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WHAT'S UP!? Guns & Ammo Flying Off Store Shelves

John Galt <kady…> wrote:


Saw my son last night. He manages the firearms department at
a retail store, one of the larger national outdoor chains.

Almost all firearms and ammunition are backordered. They
sell pretty much everything they have (and the department is
huge, since the store is pretty much geared around hunting
and fishing) as soon as they get it unpacked. The longest
waits (up to five months) for backordered weapons AND ammo
are for military-issue rifles, handguns,

Somebody’s getting ready for something, it seems. If not,
I’d hate to be a deer this hunting season.


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Resist the ZOG System

Obama is no more than a typical greedy and arrogant judas and
paid actor that reads from the AIPAC teleprompter.  Obama has no
real power at all.  Only the criminal Ersatz jew pig demons and
their criminal jewmason accomplices order the criminal
politicians what to say and what to do.  And the politicians know
full well that they have to say and do exactly and only exactly
what they are told to say and do, or else the criminal mafia
Ersatz jews will pay their brainwashed ZOG agency and military
and police and "special ops" murderers for hire to go out and
murder disobedient politicians and lawyers and judges and
military and police and corporate criminals and school teachers
and university professors and all ZOG puppets and their entire
families if they fail to obey orders given to them by their
genocidal antichrist hook nosed shyster snake pig demon master
Ersatz jews incarnate from the deepest and darkest and hottest
pits of Hell.

This is why all antizionist "goys" must warn your children never
to believe anything that the filthy ZOG garbage pig shit teachers
teach them in the ZOG brainwashing prisons, forced "reeducation"
centers and antichrist indoctrination concentration camps the
filthy antichrist ZOG pigs call their "public schools."

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"A Shocking Display of Rudeness" By Rebecca Hagelin

A Shocking Display of Rudeness
by Rebecca Hagelin
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How concerned are you about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal?
Very concerned
Somewhat concerned
Not concerned at all

Last week a U.S. Senator treated the world to a shocking display of
rudeness toward a member of our armed services.

As Brigadier Gen. Michael Walsh testified before the Environment and
Public Works Committee, Chairwoman Sen. Barbara Boxer arrogantly and
ignorantly reprimanded an officer and a gentleman who has risked his
life many times over for her "right" to become a U.S. senator in the
first place.

When he respectfully began a statement with "ma’am," she abruptly
interrupted and gave the smarmy directive, "You know, do me a favor.
Can you say ‘senator’ instead of ‘ma’am’? It’s just a thing. I worked
so hard to get that title, so I’d appreciate it. Yes. Thank you."

More than any other group, America’s military insist that their
members show respect for authority. When addressing a male superior,
they say "sir." When addressing female superiors, they say "ma’am."
And out of simple politeness and common courtesy toward others, they
are also taught to say "sir" and "ma’am" even when addressing
civilians. As the wife of a retired naval officer, I have always been
so thankful to be in the company of those who serve our nation with
such dignity and respect.

Many moms and dads are trying to teach their kids to be polite and
respectful by using the time-honored titles of "sir" and "ma’am" too.
Most women appreciate when someone takes the time to show such honor.
We recognize kindness and chivalry when we see it, and we’re not so
insecure in our gender identity that we lose our dignity by

I guess Sen. Boxer forgot how important it is to be a role model of
civility when you are a public figure. As the most powerful person in
the room that day, she should have been gracious and kind. She really
should have thanked Gen. Walsh for his years of service to our
country. She should have expressed praise for all military personnel
who are making it possible for other women around the world to enjoy
the same privilege that Sen. Boxer has of holding public office or
even voting. And she should be aware that most women appreciate the
respect afforded by the term "ma’am," regardless of any other gender-
neutral titles we may have earned. Instead, she set a poor example,
insulted every military officer in the land, and left many males
wondering (once again) about how to be respectful to females without
inflaming some feminist psychosis.

A very likely ripple effect from Sen. Boxer’s petty complaint is that
many may become afraid to practice simple courtesies, especially
toward women. We can’t allow our family members to be bullied into
choosing the "safe" route and thus abandon acts of common decency.
It’s sort of like the quandary a male faces in wondering whether or
not to open the door for a female, or if he should offer his seat on
the subway or help a woman place a heavy bag in the airplane’s
overhead compartment. The shrill complaints of a few angry feminists
have caused many to avoid eye contact and instead, to just look out
for themselves.

We must teach our sons to value the concepts of respect and kindness
enough to always be gentlemen, even if that means making themselves
vulnerable to attack. And our young women need to be taught to accept
the thoughtful gestures for what they are — thoughtful gestures.

Showing and accepting kindness for and from others is the definition
of civility, and our nation needs more of it. So, in the wake of this
much-discussed rudeness by a prominent public official, let’s make it
an opportunity to remind our kids to always err on the side of

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Re: David Daniel Moore DARLING ""member of the REMOP community""

"Greegor" <greego…> wrote in message……

On Jun 23, 7:01 pm, "Kenneth Pangborn" <nob…> wrote:

> With a heavy heart, I would like to announce that KRP Consulting d/b/a The
> A-Team is closing its doors after 30 years. Effective today, we will no
> longer be taking on new cases.

> Kenneth Pangborn

More harassment from David Daniel Moore
""member of the REMOP community"" but not a REMOP.

Subject: A-team announcement
From: "Kenneth Pangborn" <nob…>
Newsgroups: alt.dads-rights.unmoderated,
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 01:01:44 +0100 (BST)
Mail-To-News-Contact: ab…
Organization: mail2n…
Lines: 6

With a heavy heart, I would like to announce that KRP Consulting d/b/a The
A-Team is closing its doors after 30 years.  Effective today, we will no
longer be taking on new cases.

