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Andrew's Ideal World


  What is *your* ideal world in which you
  would like to live?  Can you describe
  it for us point by point?


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"The Notion That We Can be a Nonmanufacturing Society is Folly. It's Pseudo-Science That Gives Rise to the Collapse of Civilizations."

The public is getting good and sick and tired of Reaganomics.  Roast
in hell, Ronnie, alongside your pall, Milton Friedman.


China’s Gains in Manufacturing Stir Friction Across the Pacific

China is on its way to surpassing the U.S. as the world’s largest
manufacturer far sooner than expected. The question is, does that

In terms of actual size, the answer is, no. But if size is a proxy for
relative health of each nation’s sector, the answer is yes.

 Anyone who walks the aisles of a U.S. retailer might think China
already is the world’s largest manufacturer. But, in fact, the U.S.
retains that distinction by a wide margin. In 2007, the latest year
for which data are available, the U.S. accounted for 20% of global
manufacturing; China was 12%.

The gap, though, is closing rapidly. According to IHS/Global Insight,
an economic-forecasting firm in Lexington, Mass., China will produce
more in terms of real value-added by 2015. Using value-added as a
measure avoids the problem of double-counting by tallying the value
created at each step of an extended production process.

As recently as two years ago, Global Insight’s estimate was that China
would surpass the U.S. as the world’s top manufacturer by 2020. Last
year, it pulled the date forward to 2016 or 2017.

"The recent deep recession in U.S. manufacturing does mean that
China’s catch-up is occurring a few years earlier than would have been
the case if there had been no recession," says Nariman Behravesh, the
group’s chief economist.

U.S. manufacturing is shrinking, shedding jobs and, in the wake of
this deep recession, producing and exporting far fewer goods, while
China’s factories keep expanding. If manufacturers on both sides of
the Pacific were thriving, there would be little reason to butt heads.
But given the massive trade gap between the two nations and
uncertainty in the U.S. over when and to what degree manufacturing
will recover, China’s ascent has become a point of growing friction.

Chinese manufacturing activity continued to tick up in July from the
previous month, data from the China Federation of Logistics and
Purchasing showed Saturday. The Purchasing Managers Index edged up to
53.3 in July, from 53.2 in June and 53.1 in May.

Employees assemble an engine at the production line of Anhui Jianghuai
Automobile Co., Ltd. in Hefei, Anhui province July 16, 2009.
A separate CLSA China Purchasing Managers Index rose to a 12-month
high of 52.8 in July from 51.8 in June, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets said
Monday. July was the fourth consecutive month the CLSA PMI was above
50 after hovering below the key level for eight months.

Many economists argue that the shrinking of U.S. manufacturing — both
in terms of jobs and share of gross domestic product — is a normal
economic evolution that started long before China emerged as a
manufacturing powerhouse. From their point of view, the shrinking
would happen regardless and is actually a sign of health that the
sector doesn’t need to be big to be productive and is shedding low-
skill jobs and creating select higher-skill ones.

Global Insight’s Mr. Behravesh is one of those who views China’s rise
as normal, even healthy. "In the natural course, countries go from
agriculture to manufacturing to services," he says. "To subsidize
manufacturing pushes [the U.S.] backwards down that curve."

But another school of thought — one known by the somewhat backhanded
label of "manufacturing fundamentalists" — contends the U.S. decline
isn’t natural and must be reversed to retain America’s economic power.
From their perspective, that necessitates fighting Chinese policies
that fuel low-cost exports, swamping a variety of industries from
textiles to tires.

"The notion that we can be a nonmanufacturing society is folly," says
Peter Morici, an economist at the University of Maryland. "It’s pseudo-
science that gives rise to the collapse of civilizations."

The Obama administration is stepping carefully through this minefield.
At a two-day conference last week, the first meeting of a new forum
designed to foster closer cooperation between the two countries,
China’s tightly managed currency policy was barely discussed even
though it is a hot-button issue for many U.S.-based producers and
organized labor. They argue that China undervalues its currency to
gain a competitive advantage for its exports, which sell at a lower
price in the U.S.

