines, Iowa, who has studied
late-in-life outings, said for most such seniors, there are losses, though
they are typically less than they fear, and often vary greatly by

Olson himself was 40 before he came out. While it may seem incomprehensible
to some, he said it makes sense that many can’t face the truth for so long,
even if some around them have surmised it.

"We don’t like disharmony in our thinking so sometimes we block out things
that really are in opposition to really what we believe is true," he said.
"It’s like a child believing in Santa Claus: You just hang on to that as
long as you can."


Farthing’s life was sprinkled with hints.

As a boy, his mother asked one day how he liked school. "It was OK,"
Farthing said. "But it would be better if I was a girl."

He didn’t want to do the things other boys did. Girls didn’t want him
around. He fought every haircut.

"We’ve got a homo on our hands," he overheard his father say.

But with no sense what to do with his feelings of being different, life wore
on. He served in the Air Force. He lived overseas. And then there was that
girl he found at a pub in England.

She felt different, too, always attracted more to women than men. But they
got along so well. And they fell in love.

Sex was never a big part of their relationship, but a daughter was born. The
marriage, Farthing says, was happy. Both of them thought they would die with
their soul mate by their side.

She did. He wasn’t so lucky.

Afterward, he tried anything to keep busy. He got his pilot’s license back.
He bought a small plane; he built a hangar.

One day, he needed a brass, elbow-shaped piece for his plane’s fuel line.
They call them male-to-female fittings, and he typed some such phrase into
his computer. One of the search results that popped up was titled "The Male
Lesbian Complex."

"That’s stupid," he thought, moving along to find the part.

But later, something drove him back. The description of the "complex"
sounded just like him. Was he always meant to be a woman? Was he too old to
accept this?

"I read it and it was so close to me that it made the hair stand up on the
back of my neck," Farthing said.

The transformation that followed has not sat well with all, of course.

A neighbor runs indoors now when Farthing comes outside of her Oakville,
Mo., home. A brother-in-law and other relatives have cut her out of their
lives. And her volunteer work at a nursing home had to end when her secret
became known.

But those who are closest have accepted her. And now, in life’s twilight,
she says she finally feels whole, finally feels normal.

"For the first time ever my life feels like it’s in the right place," she
said. "I’m going to check out of this world the way I was meant to come into

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Re: I sucked my own cock

On Sun, 14 Feb 2010 10:22:31 -0500, Pantheras <vze34…> wrote:
>jake wrote:
>> On Jan 23, 10:06 pm, noauth  <a…> wrote:
>>> Can you?

>> I remember seeing Ron Jeremy do it on one of his 70s videos.  I’m even
>> pretty sure that it was actually him doing it.
>> Jake.

>That is what made him famous. Now he can’t even see it.

But I bet you can.

Rob Cypher
Music Reviews:
Book Reviews:
Movie Reviews:
TV Reviews:
Video Game Reviews:
RATINGS GUIDE: ***** – essential **** – must have *** – worth a look
** – for fans only * and under – Crap

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Pregnant Teenagers 'Forced Out' Of School…

Jo Couzens, Sky News Online

Pregnant teenagers are being forced out of education on "spurious health and
safety grounds", a children’s charity has claimed.

Barnardo’s is calling for extra support for teenage mums to help them
continue their studies during pregnancy and as young mothers.

In a report published by the charity entitled "Not the end of the story",
Barnardo’s claims many teenage mothers are having to abandon career
ambitions and resign themselves to low income lifestyles.

It found 70% of young mothers are not in education, employment or training
(Neet) compared with about 10% of 16- to 18-year-olds generally.

A spokeswoman said many of the young mothers interviewed as part of the
research had not been officially excluded.

However, they said they had been pressured into leaving because of unfounded
health and safety fears.

Other mums interviewed dropped out because of lack of support and
flexibility in schools over their pregnancies and in some cases there were
no offers of home tuition or alternative teaching arrangements.

The spokeswoman said: "Teachers are encouraging pregnant teenagers to leave
school out of fear of knocks and bumps in the corridor and by saying it is
just not safe in school.

