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Abuse shelter watchdogs: See no evil, speak no evil

By Carey Roberts

Domestic violence shelters are rife with mismanagement and fraud. They push
a radical gender ideology on the unsuspecting, discriminate against male
victims, and employ woefully unqualified staff. And they ridicule
traditional religion as "oppressive" to women – all to the tune of $100
million in federal taxpayer money each year.

So how do shelters get away with this nonsense? Where’s the accountability?
And why are the government-mandated watchdogs giving these shelters a free

According to federal rules, all organizations that receive $300,000 or more
are required to undergo an annual audit. According to OMB Circular No.
A-133, "the auditor shall determine whether the auditee has complied with
laws, regulations, and the provisions of contracts or grant agreements that
may have a direct and material effect on each of its major programs." These
include well-known requirements that grantees not discriminate on the basis
of race or sex.

When fiendish practices are discovered, the auditor is supposed to report
them to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse, a veritable storehouse of juicy
information about jillions of non-profits around the country:

As I reported last month, Judge James Stucky of Kanawaha County, West
Virginia has handed down a ruling that declared shelters throughout the
state were engaged in unlawful sex discrimination, in open violation of
federal and state requirements:

One of the rouge shelters is the Rape and Domestic Violence Information
Center in Morgantown. During the course of the lawsuit, agency director Judy
Smith admitted under oath, "we do not shelter men in the shelter, even if
it’s empty." The organization’s tax returns likewise state it wants to stop
"violence against women." That’s fine, of course, but why doesn’t it also
care about violence against men?

This calls for someone to blow the whistle on unconscionable bias. But when
watchdog Hilarion V. Cann sashayed into town for his annual audit, he
whitewashed the problem with an "unqualified" opinion – CPA-speak for saying
everything is hunky-dory.

Another shelter awash in feminist ideology is the Family Crisis Intervention
Center in Parkersburg. Center director Judith Ball stated during her
deposition that not a single male abuse victim had sought help at her
facility in the past six years. Yes, and it’s also true that not many
African-Americans have contacted the KKK in recent years for help with their
robe-purchasing needs.

So when auditor Randall Perry did his shelter audit, he rendered an
unqualified blessing, as well. One wonders how much he was paid for that
clean bill of health.

The Family Refuge Center is no doubt doing wonderful things, as well,
stating on its website that its staff works at a nearby medical clinic "to
identify and intervene with battered women patients." Battered men need not
apply, I guess.

Again no surprise – CPA Thomas Himes passed that group with flying colors.

The annual report of Stop Abusive Family Environments in the town of Welch
states, "Our mission to serve domestic violence victims, homeless women and
children…" National statistics show males are twice as likely to be
homeless as females. Attention men: If you suspect you may become homeless
in the near future, try to hitch a ride to the next town, and fast.

Watchdog Kurt Feazell had no problems with that brazen admission of
unsaintly conduct.

Last but not least is the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence
that is endowed with an annual budget of $1.2 million. The Coalition’s
website reads like a hybrid of a Hillary Clinton stump speech and a women’s
manifesto of the Communist Party USA: "violence against women is a political
problem, a question of power and domination."

But CPA Derek Godwin took apparent delight in that neo-Marxist rant. He not
only rendered an "Unqualified opinion," he also piously declared the outfit
was a "low-risk auditee."

Domestic violence shelters enjoy the best of both worlds. They claim to be
doing the Lord’s work in curbing domestic violence, while running an unholy
game of pick-and-chose in deciding which victims are worthy of help. And
taxpayer-funded shelter watchdogs have apparently decided to turn the other

� Carey Roberts

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I am arranging for funeral carriage to pass homes of evil girls whose paedo lies killed my Bryan…


Published: 12 Dec 2009

WHEN Bryan Davies’s funeral cortege travels through Accrington next week, it
will take a special route past the homes of two young girls who played
pivotal roles in his life… and death.
But those inside the homes will not be emerging for a tearful goodbye –
because it is claimed the youngsters’ lies drove Bryan to an early grave.