The U.S. Business and Industry Council, which represents U.S.-based
manufacturers, accused the Obama administration of "panda-hugging."
The administration earlier this year softened its stance on the issue
when it declined to label China a currency manipulator.

John Engler, president of the National Association of Manufacturers,
says he doesn’t expect China to surpass the U.S. before 2020. "It may
or may not continue to grow so rapidly," he says. "The importance of
the China challenge to the U.S. depends on how we respond to it," such
as implementing tax and investment policies that encourage domestic
producers to expand.

Mr. Engler’s group faces a delicate issue of its own regarding China:
Many of its powerful members produce in China and are eager to avoid
controversy on trade issues, while the group’s large roster of smaller
members are often outspoken critics of China.

Even in its weakened state, manufacturing remains a surprisingly large
part of the U.S. economy. The sector generates more than 13% of the
nation’s GDP, making it a bigger contributor to the economy than
retail trade, finance or the health-care industry. In China,
manufacturing represents 34% of GDP.

Still, the concern remains that U.S. manufacturers now being hit by
the economic downturn will never recover. J.B. Brown, president of
Bremen Castings Inc., a family-owned foundry in Bremen, Ind., says the
downturn has halted what had been a hopeful trend that emerged last
year of work returning to the U.S. from China.

"I see a lot of people starting to look at going overseas again," he
says, in part because costs are rising in the U.S. even in the depth
of this recession. He notes, for instance, that Bremen’s electricity
rates jumped 17% this year — and the company has been warned they
could increase even more next year. Foundries like Bremen use large
amounts of electricity to heat metal.

Write to Timothy Aeppel at timothy.aep…

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If you oppose circumcision, you agree with killers like 'Martin'

On Aug 3, 4:03 pm, Martin <mar…> wrote:

> Circumcision’s usefulness in the fight again HIV is looking more
> doubtful than ever.


> First we learned that circumcision doesn’t stop the likelihood of HIV
> transmission during gay sex.

Bullshit. At least it’s a one-way reduction as you mention below.

> Now we learn that for heterosexuals it’s, at best, a one-way street;
> only reducing the likelihood of transmission of the non-virus from
> women to men and not men to women.

So what? Since it needs to be transmitted both ways to propagate,
reducing either will work. Besides, it’s still true that for any
individual man, gay or straight, his risk is cut by being circumcised.

And, of course, it HIV doesn’t exist, it couldn’t be ‘transmitted’ at
all. You can’t have it both ways, and everyone sane knows that HIV
exists and causes AIDS, anyway.

Andrew Usher

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Bushites are evil to all as the enemy escaping the peenacker neocons for treason on 911 – Torturing Children: America's Failure

Torturing Children: America’s Failure

/ / Nowhere is there a more disturbing, if not
horrifying, example of the relationship between
a culture of cruelty and the politics of
irresponsibility than in the resounding silence
that surrounds the torture of children \ \

Bushites are evil to all as the enemy escaping
the peenacker neocons for treason on 911.

Leading Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Media

/ / A man raised his hand and asked why the Navy
was involved in the recovery and investigation
while a possible suspect. Remove him!
[Kallstrom] yelled. Two men leapt over to the
questioner and grabbed him by the arms. There
was a momentary chill in the air after the guy
had been dragged out of the room. Kallstrom and
entourage acted as if nothing had happened.
[Kallstrom was later hired by CBS.]  \ \

You know you’ve likely heard me speak on how
incredible some info is, but this is like
worthy a new revolution by communications.
Johnny for NEW! Coast to Coast radio host.
Vote early, and vote often.