"The same arrangements that are in place in the workplace for pregnant women
just aren’t being made for girls at school.

"We had one girl who was seven months pregnant who was encouraged to leave
because she was told the stress of her GCSEs could bring on a premature

"These are teachers saying this, not medically trained staff."

Dr Jane Evans, Barnardo’s research and policy officer and co-author of the
report, said: "The 20,000 girls and young women under 18 who become mothers
each year include some of the most vulnerable and isolated in society.

Extra support will be required when the law changes in 2015 requiring all
teenagers to stay in education or training until they are 18, she added.

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Individuals and Structures

by Pelle Billing

If you know anything about contemporary feminism, you know that the word
"structure" is popular. Structures in culture and society explain why men
and women behave the way they do. Oppressive structures keep women down, and
maintain the integrity of the patriarchy. Free will barely exists, since we
are all programmed by the structures surrounding us. The only time that
individuals are emphasized in this kind of feminism, is when it comes to
rebelling against these structures or to illuminate how individuals are hurt
by said structures.

People who take issue with the radical feminist description of the world,
usually want to switch the focus from cultural and societal structures to
talking about individuals. After all, rights and responisibilities are
individual, and therefore it doesn’t make much sense to talk about
collective rights or identity politics. This is the argument usually put
forward in Sweden when discussing whether to implement gender quotas in
corporate boards of directors. The argument is that if we prioritize gender
quotas instead of each individual’s right to be considered a candidate on
his or her own merits, then we are putting identity politics ahead of basic
individual rights.

While I agree with the view that rights are first and foremost connected to
the individual, and not to groups, I think that anybody opposing feminism
and feminist ideas without addressing structures ends up with fairly weak
set of arguments. If the radical feminists are talking about individuals and
structures, and the opposing side is only talking about individuals, then
the feminist view of structures is the prevailing one by default.

At the moment, this is exactly what has happened around the Western World,
and beyond. Whenever gender equality and structures are discussed, the
seemingly self-evident assumption is that the current structures oppress
women and favor men, meaning that women are the group we need to help. This
in turn shapes everything from media coverage of gender issues, to policy
making domestically and in Third World countries.

Denying the impact of structures is not only ineffective, it is fairly silly
too. Whenever you meet someone from a different country you immediatly
notice that they speak a different language, and have different customs and
traditions. How can we explain this without acknowledging the importance of
cultural and societal structures?

In the field of gender issues, this means that the only way to combat
misandry and the prevailing perception that men are a privileged group that
willfully oppresses women, is to describe how cultural and societal
structures keep men stuck in their own kind of straitjacket:

  a.. It is a man’s job to keep society safe. This cultural expectation
means that men are expendable in wars and in dangerous jobs.
  b.. Cultural expectations of men are narrow. Be successful. If you have a
family make sure you support it. If you fail at these tasks, there’s no
place for you in society. This in turn leads to men being 3-5 times as
likely as women to be homeless or commit suicide.
  c.. The societal structure that is our educational system produces far
more women than men who go to college and university.
  d.. Men’s harsh reality under the current structures leads large amounts
of random street violence between men.
I could list more examples but you get the point. It is only when we dare to
describe men’s situation in terms of being exposed to unhealthy structures
that we can hold our own in a discussion with a radical feminist (or in a
discussion with virtually anybody, since the basic views of radical feminism
are embraced by almost everyone nowadays, without knowing where they got
those views).

Many men are reluctant to talk about themselves in this way. Men don’t like
being victims or abandoning their sense of self-reliance. In my opinion this
is a good thing, and the strength of the men’s movement rests on this very

However, it is perfectly possible to describe the facts of men’s situation
in neutral terms, without whining or abandoning individual responsibility
for one’s own life. In fact, I believe that the only way to ever have men’s
issues reach the political agenda is by daring to describe how men are hurt
and suffer in the face of cultural and societal structures.

It is very hard for a politician, or for anyone wanting to come across as a
decent person, to say that they don’t care about male suicides and male
homelessness. Consequently, the very moment a critical mass of individuals
start talking about structures hurting men, that is the moment radical
feminism crumbles, once and for all.

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visit to succeed


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