In August this year, the retired mechanic was falsely accused of being a
paedophile by two schoolgirls, aged ten and 11.

Police quickly cleared him of any wrongdoing – but rumours spread around the
local area and he became a hate figure.

Bricks were hurled through the windows of the Lancashire home he shared with
fianc e Debbie, and the couple could not walk the streets without being
verbally abused.

With the stress building, Bryan, 63, suffered a stroke and developed a
kidney problem – but vowed to fight on and clear his name.

Sadly, prophetically, he said before his passing: "I won’t give in. It’ll
probably kill me but I won’t run away with my tail between my legs."

But on Friday, December 4, he died suddenly from a heart attack, having been
rushed to hospital with heart and kidney pains.

Now heartbroken fianc e Debbie wants to see the girls – who cannot be named
for legal reasons – punished for the "vile lies" which she believes led
directly to Bryan’s death.

And to make sure they realise the damage they have caused, she has arranged
for the hearse carrying his coffin to go past their homes at a crawl when he
is taken to be buried on Wednesday.

Debbie, 44, told The Sun: "As far as I am concerned those kids and their
families are responsible for killing Bryan. I hope they are proud of

"Their vile lies and abuse put Bryan in an early grave. He just couldn’t
cope with the stress.

"They made our lives hell. He was a lovely man who would have done anything
for anyone.

"But their lies meant we became prisoners in our own home.

"That is why I’m arranging for the funeral cortege to be driven right past
the homes of those evil girls.

"I want them to see exactly what their actions have done."

Disabled Bryan, who walked with a crutch, was branded a child molester
shortly after moving from Bolton to Accrington.

The girls immediately targeted the couple – who had no children of their
own – begging to take their border collie Blue for a walk.

Debbie – who has five children from a previous marriage – recalled: "It all
started when we moved in in June. These kids came over and asked us if we
wanted help moving stuff into the house and we said no.

"I think they wanted to see the kind of stuff we were moving in.

"We got rid of them that day but they soon started coming round and banging
on the door.

"They wanted to take Blue for a walk. We said no at first but in the end we
relented. Everything was OK for a while and we thought maybe they were just
being neighbourly.

"But not long after, we started having abuse thrown at us.

"In the end we called the police. They came because we rang them – but it
was then that they told us what these girls had been saying.

"It had got really bad. Once, Bryan said to them, ‘What are you doing this
for? We haven’t done anything.’ That’s when they shouted that he was a paedo
and a pervert.

"CID came round in late August and we found out for the first time about the
allegations they had made.

"They said that Bryan had flashed them, and that he had touched them." Bryan
voluntarily handed over his computer to police and gave a statement at
Blackburn police station.

Cops launched an investigation – and it was not long before the girls
confessed to dreaming up a pack of lies.

"Bryan said he would do anything the police wanted – he had nothing to
hide," Debbie continued.

"This went on for about two weeks, then one of the girls made another
statement saying that they had both been telling lies."

At the time the couple were on holiday trying to help Bryan recover from his

"We didn’t find out till we got home and had a phone call stating that the
case was closed."

But the damage was done and local rumours were spreading fast.

"We had bricks thrown through the window," Debbie said.

"The back gates were kicked in, our trailer tent was damaged and our tyres

"I didn’t want to go out because I would just get people shouting things at

Detectives even delivered leaflets to neighbours stating that "the
allegations have been found to be false and without any foundation

Debbie said: "We knew the police had closed the case, but once all our
neighbours and everyone else heard these rumours it didn’t matter whether he
was innocent or not.

"Bryan was angry. He couldn’t believe that the girls had said such things
about him and he wanted to clear his name."

But police chiefs had decided not to charge the girls over the false claims
because of their ages.

Instead, the matter was passed on to social services.

In November the couple moved to another address in Accrington – but the
abuse continued.

Debbie said: "A label like that doesn’t just go away, even after we moved."