/ / Download and hand in to any Judge a
Notice of Felonies/Treason : \ \

What’s up with GCN on this arrest the bad
guys issue? You know if I wasn’t so smart,
I might think something else. We know Deagal
is a good man, a fearful man, but a good man.
We need to get together on forming warrants
for the arrests of bushite this world over.
FEMA has got to go, as do every military
judge we can find for prosecutions. We start,
with the traitor, U.S. District Judge Gerald
Bruce Lee for sentencing an innocent
American man to life in America by torturing
US to say things for the demon liars. This
demon enemy must not be allowed to walk our
worlds casting further judgement regarding
America’s "judicial" action against US, the
further debasing enslavement. MAX prison
wardens, who knowingly hold innocent victims
not charged with anything will face a well
served trial for death sentence. It is your
freedom left undefended after all American
citizen. Hate US still?


/ / A recent article in
(October 26, 2008) claiming that Hawai i Governor
Linda Lingle sealed Sen. Barack Obama’s birth
certificate is false. [...]

It is a sign of desperation by that segment of
the population which grew rich under the Bush
tax cuts and will do anything to keep from
losing their special exalted status. \ \

"Total Signatures: 434,533" WHEREARETHEY?

Look, these
nazi whores, these McCainiacs, these Bushites,
argue not a word for Justice in America. 911?
Nope. Cheney? Nope. Doctoring the NIE? Nope.
Vaccines? Nope. Israel? Nope. Obama for bankster
extortions? Nope. Nope. NOPE!!! Just to kill our
precious times to responsibly govern ourselves.
These same demon fuks insist on blindly paying
insurance companies for nothing but their hatred
for wiser men and women to speak freely. They
truly can’t compete, and refuse as FASCISTS to
humble themselves to the wiser in respect for
all that Life has to offer. They push silence
against the Peenacker war criminals, they push
silence against grunts who war for enslavement,
to torture, to rape women, to rape men, to rape
children as official public policy. Sealing
the deal as if this was exceptable to die
Yourself as willingly. A war criminal that
WILL kill innocent Americans for stolen cash
profits is currently Standing quietly by
wearing a lawless nazi grunter’s uniform.
Bullshit I say as Creator, I will not live
in such a world of self contempt for our
greatness as the Human race, WAKE THE FUCK UP. "Turn $200 investment into $1 million. Sound impossible?"

Fuk you off already, but no. CNN CBC FoxNews
Alex Jones, and so on, treat these Birthers
like they have more rights to be heard, than
their targeted innocent murder victims. CNN,
CBC, FoxNews and their partner in war crimes
Zionist George Noory, read of these concerns
and mumble, "whatever". Are you still feeling
excused to not speak up for the victims of
911? Because YOU as an American refuse to
gun your phone to demand Justice of others,
so too, has your contempt for God and all
life offers, made the denial by your own
volition as true. Meaning: for Atheists to
blame God here is not going to work as an
excuse for why you’ll die victim to your
own cause. NEVER claim I have forsaken you,
for I have done everything within my power
to demand you respect the rights of others.
I am known far and wide as the greatest
man alive. I am an actor who can do
amazing things with my time. Beyond anything
this History can even dream of. I’ve done
amazing things, and been of many worlds,
plus, I’m a pretty good singer. Hate me
for it do you Amerikan? I am likely near
one of the greatest inventors of all time,
and you want to now deny life this glorious
bounty? The maybe 300 USENET Americans have
refused near all calls. Along with millions
of Americans who have used Google.

Instead, have barked for more indiscriminate
killing, for torturing, for raping. McCainiac
Zombie Video is it if you want to learn what
sells as American philosophy today. They,
the godless Zionist Bush bitches, HATE US
to death my innocent friends of freedom,
HATE US to death. I mean which  "American"
"Officer" was it that raped Iraqi toddlers
in front of their parents for Rumsfeld in
order to get the top secret info to save an
American life from the terrorists I ask? Where
is he in the CIA so I can kill him rightly..
Sound good from where you’re from? I thought
so. We will not except anything else. Let US
count he has a wife, or child, or a long lost
school chum who’ll do our bidding. Death to
the lawless bushite, death to the enemies of
Humanity who drop bombs from our skies to
push heroin into our schools for life
imprisonments. So says I, the real American
Patriot. Grim is my task, but glory is the
game. Die bushite Air Force Generals die.
I am going to go now for a while to reclaim
my odds here. I should maybe be back, if
you’ll ever decide to do what is right by
demanding Justice for the war criminals
hiding behind our stolen flag. Goodbye for
now silent willing victims to lawless evil
actions of Satanic Zionist war criminals
walking freely amongst your rank,
taxing Life for murderous death. DBD.

