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Feminist Academics Sacked And Abused

In one of my more recent pieces I wrote that, "I will not be surprised at
all to see academics who have supported feminism being vilified and
ostracised in much the same way that were those who supported Nazism."

And I quickly received quite a few emails cheering at the idea that this
would happen; with some emailers saying that they look forward to the day
that academics who have supported this ideology of hatred – feminism – are
finally brought to book.

Well, of course, while I agree wholeheartedly with this point of view, one
must always remain aware that many academics support feminism through
ignorance and lack of intelligence rather than as a result of malice.

And so, in my view, if any academics are to end up being the target of
‘hatred and revenge’ as a result of their support for feminism, then it
should only be those who have clearly gone out of their way to generate
hatred towards men; perhaps by publishing phony and/or willfully distorted
research, citing others who are clearly out to generate misandry and, of
course, those who have taken part in intimidating or denying funding to
those academics who were doing their best to produce fair-minded work.

Furthermore, of course, it will be fairly easy to discover who is who by
looking very closely at what they have written in the past.

Indeed, this is what seems to have happened over and over and over again
throughout history whenever ‘revolutions’ of some sort have taken place.

Time and time again, you see the ‘opposing’ thinkers and the academics being
targeted by the new regimes that are taking over.

Throughout history, for example, we have seen thousands upon thousands of
academics killed, maimed, exiled and ostracised when the political tide has
turned. Indeed, this has happened fairly recently in Cambodia, Russia,
Germany, France, Italy, the Balkans, China, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and
goodness knows where else.

And then, of course, there were the horrors of the Catholic Inquisition.

And in even further days gone by, I imagine that the same sort of thing

Indeed, was not the great and highly-regarded academic and orator, Cicero,
killed simply because he wanted Rome to remain a republic?

They even cut off his hands and pinned them next to his decapitated head on
the Rostra in the Forum Romanum to warn others that using one’s hands to
write sentiments opposing the new regime would not be tolerated.

And then, of course, there was the poor treatment of Socrates, 350 years
before this. He was sentenced to death.

And the other day I saw a 1984 interview with a Russian KGB defector who
talked about how academics would always be targeted by a growing communist
regime because it was so important that they either toed the line – as
‘useful idiots’ – or were eliminated.

All in all, therefore, it seems that academics and thinkers are particularly
vulnerable people.

I suppose also that, unlike politicians, academics do not have much in the
way of protection really. And their written words can also be accessed for
years into the future. So it is very difficult for them to hide what they
have done, and almost impossible to protect themselves.

And so, Yes, I feel fairly confident that many feminist academics will be in
for a tough time as the future unfolds, but how far, exactly, this will go,
only time will tell.

Perhaps they will just have to endure the persistent wrath of male students
protesting about their allegedly unwholesome presence in their colleges.

Perhaps they will just be kicked out of their jobs and also lose their

Perhaps they will simply suffer the same kind of persecution and
vilification that has recently been meted out to paedophile priests.

Well, these are exactly the kinds of things that many feminist academics
have done to those who do not agree with their hateful ideology; e.g. see
Feminists Are Nasty Things and Fudging The Evidence by researcher Murray

So, maybe some similar forms of retribution will be seen by many people as
being totally just, fair and proper.

Of course, I doubt that they will actually be murdered. After all, at the
moment, we seem to live in a fairly civilised society – and let us hope that
it always remains this way.

But I do think that their futures are looking decidedly shaky.

And from a personal point of view, of course, it will not be at all pleasant
for them to have their neighbours, their friends, their families and their
children – particularly their sons – begin to view them as the equivalent of
Nazis, and as spiteful, bigoted hate-mongers.

And this could even happen to those feminist academics who have done
absolutely nothing wrong.

They might simply be deemed to be guilty by association.

But who knows what will happen, eh?

As the MM grows – something which is no longer possible to stop thanks to
the internet – and millions of men wake up to what some of these feminist
academics have been up to, I cannot envisage them escaping at least some
form of retribution.

However, my guess is that they will simply be hounded out of their jobs and
their pensions – with, perhaps, some of them being prosecuted in the courts
for something like ‘hate speech’.

But, surely, the very idea that millions of men might soon take a very dim
view of their activities should give them some pause for thought.

And I would, henceforth, be very careful indeed if I was one of them.

And, quite frankly, I feel dutybound to tell them so – which is why whenever
I come across academics who appear to be fuelling hatred towards men or,
indeed, who seem to be encouraging the unjust treatment of men, then I shall
try to find their email addresses and alert them to this very piece.

And perhaps concerned MRAs and, indeed, academics would like to do the same.

After all, forewarned is forearmed.

