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BART Police to Pay $1.5 Million in Grant Case….

Decision on Police Shooting Nears
Mount Vernon
The police officer who shot Masters and other
police officers’ accompanying him pursued
Masters in response to emergency dispatch….
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Police looking for two shooting suspects
AZ Central
Police are looking for two men suspected of
firing shots into a gay strip club in Phoenix.
One person was wounded….
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Bangor Police Investigating Shooting: Update
She told TV 5 she has an idea of who might
have been involved in the shooting. She also
says it isn’t the first time they’ve caused trouble….
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Police officer injured in shooting speaks from hospital bed
Anchorage police officer was shot while on duty.
We’ve always known that this could happen….
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Police probe shooting of church
Quad City
The shooting occurred after business hours when
there was no one in the church, he said.  Sterling
police were not releasing the name or address of….
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Police investigate shooting death of Clinton Township woman
Detroit, Clinton Township
Police say they are investigating the shooting
death of a 49-year-old woman whose body
was found by her live-in boyfriend….
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State Police investigating Dover shooting
State Police are investigating a shooting in
Dover. Police say a 20 year old man got out
of a car on Woodbrook Road just when a …
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Fight over woman led to Federal Way slaying, police say
At some point, an altercation erupted in the yard and
shots were fired, police said. The shooting victims ran
into the house, and the gunman fled in a car. …
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Shooting, threats close game
Seneca Police Chief John Covington confirmed
that a drive-by shooting in Seneca precipitated
a decision to close tonight’s….
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BART to Pay $1.5 Million in Grant Case
New York
BART to Pay Settlement in Shooting Death of Oscar
Grant who was fatally shot by a BART police officer….
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I intend to last long enough to put out of business all COck-suckers
and other beneficiaries of the institutionalized slavery and genocide.

————————————————————————— —————

"The army that will defeat terrorism doesn’t wear uniforms, or drive
Humvees, or calls in air-strikes. It doesn’t have a high command, or
high security, or a high budget. The army that can defeat terrorism
does battle quietly, clearing minefields and vaccinating children. It
undermines military dictatorships and military lobbyists. It subverts
sweatshops and special interests.Where people feel powerless, it
helps them organize for change, and where people are powerful, it
reminds them of their responsibility."   ~~~~ Author Unknown ~~~~

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Suspect in Chicago murder arrested in New York…. Criminally insane Paul drank his own urine….

Student killed for a cell phone
….a manhunt was launched to find the suspect. It is
believed he robbed 3 boys (all under the age of 16
years) and two women on the same day he shot….
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Hamas threatens: We can reach Israelis abroad
According to the official, the police were conducting
a manhunt for suspects, who he said have European
passports, and had even appealed to the Interpol …
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Attorney for alleged SLAC vandal asks for mental competency hearing
San Jose
…and released on a $50000 unsecured bond,
but she failed to report back to the court and
touched off a roughly four-month-long manhunt….
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Doctor testifies criminally insane Paul drank his own urine
… Paul escaped the custody of ESH guards
while on a trip to the Spokane County Interstate
Fair, forcing a statewide multi-agency manhunt….
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The Yemen crisis
As the US manhunt for the Mujahideen (who the US
has termed as al-Qaeda operatives) around the world
after 9/11 intensified, Yemen was an ultimatum to join …
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Authorities still clueless on Vigo killers
The suspect, now the subject of the manhunt of the
authorities, was also behind the killing of Magpet
town councilor Gerry Lingaro, a known communist….
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Pak intelligence behind fake Indian currency racket
The (Bangladeshi) intelligence officials identified
one ‘Majumdar’ as the coordinator of their operations
in Bangladesh (and) a manhunt is underway to …
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Judge strips mental patient who was subject of manhunt of right to live away …
During the massive statewide manhunt
for Paul, Mottley-Whitney said she feared
for elderly people Paul might find….
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Dubai police on manhunt for Hamas man’s assassins
by Ali Waked
… left the emirate with fake passports. He added
that Dubai was coordinating the manhunt with the
Interpol in order to arrest the suspects….
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Redmond bank robbery sparks manhunt across region
by Amy Easley,
A man with a threatening note walked
into a Redmond bank and demanded
money, then fled in a pickup matching….
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Manhunt for Palm Springs Fraud Suspect
A man suspected of setting up a fake travel agency
in Palm Springs and stealing tens of thousands of
dollars from people remains at large….
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Man who escaped in handcuffed captured
Homan was the focus of an overnight manhunt
involving multiple law enforcement agencies after
he bolted from a Tuscarawas County reserve deputy shortly …
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One arrested, another wanted after robbers flee with toddler
Colleton County deputies are assisting Charleston
County deputies in a manhunt near Highway 17 and
Highway 64. A man hunt is still underway after Charleston …
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Merhige attorney in court seeking to keep wraps on evidence, commentary
Palm Beach
Haughwout detailed in motion Merhige’s extensive
exposure already – his arrest being broadcast on
television, intense publicity surrounding manhunt …
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Suspect in Chicago murder arrested in New York
He had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt.
Bell was charged with first-degree murder in the
stabbing death of Isiah Stroud …
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I intend to last long enough to put out of business all COck-suckers
and other beneficiaries of the institutionalized slavery and genocide.