Die bushite die I said, and look!, our
numbers are improving.. you ain’t seen
nothing yet!!! All the Glory to Humanity!!


Message for America from the King

Cops Beat The Hell Out Of Handicapped Man, Try to Frame Him- Busted By

To be present with a gun, then shooting
the bushite dead, would win the trigger man
an acquital, and a great big thank you from
every honorable cop out here. These sadists
can not be granted a right to murderously
assault our innocent families, then escape
life term prison sentences or death by hangings,
all because they have stolen our Police badges
to commit criminal offenses as lawless teen
grunts back from Iraq, and corporate nws
Repuggers not caring enough to get Justice won
for the little guys, pregnant women, the elderly,
and young school kids.

Cop vs Cop

That’s the way, uhuh uhuh.

Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial…

/ / what they thought was a conventional flu
vaccine but, according to investigators, was
actually an anti bird-flu drug. \ \ "ANTI"?

These "Doctors" and "Nurses" responsible need
to be tried for pre-meditated mass murder. They
claim Americans would speak nothing for a
penniless homeless person left forsaken in
Poland? Let’s change this for the better.

Why is it that YOU, a member of our Humanity
refuses thus far, to give this post to a person
left un-informed. Do Americans secretly wish
to profit off the indiscriminate deaths of
their fellow innocent bretheren. Sure seems

Documented Crimes Against Humanity – THE CDC KNOWS THIS
Mercury = speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, ect.

/ / Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency s massive database
containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based
preservative in the vaccines thimerosal appeared to be responsible
for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological
disorders among children. I was actually stunned by what I saw,
Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering
number of earlier studies that indicate a link between thimerosal and
speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism. \

Washington Post: Swine Flu Vaccine Will Contain Mercury

USA: Federal Court Injunction in US-District New Jersey
(filed July 31,2009)

"Puinishable by 20 years in prison if anyone
alters this court document."



/ / The records show Saddam happily boasted of
duping the world about stockpiling weapons of
mass destruction. \ \ records? from where? FoxNews’
editing suite? "Duping the World" would be easy
to site from big snooze Fox crews all over the

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The Clayton Weatherston Witchhunt

The female-dominated professions of Psychology (
) , Law ( ) , and Journalism ( ) have generally very low
standards of intelligence and non-existent standards of political

This no doubt results from being dominated by women who are
more interested in people than in ideas, and who see a clitoro-
universe as their Feminist birthright. The irrational frenzy over the
Clayton Weatherston murder trial (…
) highlights this very clearly.

I. Psychology

In the Sunday Star-Times of 26 July 2009, Associate Professor of
Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, Devon Polaschek (a
judging by her photograph), had a full-page article entitled "Inside
Mind of a Killer." No words are adequate to describe her utter sexism
professional incompetence.

In her article, she steps outside the extremely narrow bounds within
Psychologists actually know anything about anything. She criticises
Defence’s case that Clayton was provoked and a victim of Sophie

Domestic Violence. She writes:

"Even if Elliot did come at him with a pair of scissors, it’s hard to
imagine why a 33-year-old man of normal size and physical capability
wouldn’t simply have stopped her."