Just weeks before his death, Bryan wrote to detectives demanding his abusers
be prosecuted.

Now Debbie is continuing the battle in a bid to get justice for the man she
planned to marry in April.

Fighting back tears, she added: "Bryan was my soul-mate. He was such a
softy, the biggest softy.

"He lived life to the full. He loved his fishing and he was teaching me fly
fishing – although I wasn’t very good at it. I’ve been told the police won’t
be prosecuting the girls but that is not good enough.

"Bryan would still be here if all this had been stopped from the word go.

"I want those girls punished for what they did."

Accrington police inspector David Mangan said: "Our neighbourhood policing
teams have been working closely with Mr Davies and his wife-to-be throughout
and every complaint has been taken very seriously.

"This is obviously a very sad time for Mr Davies’ family and we are
continuing to provide support for them."

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Vanessa George sent picture of her own daughter naked to internet paedophile ring…

By Daily Mail Reporter

Nursery paedophile Vanessa George took a picture of her naked eldest
daughter and sent it on to an online paedophile ring.

Pearl George was snapped by her 18-stone mother as she darted out of the
shower in search of a towel in May last year, just a month before her

George, who has since pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children and babies
in her care, even captioned the picture with what police say were
‘disgusting comments of a sexual nature’.

Pearl, now 15, told The News of the World of her disgust at what her mother
had done: ‘I want people to know why I really hate and despise her so much.

‘A mother is supposed to be there for her daughter, isn’t she? Not betray

‘What she inflicted on those unfortunate babies and toddlers at the nursery
was wicked, but to then discover she had no conscience about exploiting me,
her own flesh and blood, was awful.’

Pearl had no idea about her mother’s double life until she was arrested and
charged with abusing children at Little Ted’s nursery in Plymouth where she

She only learned about the existence of the sick photo of herself after
police told her father, Andrew.

He said: ‘Our hearts go out to the families of the children Vanessa abused,
but I hope people will also realise that we are also victims, especially
after the way she humiliated and took advantage of our daughter.’

  a.. Ed Balls in major climbdown on parent vetting after public backlash

George is expected to be sentenced on Tuesday along with Angela Allen and
Colin Blanchard who both also admitted a string of offences.

Another woman was also arrested over her alleged involvement in a Facebook
paedophile ring.

Tracy Lyons is alleged to have sent a video to Blanchard, an online
accomplice of George’s. The nursery worker has been charged with sexually
assaulting a child.

Lyons recently gave birth to her ninth child while in custody.

The shocking news comes as an investigation by the Independent On Sunday
revealed a series of websites that promote female-perpetrated child abuse as
‘natural, educational and enjoyable’ for children.

User profiles on one website monitored by the newspaper claimed to be those
of teachers, doctors and retired grandmothers who list interests in ‘young
girls’ and ‘lesbian incest’.

The posts – assuming they have not been made by men – are evidence that
female abusers are not anomalies or forced into such depravity by abusive
men, the report claims.

Dr Anne Carpenter, a clinical and forensic psychologist in Glasgow, said:
‘The internet is presenting clinicians with completely new dilemmas and new

‘We don’t know if interaction on these websites translates into offences,
but while many may be able to stop at the fantasy level, we cannot ignore
these sites and assume people won’t act on these fantasies.

‘They may be fewer in number, but women are as accountable for their actions
as men.’

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Your neighbor Kenneth Pangborn is a sexual deviant who has admitted to
possessing child porn.  If you have children, you may want to keep them as
far away from 3648 Cockatoo Drive as possible.