————————————————————————— —————

"The army that will defeat terrorism doesn’t wear uniforms, or drive
Humvees, or calls in air-strikes. It doesn’t have a high command, or
high security, or a high budget. The army that can defeat terrorism
does battle quietly, clearing minefields and vaccinating children. It
undermines military dictatorships and military lobbyists. It subverts
sweatshops and special interests.Where people feel powerless, it
helps them organize for change, and where people are powerful, it
reminds them of their responsibility."   ~~~~ Author Unknown ~~~~

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Moe, LIT, Kent, ""Firemonkey""

Moe, LIT, Kent, ""Firemonkey"" :

If your usenet opponent had posted this stuff
your hyena pack would have crucified them.

But since your dear departed cult leader
posted it, you have a blind spot.

Feb 2002
Dan Sullivan wrote "I was founded for SA of my daughter back in ’93."
‘The "credible evidence" was my (3 yo) daughter’s statement that "My
daddy touches me with the puppet bear in the toilet." ‘…

April 2004 Dan Sullivan wrote
"My daddy touched me with the puppet bear in the toilet."…

July 2007 Dan Sullivan wrote
"My daddy touches me with the puppet bear in the toilet."…

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Kleinfeld Study on College Gender Gap: Parental Bias Favors Girls…

By Dick Elfenbein

There’s a new viewpoint on what’s driving the half century old gender gap in
high school graduation and college enrollment rates. Instead of just lining
up the usual suspects-lazy boys, feminist teachers favoring girls, the rise
of the women’s movement, the lack of male role models, single parent homes,
etc.  Add one more.

According to a new study by Professor Judith Kleinfeld of the University of
Alaska in the current edition of Gender Issues a new dimension to consider
is home environments’ and parents’ influence on youngsters-and the perhaps
resulting mindsets of the youngsters themselves. Many researchers in this
field seeking to investigate the current almost 3 to 2 ratio of females to
males enrolled in college have sliced and diced high school student
populations first by gender and then racially-designating them as whites,
blacks, Latinos, native Alaskans, native Americans and Asians. Dr.
team, however, added a new dimension: parents educational levels and the
students own views and attitudes towards higher education.

In publishing them she also noted that they are based on research done in
two urban Alaskan communities and should be replicated in other more diverse

Dr. Kleinfeld is co-chair of the April 7, 2010 consortium of scholars
roundtable discussion which will prepare the groundwork for the First
International Conference on Male Studies to be held in September of the same

That conference will be devoted to encouraging the formation of male studies
departments offering majors in the field at US universities. Currently there
are no such departments while there are hundreds of colleges and
universities with women’s studies departments.

The most striking example of the split between parents’ attitudes regarding
their children’s continuing education was between families who had
experienced college education and those who had not. Where parents were
college graduates, for their offsrping-both boys and girls- attending
college was a given, something they were supposed to and would do. In
contrast children of parents who had not attended college reported there
were major differences between parents’ attitudes towards their sons and

Only 29 percent of the boys said they were encouraged to pursue college
preparatory courses and to attend college as compared to 70 percent of the
girls who said they were urged to seek college educations. In fact, 18
percent of the boys said they received pressure against continuing their
educations. The report noted "A typical comment from one boy was that his
brothers and father told him he could make lots of money in trade jobs and
that he didn’t want an office job because his brothers would think it was a
fruity job for a guy."