It is so common to see and hear that sort of man-hating sexism in
Femi-brainwashed New Zealand, that many people will probably see
wrong with that statement. If you stop to ask yourself exactly why or
Clayton would or could have been calm enough to react calmly to a
attack when he was in the middle of an emotional argument with his
girlfriend, then maybe you still have some rationality in you. Mz
herself had written that:

"… both he and Elliott honed their skills at making each other feel

So much for Polaschek’s sexism. Now we come to the incompetence. Any
layperson — let alone a Psychologist — knows that it is normal
behaviour to respond to aggression by either fleeing or fighting back.
sympathetic nervous system organises our body for fight or flight in
situations. It does not organise men’s bodies to stay calm when women
abusing them both physically and psychologically. If Mz Polaschek has
somehow forgotten her undergraduate studies, I recommend the
"Biological Psychology", by James W. Kalat (9 ed., 2007, Thomson

The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (Tenth Edition, Revised)
"psychology" as:

"1 The scientific study of the human mind and its functions,
those affecting behaviour in a given context."

Now, this Associate Professor of the scientific study of the human
mind and
its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context
it "hard to imagine" why a man would not act like a robot in an
stressful immediate context, which itself was the culmination of an
extremely stressful ongoing context.

This just reinforces my impression (from long and varied experience of
that Western universities (
) are
little more than instruments for the fulfilment of Lesbian Feminist
fantasies. It is impossible for men to do well in universities, when
competence in man-hating is a prerequiste for achievement and
Universities should all be abolished, the staff sacked, and the
system rethought from square one.

II. Law

Another man-hating Associate Professor was interviewed on TV One’s
programme on 23 July 2009. Julia Tolmie teaches Law at Auckland
She used the Weatherston case to argue against the partial
defence for murder, referring to the need to be analytical. She
that the Provocation defence allowed the accused to blacken the
character of
the victim after his or her death. Then the interviewer (Alison Mau)
intelligently asked her whether that also didn’t apply to the Battered
defence. All that Julia Tolmie could respond to that was, "Oh, that’s

Gee, that’s really analytical! I wish I could be as analytical as
that!! Of
course, I’m not an intellectually incompetent Feminist Law lecturer.
As a
graduate of the Faculty of Law of Victoria University of Wellington, I
testify to the generally low intellectual level of such
Possibly the problem is that, if you’ve got any legal brains and are
interested in commercial law or taxation, you’re out there in the real
earning masses of money.

Julia Tolmie, according to her university webpage ( ) , has published on
topic of the so-called "Battered Woman Syndrome." The Law Commission
August 2000 published a discussion paper called "Battered Defendants:
Victims of Domestic Violence Who Offend." In that discussion paper,
the Law
Commission argued for a Battered Defendants defence, partly on the
that the Provocation defence did not fit the circumstances of such
defendants. The Law Commission has also, like Julia Tolmie, argued for
abolition of the Provocation defence (…
. So, both Julia Tolmie and the Law Commission argue for a defence
which is
principally useful to women and against a defence that is principally
to men.

III. Journalism

Michael Laws

Michael Laws is an honorary girl. Of course, he is — otherwise the
female-dominated media wouldn’t allow him to have a newspaper column.
In the
Sunday Star-Times of 26 July 2009, he says that it was an "absolute
that Weatherston was allowed to defame and denigrate the character of
young woman who rejected him." Well,

Michael Laws obviously can’t read or hear, because no one has claimed
he killed her simply because she had rejected him.

Michael Laws omitted to mention that this defaming and denigrating is
exactly what female killers do to the character of their dead male
when they plead the battered woman defence ( ) . Michael Laws
is so
sexist that he is totally unable to judge men and women by the same

Rosemary McLeod

In the Sunday Star-Times of 26 July 2009, columnist Rosemary McLeod
whines about how Weatherston’s defence lawyer had been "dissecting
character of a dead young woman to make things look better for her
Again, she doesn’t mention the battered woman defence. Moreover, she
criticises the female defence lawyer, saying that it was wrong to do
justice, "one woman to another", in this manner.