Oh and beware of him looking in your windows.
The truth about Kenneth Pangborn of KRP Consulting, 3648 Cockatoo Drive,
New Port Richey, Florida:  neighbor of James Dziewinski, Michael P
Fiorentino, Esther Z Nikkila, Christopher W Kelly, Susan A Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Kelly A Mcleod

"Carol Ann you don’t KNOW shit! Youy are LYING! …… Jesus Christ you are=

one DESPICABLE CUNT!!!! ….Bitch you are GUTTER SLIME!"
–Kenneth Pangborn, from a usenet argument with a female debator,
highlighting his typical views on women

"Rumors about ken are true, he is a bad man. That is why both my mother and=

I ran out of there as fast as we could back in the late summer of 2002. He
ruined my life and my moms life….His business is a scam, as he is in the
rest of his life. He enjoys child pornography and was investigated for that=

as well….he’ll call my mom 20 times a day until she answers…[Ken’s
sister-in-law Rebecca Reilly] wouldnt come over to our house anymore
because of how he would talk to her and come on to her….and he had over
180 pictures of her on his computer"
–Ken Pangborn’s daughter Megan

"Blood, breath or urine?"
–question to Ken Pangborn from a Florida police officer in November 2008,
during a traffic stop from which Pangborn was subsequently charged with

"…beating [some kids] into a bloody pulp is the ONLY thing=20
that would get through to them."=20
–Ken Pangborn on child rearing

"If you call the police, I’ll knock out all of your teeth, I’ll cripple
you. I may go to prison for it, but when I get out, I’ll be able to walk,
but you will still be a cripple."
–Pangborn puppet Greg Hanson of **,
in a verbal threat to his girlfriend

** – this conclusion was reached via applying Ken and Greg’s logic

Keywords: false allegations,sexual abuse,marital rape, date rape, sexual
harassment,child abuse,domestic violence,rape allegations,false allegations=

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allegations. Wrongful child sexual abuse allegations. Domestic Violence.
Rape. Marital rape. Date Rape. Confidence Rape.
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Tsang,Gioconda Carralero Dominicis,Glexis Novoa,Hayd=E9e Mar=EDa
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Vincench,Jorge Luis,Jose M. Cimarro,Jos=E9 Miguel Ricardo Tamayo,Juan Carlo=
P=E9rez Berb=E9n,Juan E. Mauriz-Gomez,Julio Cesar Guerrero,Julio Cesar
Rodriguez Aguilar,Julio Hernandez,Julio Quevedo,Katiuska Saavedra,Leandis
Diaz,Leticia Gallego Cruz,Leyda Rodriguez Ag=FCero,Lixandro Cordero,Lorver
Lores de Verdecia,Lourdes Castro Fuentes,Lourdes Gonzalez Herrero,Luis
Betancourt,Luis Castillo,Madelyn Tamayo,Magalys Reyes,Manuel Toledo,Marie
Louise Pepin,Max Schrems,Michael H. Miranda,Nani Garcia,Nestor Arenas,Nor
Gutiez,Norge Pazo Sanciprian,Oscar Fuentes Labrada,Osiris Aviles,Pupi
Pupito,Rafael Paneca Cano,Raimundo Cabrera,Reinaldo Rodriguez,Ricardo
Ponce,Ricardo Silveira Miro,Roger Castillejo,Ronald Guill=E9n=20

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Kevin Jennings: Obama's risky-sex czar…

Obama’s risky-sex czar


WARNING: This editorial includes discussion of topics that are
sexually graphic. Under usual circumstances, we would never entertain
these subjects or the rancid language involved. In this case, however,
a very unusual exception must be made because the issues are central
to the background of a senior presidential appointee at the U.S.
Department of Education who is in a position to influence how and what
our children are taught in our nation’s schools. Thus far, out of fear
or squeamishness, there has been public hesitance to examine closely
the beliefs of this individual because many are afraid even to touch
the risky content. Our scruples cannot be used against us when
traditional moral precepts need to be defended. Simply, the deep level
of depravity involved in this subject cannot be portrayed without
providing a couple of examples to illustrate the inappropriate
content. Please do not read any further if you will be offended by
sexually graphic language.