Paradoxically while showing little interest in going forward with their
educations, many of the sons of working class parents also eschewed pursuing
technical training for vocations in the trades – electricians, plumbing,
roofing, etc. They were not interested in pursuing trade jobs and would not
fill out applications for training even when encouraged to do so by school
guidance counselors.

Instead, according to Dr. Kleinfeld many ""expresed interest in implausible
‘dream jobs’, such as designing video games, owning a recording studio,
directing movies or becoming music stars." At the same time she added they
had no idea of how get into those occupations nor of what salaries were in
occupations in which they might get jobs nor of even the earnings required
to support themselves. The dire consequences presented by such a lack of
awareness was noted in the study. Namely, that over the past four decades
there has been a 26 percent decline in real income for male high school
graduates and 38 percent decline for men who did not graduate.

These drops have occurred as jobs, many of which required greater physical
strength usually associated with men, have declined. For example, at the end
of World War II, farming accounted for 14.5 percent of all US jobs. It now
employs only 1.6 of the work force. Manufacturing employment fell over the
same period from 27.2 percent to 10.5 percent. Currently, as increased
schooling becomes ever more critical in gaining employment, the report cites
the declining achievement of males in all areas of education from completing
high school to college post graduate and the attainment of professional
degrees when contrasted with the achievements of women.

The lackluster performance of males in comparison to that of females is
shown by the most recent figures for all racial groups over virtually all
educational measures beginning with bachelor’s degrees and continuing
through to graduate and professional degrees with the only exception being
for professional degrees in which hispanic men score higher than hispanic

For example, typical educational achievements are:

  a.. Among Whites, women obtained 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees
  b.. Among Blacks, women obtained 66 percent of bachelor’s degrees
  c.. Among Hispanics, women obtained 61 percent of bachelor’s degrees.
"The increasing post-secondary achievement of women is cause for
celebration," the study notes, but continues with a caveat. "At the same
time, men and especially minority men are less likely to earn the degrees
which will enable them to earn a good living, stay employed, marry, and be
attractive to the increasing numbers of highly educated women."

Students in the study were well aware of the gender gap in their studies.
their views of it focused in three themes. The first was that the boys were
lazy as one girl reported "Guys have the brains but they don’t want to put
forth the effort," while a boy summed it up with "guys are guys.It’s the
slacker generation. girls have a certain drive that we don’t have."

The second theme was that boys don’t plan ahead. As one boy put it "Ladies
know what they want. They set goals and they go for it. Girls plan weeks in
advance, guys wake up and see what happens."

The third theme coming out of the student interviews was that the boys are
easily distracted and prone to peer pressure. It cited one girl’s view that
"Guys have more interests outside of school, like video games or hanging
out.Like my brother, he really got sucked into games on the internet and
that takes up a big part of his life. "

Overall, "laziness" was mentioned most by males in explaining the
differences between boys and girls in school performance. In summing up her
report, Dr. Kleinfeld wrote "The Women’s Movement has done an admirable
service for young women, increasing their achievement in areas where they
were behind, such as mathematics and science, alerting teachers to their
needs, and encouraging them to go to college and pursue a range of careers.
The women’s movement, above all, has stimulated the imaginations of girls
and young women, who see new possibilities for success and for making a
difference. We need now to turn our attention to the many young men who are
falling behind and developing a self-defeating image of themselves as ‘lazy

The study noted that in intereviews, 76 percent of daughters of working
class parents said their familes encouraged their college plans while only
41 percent of sons said they received such positive support when the subject
of college came up. Other explanations for the gender gap emphasize the
influence of the Women’s Movement in raising women’s expectations for
achievement and economic independence (Goldin, Katz, & Kuziemko, 2006).