We need to look carefully at the implications of what McLeod says.
What she
is saying (and I believe her) is that there are a lot of
female lawyers and journalists (like McLeod herself) who view
themselves as
part of a Sisterhood, and who see their job as being to help out
sisters, and give them a different (i.e. better) form of "justice"
than they
give to men. This is particularly important, now that we have a female
Justice ( ), now that women
up the majority of the legal, psychology and journalism professions,
and now
that men going through custody battles often find that all the people
come across in the system are female.

McLeod demonstrates her stupidity by saying that juries have been made
of, when they have let a man off a charge of rape, only to find out
that he had previous convictions for rape — which they were not
allowed to
know during the trial. Hello? That is precisely the reason for
knowledge of previous convictions from juries — because juries will
people just as stupid as McLeod, who would allow the fact of a
conviction to affect their decision as to the facts of the case that
before them! The jury was not made a fool of — McLeod is a fool. The
that a person has been previously convicted of rape (which might have
been a
miscarriage of justice in the first place) is not evidence that they
guilty of a subsequent alleged rape.

David Farrar

David Farrar is a blogger whose remarkable achievement is to have
become so
famous as a blogger that he is actually asked for his views about
on television. I saw him interviewed on Television One’s Breakfast
programme, because he was facing possible contempt of court charges
blogging about the Weatherston case while it was still happening. I
hope he
is convicted and sentenced. Why should he pervert the course of
justice and
get away with it, when the rest of us have to control ourselves? How
Weatherston get a fair trial, when all these hysterical chatterers
polluting the atmosphere around his trial?

Farrar said on that programme that Weatherston’s Provocation defence
untenable, because he had repeatedly stabbed and mutilated his
after killing her. Of course, that is completely illogical. If
anything, the
repeated stabbing and mutilation makes provocation seem more likely.
more intense the motive for the killing, the more likely it is that
killer would not have been satisfied with just the death of the
victim, but
would have felt the need to attack her even after her death. One
reason for
someone to have such an intense motive might be that they had been


There are three reasons why Weatherston might not have had a fair

The publicity on David Farrar’s site and elsewhere — given that the
were apparently not sequestered — might have biased the jury;

We live in a lunatic Feminist country, where a man in conflict with a
is almost automatically in the wrong;

Weatherston was an academic, and might actually be as intelligent as
appears to think he is. A typical Kiwi

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Complete immunity? You ugly POS, ROTFLMAO!

On Aug 1, 1:59 am, "MCP" <gf010w5…> wrote:


> As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, the evidence from a number of
> sources suggests that the vast majority of rape allegations made to the
> police in western countries are false.

I see that you’re warming up to one of your favorite topics again.

It’s time for me to remind readers about the barely suppressed
violence roiling your real life personality.  Here’s one of your past
posts, full of the spite and venom that animates your whole
existence.  Your post makes me wonder about your treatment of the
vulnerable people in your life; i.e., I hope someone calls the cops
and that you permanently end up in jail, where you belong:

*************************************************************************** ******************

I will be buying one of these when available! :-)

View parsed – Show only message text

From: "MCP" <gf010w5…>
Subject: I will be buying one of these when available! :-)
Lines: 7
X-Priority: 3
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19:16:16 UTC)
NNTP-Posting-Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:16:16 UTC
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:15:34 -0000

Life-like walking female robot

You will be able to rape and beat this "female" up with complete

Create a group – Google Groups – Google Home – Terms of Service –
Privacy Policy
2009 Google

*************************************************************************** *********

Complete immunity?  You ugly POS—I just pray to God that you end up
sharing a cell with Bubba…or maybe Mohammed.

It’ll serve you right.


What an idiot feminazi c***

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It's a 'Raw Deal' for UK Mums that 95% get Custody..

  By Robert Franklin, Esq. | Aug 2, 2009

  This astonishing piece out of the United Kingdom asks the burning question
whether that country’s family courts give "a raw deal to mums. (Times
Online, 8/2/09)" As agitprop, it’s pretty standard stuff; as journalism,
it’s outrageous. In some places it’s actually incomprehensible.