The Obama administration is stonewalling serious inquiries about
sexual filth propagated by a senior presidential appointee who is
responsible for promoting and implementing federal education policy.
Democrats clearly are terrified of ruffling the feathers of their
activist homosexual supporters, who are an influential part of the
Democratic party’s base. This scandal, however, is not merely about
homosexual behavior; it is about promoting sex between children and
adults – and it’s time for President Obama to make clear that abetting
such illegal perversion has no place in his administration.

It is curious why White House officials and Education Secretary Arne
Duncan believe it’s worth it politically to continue taking arrows for
defending Kevin Jennings, who is Mr. Obama’s controversial "safe
schools czar." The evidence suggesting he is unfit to serve as a
senior presidential appointee is startling and plentiful. It was
revealed this week that Mr. Jennings was involved in promoting a
reading list for children 13 years old or older that made the most
explicit sex between children and adults seem normal and acceptable.
This brought up anew Mr. Jennings’ past controversies, such as his
seeming encouragement of sex between one of his high school students
and a much older man as well as his praise for Harry Hay, a notorious
supporter of the North American Man Boy Love Association.

But there is more. There are shocking new revelations this week of
tape recordings from a youth conference involving 14-year-old
students. The conference, billed as a forum to encourage tolerance of
homosexuality, was sponsored by Mr. Jennings’ organization and was
held at Tufts University in March 2000. Mr. Jennings was executive
director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
from its founding in 1995 until August 2008. The conference sessions
appear to have had less to do with promoting tolerance and more to do
with teaching children how to engage in sex.

Andrew Breitbart’s provides tapes of some of the
sessions. Describing the subject matter as smut would be putting it
lightly. The conference discussions were very graphic and cannot be
relayed in full detail in a family newspaper. A few examples are
sufficient to describe the depravity of the subject matter. During one
session about oral sex, a presenter asked the 14-year-old students:
"Spit or swallow? Is it rude?" In another session, the 14-year-olds
are taught about a gross practice called "fisting," in which "the man
leading the discussion position[ed] his hand and show[ed] 14-year-olds
how to insert their entire hand into the rectum of their sex partner."

Teaching children sexual techniques is simply not appropriate.
Unfortunately, it is part of a consistent pattern by some homosexual
activists to promote underage homosexuality while pretending that
their mission is simply to promote tolerance for so-called alternative
lifestyles. It is outrageous that someone involved in this scandal is
being paid by the taxpayers to serve in a high-powered position at the
Education Department, of all places. At some point, Mr. Duncan, Mr.
Jennings, Obama administration spokesmen and the president himself are
going to have to start answering questions about all this. Refusing to
do so won’t make the issue go away.

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Ending their Hate: all my Ex-wives, Ex-friends, and Ex-family – {HRI 20091211-V2.1.1} {FPP 20091211-V2.1.1}

Ending their Hate: my Ex-wives, Ex-friends, and Ex-family

                                                    11 December 2009
                                                  {HRI 20091211-V2.1}
                                                  {FPP 20091211-V2.1}

                                                      (Version 2.1.1
                                                      on 13 Dec 2009)

                 (Contains historical data)

Dear Ex … ,

The more Love I give and gave you, the more intensely and the more
 intelligently hidden and the more destructively, you wanted to Hate,
 and did Hate me.  *(n)

 It would thus not be wise to give you my Love.

      This would also be fair, to those who do NOT Hate me,

      and more than fair to those who do or did NOT PRETEND to Love
      me, but who actually did and DO Love me.

            Again: It would not be wise to give my Love to you
            who PRETENDED to

            – no matter how successfully, and how strongly
              "benefiting from receiving my Love," you did
              pretend to Love me.

It WOULD be wise to take back all the Love (Energy of mine) that I
 gave you,

 and all the other Energies that I gave you,

 and all those Energies, that you took from me:

 In particular those Energies that I use and need to protect myself
 and my body from harm.

 Further, various Energies for creating art and music (my Beauty


And so wise I will be, and act towards you until the time that you
 stop being Evil to people

 and until you also stop wanting – and continue to stop your desire,
 or your "necessity" of wanting – to be Evil *(1) to people.