What has not been measured or studied, however, is how the prevailing
culture of misandry has affected the self image and expectations for the
future of young men, or indeed how it might influence even the expectations
of their parents regarding education and a host of other factors related to
their overall success and well being in life.

This dearth of information speaks to the need for more intensive academic
focus on male studies and further analysis of the social consequences of

For the complete text of the Kleinfeld article, read here.

Dick Elfenbein is the Education Editor for Men’s News Daily and the research
director  The On Step Institute

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Maryland Officials Seek to Jack Up Child Support Obligations, Using Bogus Inflation Rationale…

By Hans Bader

A bill was just introduced in Maryland to increase child support obligations
for households at most incomes.  It would impose a massive increase of
nearly 30 percent, for a couple with one child making $3400 a month!
Maryland residents, who recently had their taxes increased, will face new
burdens under the bill,  SB 252 (HB 500), which raises already excessive
child support obligations.

I don’t live in Maryland, and I’m not divorced, so I won’t be affected by
the bill.  But as a lawyer who has studied most states’ child support
guidelines, I find the economic ignorance behind the bill infuriating.

The bill is based on the bogus rationale that child support awards must go
up, because inflation has increased child-rearing costs over the years.  But
under Maryland’s existing child support guidelines, awards are based on
income – the more you make, the more you pay!  So when incomes and prices
rise due to inflation, so, too, do child support payments.  The guidelines
thus contain a built-in inflation adjustment.

Yet some Maryland officials apparently do not grasp basic economics, arguing
that "today’s child support levels" are too low because they "are based on
the economic realities of 1988, when a gallon of gas cost $1.08 and a
first-class stamp was 22 cents."

Wrong.  Child support levels are based on what payors earn now, not what
they earned in 1988 – when incomes in dollars were much lower.  As Murray
Steinberg, a former member of Virginia’s child-support review panel, noted,
wages have gone up faster than inflation since 1988, meaning that child
support levels have risen along with inflation, rather than being eroded by
it.  (Steinberg cited publicly-available wage and inflation data from the
Bureau of Labor Statistics proving this. See, e.g., Bureau of Labor
Statistics, Employment Cost Index, Constant Dollar, June 1989=100 (April 29,
2005) (available at  I used to work at
the BLS producing federal labor cost and living cost data.)

The same false argument was unsuccessfully made in Virginia.  But its
legislature wisely rejected it, and voted down a failed rewrite of
guidelines based on this theory in 2006, rejecting a child support increase
bill known as HB733.

Moreover, some child-rearing costs that rise the fastest with inflation –
like "extraordinary medical expenses" – are awarded as statutory "add ons"
on top of  the "basic child support" award, preventing their inflation from
eroding the sufficiency of child support levels.  See Bureau of Labor
Statistics, "Table 1A, Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers"
(available at (medical inflation
outstrips inflation in general). This offsets the fact that payments under
the "basic child support obligation" schedule rise at a diminishing rate
relative to income at the upper portions of the child support schedule.

In a Washington Post article about the bill, Maryland official Brenda Donald
claims Maryland is below many states in what it collects in child support.
If that is true, one must wonder whether that is a function of the state’s
failure to collect from deadbeats, rather than the child support guidelines
being low; and how much of it is attributable to demographic factors, like
the fact that Maryland’s noncustodial parents may be poorer relative to the
average state resident than is true in many states.

Maryland’s guidelines are not inadequate.  They greatly exceed the true cost
of raising children, and amount actually spent on raising children, for the
vast majority of households making above $30,000 a year (and also for those
households making less than $30,000 a year in which there are substantial
court-ordered daycare payments awarded pursuant to Md. Code Section
12-204(g)).  Indeed, Maryland’s guidelines were historically above average
for the nation, although that edge may have dissipated in recent years as
some other states have jacked up their guidelines.  (See, e.g., Ronald K.
Henry, Child Support At A Crossroads: When the Real World Intrudes Upon
Academics and Advocates, 33 Family Law Quarterly 235, 241 fn. 20 (1999)
(lawyer notes that Maryland child support levels are above the national
average, citing the example of a child support obligor with an income of
$1000 per month)).