  It’s a pretty long piece – over 3,000 words. The first couple of pages
consist entirely of complaints by individual mothers who say that, yes
indeed, they got a "raw deal" from family courts. Now, in all those words
and in all those anecdotal cases, no father is ever asked for his side of
the story. What the mothers say is taken as gospel.

  What do the mums say? Well, it seems that, when they choose to devote most
of their energies to working outside the home, courts actually take that
into consideration in deciding primary custody! One mother moans that her ex
got custody because he abandoned his job to stay home with the children
while she worked full time. (As Kurtz would say, ‘The horror; the horror.")

  Does it occur to any of these women or the writer of the piece that this
is precisely what millions of fathers have been dealing with for decades?
Does it occur to them that – whether right or wrong, good or bad – that
constitutes a gender-neutral application of the law? If it does, they don’t
let on about it.

  Listen to "Norma" as she describes her regret at having done what
countless men have done with precisely the same results.

    "I suppose I’m a victim of the typical aspirations of a 21st-century
working woman, who, after a good education, wanted it all: a good career and
a family, a true work-life balance. But in the end, when the family fell
apart, I paid the price for that dream and got absolutely shafted,"
continues Norma, who spent 80,000 on legal expenses to try to regain full
custody of her sons. "If I had been a traditional Sixties stay-at-home
mother, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. The children would have
stayed with me and the conflict that escalated to the point where I now no
longer see them would never have started."

  Yep, that shoe sure can pinch when it’s on the other foot.

  The article, and its maternal interviewees take on Parental Alienation
Syndrome. In an astonishing bit of sleight of hand, PAS, in their telling,
becomes something that, when non-custodial fathers allege it, courts fall
all over themselves to deprive the moms of custody. But when non-custodial
moms allege it, courts just brush off the complaint. Funny how that works.

  This is so much the case that, according to the article, women now even
hesitate to raise the issue in court for fear of being considered a trouble
maker. As to any evidence of this phenomenon, the article offers none.
Again, if a couple of aggrieved mothers say it, it must be so.

  Perhaps most remarkably, the article admits that in 95% of cases, mothers
have primary custody, with dads getting the remaining 5%. How, in light of
that fact, the writer can seriously entertain the notion that the British
courts give "a raw deal to mums," is one I haven’t figured out yet. But on
she goes, oblivious of the elephant in the living room.

  What I suspect is the real point of the piece comes toward the end. The
writer and the experts she interviews raise the question of whether this
gender-neutral thing was such a good idea after all. According to them,
courts should evaluate which parent is the better nurturer and award primary
custody accordingly. The fact that that notion flies in the face of
essentially all existing sociology that says that two parents are better
than one goes, in this article, completely unaddressed.

  Somewhere around word 3,000, the article actually quotes a fathers’ rights
advocate, Nick Barnard of Families Need Fathers. Unsurprisingly, he points
out that fathers aren’t getting a fair shake by the courts. But the article
hastens to add that his organization now represents mothers too, the
implication being that he agrees with the article’s thesis. This, I suppose,
is what passes for journalistic "balance."

  We shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. The type of disinformation supplied
by this article is scarcely new. I read a piece in The Nation some 15 years
ago that made many of the same points with an equal level of illogic. The
resistance to and demonization of fathers and fathers’ rights will continue,
but as this article amply demonstrates, the facts are on our side.

Posted by Christian J.