The Life of Akhenaton

(About 1385 BC to about 1350 BC, a revolutionary who transformed the
 Egyptian society, by instituting history’s first monotheistic
 religion. He attempted to save his people from the intensely Evil
 priests, but did not see the true – and extremely Evil – nature of
 his wife, Nefertiti, which proved fatal to him without that he ever
 discovered that it was she who, with the help of the priests and
 their secret cult of drugs and hypnotism, which she belonged to,
 brought the poison with her and administered it to her unsuspecting
 husband.) *(n)(n)(n)

The Life of Plato

(Greece, 427 BC to 347 BC – Plato had a career in the military and
 politics and traveled widely before (and even after) starting his
 famous school, the Academy, in Athens. Only at the very end – when
 Socrates was too cowardly to flee, and pretended it to be "ethical
 and following the rule of law," did Plato get some real inkling of
 the true but hidden nature of Socrates, who was not a friend at all,
 nor was Socrates in any way a teacher or philosopher, not knowing
 and not wanting to know anything about thought, with his entirely
 fictitious but hypnotic "origin of new ideas.") *(n)(n)(n)

The Life of Cicero

(106-43 BC. Cicero was Rome’s greatest orator and a prolific writer
 of verse, letters, and works on philosophy, politics, and rhetoric,
 that greatly influenced European thought. In 64 BC he became Consul,
 the highest office in Rome. As Consul he won fame for his orations
 against Catalina, the head of a secret conspiracy to seize the
 government of the State. Always a staunch supporter of the Republic,
 Cicero was eventually forced from office by his enemies, and when
 the sociopath Julius Caesar consolidated his power in 48 BC, Cicero
 went into political retirement. During this time he wrote his famous
 essays on happiness, on old age, and on friendship. Upon Caesar’s
 assassination in 44 BC, Cicero returned to public life and delivered
 a series of scathing speeches (the "Phillipics") against Marc Antony.
 This proved to be Cicero’s undoing: when Marc Antony took power in a
 triumvirate with Octavian and Marcus Lepidus, Cicero was declared an
 outlaw, and assassinated by Antony’s men.
 The cause of Cicero lacking in securing his own safety, has not been
 properly established, as yet.) *(n)

The Life of Francis of Assisi

(1181-1226, Italy. As a youth he assisted his father, a wealthy cloth-
 merchant of Assisi, but was also a leader of society in the town. In
 a war between Assisi and Perugia Francis was taken prisoner for a
 year and was seriously ill. Soon after, riding in full armor, he
 turned back from the war, risking thereby to be accused of cowardice.
 Already his regard for the poor and for lepers was conspicuous.
 A little later he heard a spirit, voicing at the crucifix in the
 small church of San Damiano of Assisi: ‘Go and repair my house,
 which you see is falling down.’ Henceforth, he founded the Franciscan
 Order, in the erroneous – but then quite Christian – belief, that
 abstinence of certain parts of life, plus his tremendous Love for
 life and people, could make anyone free of Evil.) *(n)(n)