The bill would increase child support obligations so much that working-class
fathers would end up paying more in child support than much wealthier
families actually spend on their children.  I am a lawyer, and my wife is an
accountant by occupation.  But we spend less on our daughter than the
proposed child support guidelines would require many working-class
non-custodial parents with much lower incomes to spend.  Households with a
monthly income of $3400 have a higher "basic child support" obligation under
the bill – not counting statutory add-ons – than I and my wife actually
spend on our daughter, who has plenty of toys, games, food, and clothing.
(And that’s true even if our child-care costs are estimated at the maximum
reasonable amount, such as by attributing to our daughter a per capita share
of the amortized cost of our cars.)

(Ironically, the bill, while increasing child support payments at most
income levels, would actually cut them for certain very low-income
households, where child support payments actually come closest to matching
child-rearing costs.  It increases the guidelines where they are most
excessive now, and cuts them where they are least excessive.  "’We’re
reducing at the low end where it’s needed the most,’ said Del. Benjamin F.
Kramer."  While I do not think that Maryland’s existing child support levels
are too low even at the "low end," and would not object to a modest
reduction there, it is odd to cut them only at the very low end while
increasing child support awards everywhere else, even where existing awards
grossly exceed the actual amounts actually spent on raising children by
typical parents at that income level).

State child support agencies like to boast of increased child support
collections.  There are two ways for them to do that.  The easy way is to
increase child support guidelines to jack up the payments imposed on
law-abiding people who already pay their child support in full.  The hard
way to do it is to make people who don’t pay what they owe now (many of whom
are poor and have difficulty paying) finally pay up to support their
children.  Maryland officials seem to have chosen the easy way out, at the
expense of their citizens, and economic reality.

Previously, I wrote about a bill in Virginia, which will probably die, to
sock divorced parents with discriminatory burdens.  Earlier, I discussed how
divorce law increasingly harms veterans and small businesses, and the
peculiar economics of divorce

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Aussie women have highest rising obesity rate…

By Kate Sikora

  a.. Aussie woman obesity rate rising
  b.. Report prompts concern for young woman
  c.. Close to matching American levels

AUSTRALIAN women have the fastest rising obesity rate and are tipping the
scales as one of the heaviest nations on the planet.

For the first time Australian women are close to matching America’s obesity
level prompting health experts to warn women over 30 years of age that they
can no longer be complacent about gaining weight, The Daily Telegraph

When compared with the US, China and the UK, Australian women’s body mass
index – a calculation of weight divided by height – is rising faster than
other nations, research has found.

The study measured the top 5 per cent of obese women in Australia at age 30
and found an average BMI score of 37.7.

The index’s increase over 10 years has been more than double the
international average.—

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In Maine, It Doesn't Pay to be a Man

By Carey Roberts

Practically everyone in town knows Amy Dugas is a serial batterer. But the
Maine criminal justice system keeps finding ways to keep her from facing the

In 2004 Amy assaulted her husband Mark in their home in Waldoboro. When the
police officer came to arrest her, she kicked him in the groin. The judge
released her on bail, ordering her to refrain from using weapons. Four
months later she stabbed Mark with a foot-long kitchen knife, fatally
severing his pulmonary artery. At the trial, she got away with the trusty
I-feared-for-my-life alibi.

Two years later Dugas spent 125 days in jail following an attack on a male
friend. In 2007 she was arrested again, this time for assaulting Brian
Pelletier, her new husband of three weeks.

Each time, Amy Dugas was let off the hook with a chivalrous slap on the
wrist, even though many were demanding she do hard time at the state pen.

No doubt about it, Maine’s domestic violence industry has friends in high
places. One of them is Mary Kellett, Assistant District Attorney for the Bar
Harbor area. Think of her as Michael Nifong on steroids.

Inspired by feminist Catherine Comins’ sneer, "Men who are unjustly accused
of rape can sometimes gain from the experience," Kellett has taken to
prosecuting every allegation of sexual misconduct, often ignoring glaring
inconsistencies in the woman’s account or clear evidence of consensual

In one case, Kellett summed up the case to the jury with this comment,
"there has been no evidence presented to you as the jury that would suggest
that a sexual act hadn’t occurred on those dates," revealing a sad ignorance
of the legal principle that the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff.