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You’ve said that "most women don’t like sexual intercourse" but that
it is a "necessity" for men. Do you see men and women as fundamentally
Also, it seems like the above would indicate that men in homosexual
relationships are advantaged since they can have willing and eager

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The Guise of Protecting Children

by Wendy McElroy

A headline from the newspaper the Independent (UK): "Tears of a clown who
will have to pay to entertain children." The article picks up on the theme
about which I blogged under the title "Why We Should Support This Writers’
Revolt." the post springboarded off an excellent article by Josie Appleton
in Spiked Online, which opened, The children’s author Philip Pullman [author
of "The Golden Compass"] has said that he will give up talks in schools
rather than submit to ‘insulting’ criminal records vetting under the UK’s
new Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). Children’s authors in England
are staging what appears to be an informal and spontaneous strike by which
they refuse to speak at schools or other gatherings with children as long as
they are required to undergo a demeaning police screening and be placed in a
permanent database as a prerequisite for "volunteering" their time.

The Independent article focuses on the impact of this new legal requirement
on other adults who volunteer to bring entertainment, information and joy
into childrens’ lives. The article opens, Clowns, magicians and puppeteers,
who have spent their lives entertaining children, will have to pay to
register on a new government child protection database, despite already
proving they do not pose a threat. Entertainers who have regular contact
with children currently have to undergo Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)
checks, costing up to 60, to prove to employers that they do not pose a
danger. Under the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS), which launches in
October, they will have to pay another 64 to add their names to a separate

One of comments appended to the article speaks to the financial costs being
imposed on volunteers or those who casually work with chidlren. As a
freelance musician, I am employed throughout the country as a workshop
leader and conductor of orchestras, choirs, and bands in education. Not only
must I now be CRB checked even though I never work individually with
children, but now each employer is requiring their own individual CRB check,
meaning that I currently have 4 current CRB certificates with more on the
way. Surely this system is totally out-of-control and a windfall for the
companies that provide the service for authorities and organizations. My
redundant checks have already wasted hundreds of pounds of money that is
desperately needed elsewhere.

But the deeper ‘costs’ continue to be the expansion of police powers, the
construction of databases on average people and the pitting of ‘civil
society’ against the safety of children — that is, the idea that average
people going about their business constitute a danger to children and, so,
must be vetted by the State. The State is redefining society in a manner
that views virtually all adults — especially of the male persuasion — as a
priori threats to children.

The opposite is true. It is the presence of civil society and of the
"average adult" — you know, the majority of people — that provides
children with the surest protection against harm.

In short, the current hysteria over sex offenders is endangering children.
Decent and kind men know to stay away from children. They know how
vulnerable ‘strangers’ (and especially men) are to false or mistaken charges
that could ruin their lives merely by being spoken aloud. I have made my
husband promise NEVER to volunteer for any event where he will be in contact
with children; and this has been a hardship for him because volunteering in
the community in one of his passions. But what if a child at the Special
Olympics (held in a near-by town) falls and Brad — in an effort to
assist — picks the child up in what someone thinks is an inappropriate
manner? The fact that Brad would be absolutely innocent will help him no
more than it did Anthony J. Tripoli, who is now sentenced to life
imprisonment on the basis of an 8-year-old’s shifting testimony and in the
absence of any evidence whatsoever. Indeed, all logic and evidence points to
his innocence. No matter. The kid says so…and a decent man’s life is

What do parents and authorities expect will happen to a child when decent
men literally avert their eyes in self-defense when they see him or her
approaching? Do they think people will rush to assist that child when he or
she is lost, hurt or otherwise in danger? Paranoia is destroying the social
network of decent human beings whose natural instinct is to help a child in
need; this network is one of the surest protections that children and all
vulnerable people have — again, it is called ‘civil society’ and it cannot
co-exist with the police state being constructed in the name of "protect our

And this, of course, is a driving motivation behind the hysteria — and a
calculated one, IMO. Authorities wish to construct a self-serving police
state through which they can better impose social control. If the whipped-up
fear and rage of parents can be tapped into, then it becomes far easier for
those authorities to build huge databases of highly personal information on
all people, whether or not they have committed a crime. Indeed, treating all
people as though they were a priori criminals who need to prove their
innocence in the eyes of the State becomes the default position. Why
wouldn’t it? That’s a lotta power… And when did government ever say ‘no’
to more power?

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