The Life of Joan of Arc

(1412-31, born at Domremy (Champagne region, France), the daughter of
 a peasant farmer, Joan saw the invasion and cruelty of English armies
 taking towns and country in France. Intelligent but illiterate, Joan,
 aged fourteen, heard and saw spirits communicating to her, who did
 identify themselves as Michael, as Catherine of Alexandria and as
 Margaret of Antioch.
 These spirits told her, to save France – and were thereby making use
 of her intention to do so anyway. They were steering Joan’s intention
 according to their own design, hidden from Joan of Arc, who believed
 ’the good spirits’ implicitly, as "being pure in intention and word."
 At this time, the military situation looked almost hopeless, and Joan
 had no success in persuading the commander of the French forces, to
 enlist her help, but the spirits gave her some predictions, which
 were fulfilled.
 Eventually she was then sent to the French king-to-be, while using
 the messages of her – so she assumed – "divine" spirits, to put the
 one they pointed out to her, on the throne, a person whom Joan
 considered "divine or flawless, sincere and good" merely by the fact
 of his having bee born a royal. In actuality, this individual and
 French king-to-be or ‘Dauphin,’ was a lewd and Evil creature.
 Joan asked at his court for troops, to free the town of Orleans from
 the cruel English; in April 1429 the French army went there, with
 Joan riding at its head, wearing white armour.
 The town of Orleans was saved; English forts around it were captured;
 there can be no doubt that her presence and belief in her mission,
 enormously strengthened the morale of the troops, and she possessed
 military insight. Her wound in the breast by an arrow enhanced rather
 than diminished her reputation.
 Later on, the French king-to-be was crowned, with Joan standing at
 his side with her own standard.
 This completed her mission; her guiding spirit-"friends" then made
 all kind of further promises, and withheld good advice, and, now that
 THEIR objective, the crowning of the abject and Evil King, had been
 achieved, they kept silent about things that would have enabled Joan
 to protect herself.
 Also being the object of envy, suspicion, and misunderstanding, from
 people at the French royal court and in the army and in the Church,
 and betrayed by the very king, King Charles VII, whom she helped put
 on the throne – out of HER intention to save and protect the people
 of France – she herself had no-one to free her from prison and from
 public death by fire – a death from which the perpetrators hoped to
 obtain some of her Life Energies, by inflicting a violent, torturing
 and publicly maligning death.) *(n)(n)

The Life of Leonardo da Vinci

(1452, Anchiano, Republic of Florence, Italy – 1519, Cloux, France.
 Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, draftsman, architect,
 engineer, and scientist. The son of a landowner and a peasant, he
 received training in painting, sculpture and mechanical arts, as an
 apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio.
 The life of Leonardo is well known, and I am not now commenting
 further on it. Well, you don’t know that he was very much in love
 with the girlfriend or ‘mistress’ of his patron Ludovico Sforza, the
 ruler of the city State of Milan. The conditions however were not
 favorable to fulfilling that love, also not when they saw each other
 once again in another social setting, and so it remained Platonic,
 or, shall we say ‘Leonardic.’) *(n)(n)(n)

The Life of Johann Sebastian Bach

(1685 – 1750 East Germany. His life is well-known. At the end, Bach’s
 eyesight began to deteriorate, during his last year, and in March and
 April 1750, he was twice operated on, by the itinerant English
 "eye-doctor" John Taylor. The operations and the treatment that
 followed, were unsuccessful, and must have hastened Bach’s death.)

The Life of Wolfgang Mozart

(1756, Salzburg – 1791, Vienna. His father Leopold felt, that it was
 proper, and might also be profitable, to exhibit his children’s
 God-given genius. Wolfgang’s sister Nannerl was a gifted keyboard
 player as well.
 Wolfgang’s life time is well known. I take no time now to comment on
 it further, but will at some later time.) *(n)(n)

The Life of Wilhelm Canaris

(1887-1945, German admiral. He occupied various positions in the
 German navy during and after World War I, with daring and legendary
 missions. In 1935 he was made chief of the Abwehr (military
 intelligence). A conservative, Canaris at first welcomed Hitler, but
 Hitler’s methods, and the fear, that a new war would destroy Germany,
 drove him into the opposition. The Abwehr thus became a center of
 conspiracy against the Hitler regime.
 Canaris failed however to assess properly the nature of Roosevelt and
 of Churchill, in his attempt to get these, of course, to remove the
 government of Germany, which removal or ‘regime change’ would have
 prevented the misery, suffering, degradation and deaths of millions
 of soldiers and civilians, on both sides.
 Canaris was

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( META ) I will put a stop to Rob Cypher

But only if yer willin’ ta’PAY!