Kenneth Pangborn

    Greg this is VINTAGE David Moore and VINTAGE anonymous remailer SHIT. Of
course the A-Team is NOT closing.. That’s just Moore’s sexual fantasy. Here
again we see HOW the remailers CONTINUE to FACILITATE impersonations. Yeah
yeah, it doesn’t show the Verizon address, but 90% of the folks on the net
don’t KNOW that. Many users barely can find the ON switch on their systems.
So SOME folks WILL believe that is real and came from ME. The REMOPS KNOW
that. They KNOW it and revel in it. To them it’s good because I have rattled
their cages and you just DON’T do that! You don’t DARE cross them.

Posts like THAT are what Anonymous Remailers are ALL about! Posts like THAT
are the REALITY of remailers. It is at the CORE of their REAL purpose. That
and trafficking in kiddie porn and international child sex slavery. They TRY
to make grandiose claims of helping battered women and saving folks in
oppressed nations. Those claims are BULLSHIT – proven by the FACT that when
challenged to PROVE that crap they always attack the messenger who DARES ask
for proof. They don’t answer because they CANNOT!

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Wolfus-Puss still Gay……………… at 11………….stay tuned !!

" hw f" <snuhw…> wrote in message…

- — -

> RamRod Sword of Baal <ram…> pinched out a steaming
> of<jUe0m.335$ze1…>:

> >"God Hates Fags" <g…@hates.fags> wrote in message
> >news:ajb0m.49357$lB7.36626@newsfe19.iad…

> >> "RamRod Sword of Baal" <ram…> wrote in message
> >> news:6qa0m.264$…

> >>> "Gregory Hall" <gregh…@home.fake> wrote in message
> >>>…

> >>>> The point of my points is that the statement commonly used by
> >>>> homosexuals about it’s nobody’s business what two consenting
> adults
> >>>> are doing in their bedroom is just plain ludicrous and can be
> proven
> >>>> so by examples. You gays need to come up with something better
> than
> >>>> that because it makes you sound ignorant. Sodomy is a crime in
> many
> >>>> states. Sodomy is a crime against God.

> >>> Which states has laws against sodomy?

> >>> BTW my God does not have laws against sodomy

> >> Yes but your "God" is the anus of an 8 year old boy, you fucking
> >> pedophile!

> >Just because you think that your "God" is the anus of an 8 year old
> boy,
> >that does not mean the rest of us think that way.

> >It is easy to see how mentally deranged you are by the very nature if
> your
> >posts.

> >I mention God and you immediately think of pedophile sex, one has to
> wonder
> >what is in your head, certainly not a normal brain.

> >You are truly twisted.

> Crazy People Find Internets; News at Eleven.
> —

> Wolfus-Puss



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Ad asks: If fatherhood begins at conception…

Barack Obama barked at fathers on Father’s Day 2008,
"We need fathers to realize their responsibility doesn’t
just end at conception."

For Father’s Day 2009, a video spot answers back
with another question, "If fatherhood begins at conception,
when does life begin?"  The advert can be seen at
this web page:

   [The ad is] smart not because it scores "political points,"
   but because it challenges Obama and the pro-abortion
   movement to face the contradictory nature of the two things
   they are trying to say.

   Thomas Peters
   "Ad asks Obama: If fatherhood begins at conception,
   when does life begin? "
   American Papist blog, June 24, 2009

The feminist/abortionist politico-industrial complex considers
both babies and fathers disposable when convenient for the
_female_.  In 30 seconds, the advert highlights a locus of
contradictions and blank-outs of reality the feminacentric
agenda depends upon.

   If government could create jobs and raise children,
   socialism would have worked.

   George Gilder

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Bankrupt Mega-Bank Raising Salaries by 50%

Igor The Terrible wrote:

Another fiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnne example of how your bailout bux has been
put to work…   "But we need more stimulus money to keep them a
float!!!" sez the public.   In the movie "Deliverance", the hick sez
to the fat dude, "squeal boy!!"  :D

Now, if you are unemployed, under employed, had to take a pay cut to
keep your job, or hear your 401k making strange noises… only to find
yourself facing the prospects of higher taxes…guess what?  Igor
warned you about this as well.

So……how does it feel to have SUCKER branded on your forehead by
the good old Fed boys?

Maybe NOW you understand WHY gunpowder was invented???


Citi boosting salaries to offset lower bonuses

NEW YORK Citigroup Inc. is increasing base salaries for many of its
employees reportedly by as much as 50 percent for some workers as
it restructures its compensation program amid new restrictions on
bonus payments.

The increased salaries will offset lower bonuses, according to a
person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity because the
plans have not been made public. The higher salaries are not the
equivalent of annual raises, the person added.

Citi faces restrictions on bonuses as part of a new government
compensation oversight plan because the bank received bailout funds
from the Treasury Department.

By shifting the mix in compensation packages, it will allow Citi to
pay most employees as much as they received in 2008 while adhering to
bonus caps.

A New York Times report published Wednesday said some employees
salaries will rise by as much as 50 percent because of the change in
compensation structure.

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legal tip re support

FREE trial cross exam question of the day:


more at

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Re: David Carradine and family/friends were/are some STRANGE mother-fuckers!!

"Gregory Hall" <gregh…@home.fake> wrote in message…
> "Usenet Legends bobandcarole ?" <bobandcarole…> wrote in

> <snippage>

> > The ‘Kill Bill’ star’ body was found hanging in his hotel
> > room closet, naked and partially bound wearing a wig and
> > fishnet stockings.

> You sure it wasn’t "Roz" Aratzio or K.A. "Kaelin" Cannon?

> —
> Gregory Hall

LOL !!


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