————————————————————————— —–


I notice today that Sebastian Faulks is desperately seeking to avoid the
wrath of Muslims that is currently being generated over his latest novel …

The best-selling author apologises if his comments about the Koran have
offended Muslims.

… you can almost see and hear him squirm.

Ah yes, Muslims.

Half of them are men, you know.

And my guess is that most of these Muslim men do not like feminist academics
for, amongst other things, religious reasons.

Indeed, I think that some of these men might even view feminists as being,
literally, wicked and evil; particularly given that they seem hell bent on
breaking up their families.

Ho Hum.

How quickly times can change, eh?

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America's greatest orator, (51 second video)

Watch the delivery and passion. Compare with the mush-mouths now
infesting Congress.


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New DNA quashes Edinburgh rape conviction

A man who served two-and-a-half years in prison after being convicted of
raping a 15-year-old girl has walked free from court in Edinburgh.

A previous trial heard that Desmond Uttley, 35, had found the girl collapsed
in the street after sharing a bottle of cider with a 14-year-old boy.

The girl claimed she had later woken up to find Uttley having sex with her.

But appeal judges quashed the conviction after new DNA tests showed he had
not had sex with the girl.

The original trial heard that in June 2002, Uttley, after coming across the
girl, had picked her up and carried her over his shoulder, to his then home
in Lochend Gardens in Edinburgh.

The other teenager, who went with them, claimed he heard the girl crying for
help and saw Uttley, in his boxer shorts, on a bed with her.

Drinking binge

She said she had woken up to find Uttley having sex with her.

He claimed the teenagers had made up their story to draw attention away from
their drinking binge.

But a jury found him guilty of rape and he was sentenced to six years in

After lodging an appeal, former barber Uttley was freed in December 2004 to
await the outcome.

Last week appeal judges accepted that a new DNA test showed that if the girl
had had sex, it was not with Uttley.

The three appeal judges were told that the result cast doubt on the alleged
rape victim’s story.

Lady Paton, sitting with Lady Smith and Lady Dorrian agreed there had been a
miscarriage of justice – but left open the possibility that Uttley should
face trial again.

At a hearing, advocate depute Alan Mackay said: "The court has been advised
by letter that the Crown is not seeking a retrial."

Lady Paton said: "A very wise decision".

"In that case we shall quash the conviction."

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Somebody explain this. The age of consent in GA is 16.

The girl is 17.  He is being charged with "raping a child."

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My boss is always touching himself

My boss has this annoying habit, he’s always touching his privates.  But
it’s not just touching, he tugs on his thing, cups his balls, picks at
them, scratches them, caresses them etc. all day long.  The women in the
office are really ticked off.  Some wanted to bring him up on sexual
harrassment charges but another one said they can’t because he doesn’t just
do it in front of them, he does it in front of the guys too.  I noticed
something interesting.  Some of the guys return the gesture, if you know
what I mean.  It’s like they have a secret language.  When he and another
guy are standing at the copy machine talking and he starts pulling on his
thing, the other guy automatically starts doing it too.  What the heck is
going on here?  Is this something guys do to turn on each other?  Is it
some kind of competition to see who has the biggest one??

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Are Marxists Equally Culpable As Feminists?

On a scale of 1-10 how culpable for feminism are the Marxists?  It’s
true that some of them have been fighting the identity group stuff.


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Re: OUR ""Anonymous"" David Moore

"womanGoddess" <fvrn…> wrote in message…

> Because if you believed me, you’d have to worry that I was right about
> some
> other issues YOUR gonads are invested in. It’s less painful to swallow
> Moore’s bullshit that face the possibility I was right about Atheism being
> a
> bunch of punk bullies trying to cram their beliefs down the rest of the
> people’s throats.

MOE>  Like certain segments of Christianity want to do Kennie?

    Yes there are people in Christianity who do that. They are a minority.

> Especially your HATED Christians.

MOE>  And you, a supposed Roman Catholic, pretended to be a Mormon to fool
MOE> a client into giving you money

    Not at all accurate Maureen and you know it. I clearly told Mr. Leuck
that I "had tried Mornmonism and dropped it." I told him I was Catholic and
NOT Mormon. I also gave him a longish explanation why I dropped it.

MOE> and you boasted that a Santeria curse was put on Moore to make him
excrete out of his anus  and cum in huge
MOE> buckets ( a homoerotic imagery, BTW).

    Again your embelishments are very graphic. I said that one of the people
MOORE was harassing (see his keyword list) was/is a Santeria high prist who
asked me about placing a curse on Moore, I also said I suggested he not do
it. But I lacked the power to stop him. Secretly, the though of Moore
reduces to a quivering mass of gelatenous goo does have a certain appeal to

MOE> Christianity earned being hated, Kennie.

    Which YOU as a WICCAN are so clearly UNBIASED about.  <snicker>

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