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Re: Australian cities on fast track to overpopulated third world ruin and debt as ethnic mafias rejoice


The Culture of Critique is the final title in Prof. MacDonald’s
massive, three-volume study of Jews and their role in history. The two
previous volumes are A People That Shall Dwell Alone and Separation
 The Alternative Tour of Auschwitz: An Independent Investigation of the

"Benway (original non-Zionist)" <captai…> wrote in message…

- — -

> On the issue of population size, Australian cities
> are poorly equipped. Changes to housing densities,
> planning rules, and infrastructure that we need
> are massive. Forcing immigrants to move to
> regional centres sounds attractive but won’t work
> without high levels of coercion.
> At least the Dalai Lama knows what Tibet’s major
> problem is: it isn’t the economy, stupid – it’s
> feral immigration.
> Evidently, we have the situation in Australia
> where the money addicts who run big business, have
> the ear of politicians and are constantly pushing
> for mass immigration in order to increase their
> own wealth – at the expense of Australian quality
> of life.

> Alien sleazebag’s political "generosity"

> *
> *

> The wealthy attract the politically powerful.
> Their money opens doors. Sydney’s biggest housing
> apartment developer, Harry Triguboff, has got
> plenty of it. He is feted by both sides of
> politics because he has been a big donor to both
> sides. His largesse has been legendary and other
> property developers also recognised the need to
> support the democratic process. The Property
> Council of Australia equated it with every
> citizen’s "democratic right" to "provide
> assistance to political parties". What can be
> given freely, however, can freely be withdrawn.

> Long a beneficiary of Mr Triguboff and other
> developers, the state ALP has been reminded
> (because it always knew the reality) that the
> Meriton founder’s generosity did not come without
> strings. Only a political mug would have thought
> otherwise…

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Re: Maureen's discharge obsession

- — -

"> "womanGoddess" <fvrn…> wrote in message
> On Dec 5, 4:23 pm, "krp" <kr…> AKA Greg’s PIGGLY
> WIGGLY squealed thusly:

>> "womanGoddess" <fvrn…> wrote in message


>> > I have made NO "grandiose" claims Maureen. With all your BLATHER about
>> > your alleged VAST military expertise, tell me, what was the MINIMUM
>> > standard
>> > to graduate from BASIC TRAINING in the Air Force at that time? Minimal
>> > range
>> > qualification? Now *IF* I had claimed to have qualified as "EXPERT" it
>> > might
>> > be grandiose. But to even graduate from Basic you had to qualify on the
>> > range as "marksman." I was slightly better as "sharpshooter." NOT a
>> > HUGE
>> > deal, Maureen, maybe 60% of the men in the Air Force DID at that time.

>> > MOE> Kennie, the actual war vets and retired military personnel know
>> > MOE> people like you. They know the military washouts who try to puff
>> > MOE> themselves up later on. The sad thing is I didn’t need any
>> > personal
>> > MOE> military service expertise to see your bullshit claims for what
>> > they
>> > MOE> are.

>> > You know, Maureen any REAL veteran can tell I served. YOU are the one
>> > exaggerating my service in order to try to shoot it down.

>> MOE> Oh I have no doubt you were in the military. for a time,

>> From time to time you HAVE claimed I NEVER served.

> Cite the post. I never claimed you never served Kennie. What I DID
> say is that your claims ABOUT your AF service did not jive with the
> known facts.

>> Your pal Moore claims
>> I went to Canada to avoid the draft and CLAIMS to have "PROOF!"
>> Of course we will NEVER see it.

> Just like we’ll never see YOUR " proof" of David dressed as a Nazi.

> MOE> I have no doubt you hid to avoid being recalled.  And yes I do think
> MOE> you are a coward.

>    No need to hide, Maureen. My FULL MILITARY OBLIGATION was satisfied.
> Under the LAW, as it existed at that time, the miltary could NOT recall
> me.

>> Interesting that an HONORABLE discharge isn’t proof of service. I’ll
>> have to inform DOD.

> MOE>  The issue is your CLAIM of having an honorable discharge. I question
> MOE> the claim about your discharge.

>    It is up for the next few hours Maureen. Private information was
> redacted.

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