In another trial, Kellett did not present a shred of physical evidence,
prompting the defense attorney to comment, "We were just very surprised with
the only evidence the state had, that they brought these charges at all."

Unfortunately for her prosecutorial victims, none of them play lacrosse at
an exclusive university or have wealthy parents to hire high-powered
attorneys. As a result, many have spent months in jail awaiting their trial.

It gets worse.

Maine now has a law enforcement policy that says in effect if a woman
punches the living daylights out of her husband, somehow it must be the man’s
fault. "Identifying Predominant Aggressors in Domestic Violence Cases" is a
training guide put together by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy:…

A little background: It is well known that many domestic violence incidents
are mutual in nature – she slaps him, he shoves back. One study by Centers
for Disease Control researcher Daniel Whitaker reported fully half of all
incidents of partner aggression are mutual. More often than not, it’s the
woman who instigated the incident.

So when the police arrive on the scene, they need to decide who to stick in
the Paddy Wagon. For years, police used the commonsense yardstick, Who
started the fight? But feminists don’t cotton to that approach because,
truth be told, too many women were getting arrested.

So they reached into their bag of tricks and – abracadabra! "Predominant
aggressor" magically appeared in the law enforcement lexicon. Any guesses
who the predominant aggressor might be?

Before I give away the punch line, you may want to see for yourself the
Ms.-Information that the Predominant Aggressor curriculum bandies around:

1. The idea that abuse can be mutual is a "misconception" (I say so, it must
be true.)

2. "DV is the leading cause of injuries to women between the ages of 15-44
in the U.S." (It’s also a proven fact that the moon is made of Swiss cheese
and the 9/11 attacks were masterminded by the CIA.)

3. Even if the violence is mutual, it’s bad to arrest both parties because
the "batterer gains more power." (Don’t ask to see the research. I’m the one
with the mic and I’ll give you the boot if you start to ask questions.)

Then the curriculum goes on to enumerate the types of violence that it
whimsically classifies as defensive:

1. Face scratches
2. Eye gouges
3. Bites to arm

Go ahead, ladies, scratch his face and gouge his eyes out. You can always
say it was in self-defense – and now they’ll have to take you at your word.

Patrick Henry College professor Stephen Baskerville has recently issued a
stunning indictment of our contemporary criminal justice system, lambasting
it as a "Feminist Gulag." Now in Maine, a man can be killed in cold blood
without consequence to the perpetrator, prosecuted for rape with the
flimsiest of evidence, or framed in a partner dispute on account of his sex.

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A Warning

An infertile woman of 21 asks if she may marry a half-Jew.

The answer: "Marriage with a half-Jew is impossible for you, even if you
are infertile. It offends the honor of the German people when a German
woman marries a half-Jew. For this reason, you will not receive
permission to marry. We strongly urge you to break your relationship
with the half-Jew, since you are in danger of violating the law."

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An ideology is a coherent set of political ideas. It is not a set of
disconnected emotional responses. This may seem obvious; however, the
language my opponents use betrays it.

Women are only capable of the latter type of emotional reasoning; only
men have true ideology. I am sick and tired of my opponents saying or
implying that because I am a socialist I ally myself with feminists or
‘Marxists’. Nothing could be farther from the truth; just because a
woman has emotional reactions to various issues in agreement with
socialism does not make her a socialist! ONLY agreeing with _the
ideology_ and all its consequences does, and in practice the only way
for a woman to follow an ideology is to serve a political organisation
(or her husband, etc.) that is run by men. Now our Democrat and
Republican parties are not really organisations it that sense – they
have no coherent ideology, as they are completely corrupted by certain
interests – though the Democrats come closer.

Now feminism is something of an exception to the above rule – it shows
the one ideological idea that women are capable of conceiving: that
women ought to be superior to men. Of course this is not based on any
facts but is that surprising?

Our capitalist system is currently in a crisis. Only some kind of
socialism can solve it – indeed, the reason the US is affected so much
worse than any other country is precisely our lack of socialism – and
something IS going to happen. Feminism is _functionally_ a tool of the
ruling classes and must be overthrown.

Andrew Usher

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