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Titanic Chivalry By Carey Roberts

Titanic Chivalry

By: Carey Roberts
It was 94 years ago this month that the unsinkable Titanic collided
with a North Atlantic iceberg. Of the 1,327 passengers on board, 73%
of the women made it to the lifeboats, while only 7% of the men
survived. That fateful night, the bodies of 702 men settled into their
watery graves.

Within days of the tragedy, women set out to build a fitting memorial.
First Lady Helen Taft donated the first dollar, explaining she was
“glad to do this in gratitude to the chivalry of American manhood.”

Of course not everyone was thrilled. Some argued that the fund-raising
efforts were diverting attention away from the crusade to grant women
the right to vote. One politically-correct person argued, “Why not,
instead of having the memorial solely for the heroes of the wreck,
have it also for the heroines!”

But the grateful ladies persisted. In May of 1931 Mrs. William Howard
Taft unveiled the imposing 15-foot memorial, featuring a man in a
Christ-like crucifix pose. The statue was located in a splendid venue
on the banks of the Potomac River, just a little downstream from Rock

At the ceremony, congressman Robert Luce of Massachusetts pointed out
that the survival of so many women was “the reason for this memorial
and our presence here today.” Other speeches hailed the chivalry and
the men who protected their families by sacrificing their own lives.

Some would say that the chivalry that is commemorated by the Titanic
Memorial is an anachronistic hold-over from a fading era of male

But the truth is, chivalry is one of the strongest impulses in the
male psyche. And despite the feminist browbeating of men who hold open
doors, chivalry is very much alive and well.

Chivalry is one of the most potent forces that has shaped the course
of human history. Chivalry impelled medieval men to rise up and shield
their womenfolk from the Mongol invaders. Chivalry rings throughout
the Declaration of Independence, especially its stirring conclusion:
“we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

One of the great icons of American culture is the southern gentleman
who would freely duel to the death in defense of womanly virtue, or
the Rhett Butler-types who spare nothing so their Scarlett O’Haras can
save their splendid plantations.

Give chivalry its due for the fact that in the United Kingdom, women
are allowed to retire at age 60, while men must sweat and toil another
five years. It’s chivalry, of course, that motivates legislators to
pass laws that exempt women from the military draft.

Even in the heat of battle, chivalry rules the day. Remember Jessica
Lynch, that G.I. Jane-wannabe who passed out after her truck took a
wrong turn behind Iraqi enemy lines? Nine men in her company were shot
in the head, execution-style.

But when word filtered back that Lynch was being held in a remote
hospital, an elite assault unit of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and Air
Force Pararescue Jumpers volunteered to come to the aid of this 19-
year-old damsel in distress.

Try to match that, Sir Galahad!

Chivalry plays out every day in our families and communities. That’s
why men’s earnings shoot up as soon as they get married, so they can
provide for their wives and children. These men accept risky or lonely
jobs like asbestos removal or long-haul truck driving. And these men
work overtime so their dearly-beloveds can live in their well-
appointed dream houses.

And here’s the amazing part – these men don’t complain.

In December 1965 president Lyndon Johnson was scheduled to turn the
first shovelful of dirt for the gleaming Kennedy Center for the
Performing Arts. But the Titanic Memorial stood in the way of

So the statute was removed to an obscure Potomac River backwater. It’s
not on many tourist maps. But if you ask around, someone can probably
point you to it.

When you arrive, you won’t find any faded flowers placed by grieving
widows. But your efforts will be amply rewarded by the poignant words
inscribed on the pedestal: “To the brave men who perished in the wreck
of the Titanic April 15, 1912. They gave their lives that women and
children might be saved.”

Carey Roberts is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. Columns by
this author can be read regularly on

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What James and Harry are Forgetting
There’s no problem with being creative, entrepreneurial and earning a
living. We all have to earn a living. While there is still a system
left to earn a living from, it might be an idea to consider its
present and its future. The kleptocracy is in trouble. There’s nothing
left to take so the future is at first being pillaged then written
without a public narrative. If we care about the future we have to
understand what is happening in the present and by all accounts,
things appear uncertain.

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Oprah says it's not vagina, it's VULVA!

Oprah admonished her millions of fans today for calling the vulva
vagina.  She wants to make sure you call it by it’s correct name.  It’s
V-U-L-V-A.  And Oprah says it’s a pretty word.  She used it many times
and she wants you to do the same.  So follow her instructions and stop
calling it vagina and start calling it vulva.  Use it in a sentence so
you’ll become more comfortable with it.

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From Drudge…

8-11 PM ET

FOXNEWS 3,262,000
MSNBC 1,137,000
CNN 1,059,000

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deadbeat meldon owes $300k to his starving children

how much does the masculist owe
is masculist man enough to top meldon’s debt

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Man arrested after Halifax town centre brawl…….

Man arrested after Halifax town centre brawl
involving up to 15 people on Easter Sunday

Published Date: 14 April 2009

Police arrested a man on Easter Sunday on suspicion of affray.

The 25-year-old from Halifax was arrested outside Barbarella’s
cocktail bar, Halifax town centre, after a fight broke out between
10 to 15 people.

No one was injured.


1. Dave up Valley, 14/04/2009 10:28:55

Well I saw at least one nose injury

2. Mush, 14/04/2009 11:13:50

Ten to fifteen people, more like thirty!

3. sparkies, 14/04/2009 11:34:23

Nothing new here then…. Typical night out in Halifight

4. Hellfire, 14/04/2009 12:20:52

So nobody tried to break it up then?

5. Ori Bule, 14/04/2009 12:24:10

Was the group made up of drunk, scantily dressed girls
and shirtless tattooed men?

6. Andy08, Bradford 14/04/2009 12:32:59

Be the usual suspects – plenty pints of Stella involved.

7. Adynuff, 14/04/2009 12:52:04

Halifax Town centre is a dump, cheap tacky bars where
once stood great northern pubs…anyone with any class
or sense does not go near the town on a weekend.

8. prettyfly86, 14/04/2009 13:40:14

Typical none news story from the courier

How does 4 lines constitute Journalism, I could
put more in a txt message

9. part-time fan, 14/04/2009 15:43:51

These big brawl stories always seem to happen outside Barbarella’s.

I wonder how many in the fight were above 18 years old.

Time for an investigation in to the social responsibility of
and other bars in Halifax and surrounding areas…

10. prettyfly86, 14/04/2009 17:01:49

The police can have a licence withdrawn for 30 days at 24 hours
I believe, Why don’t they do this in Halifax? They know where the
hotspots are yet continue to do nothing

11. exile, 14/04/2009 17:38:52

The Police try to use friendly persuasion.

DON’T !!

12. Long John, 14/04/2009 19:30:48

Shut the street off at either end and send in the police dogs…..

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- — -

<> —– Original Message —–
<> From: <jameelpug…>
<> Newsgroups: alt.comedy.standup
<> Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2009 7:05 PM
<> Subject: Hello
<> <jameelpug…>
<> :
<> :
<> : Hello I just joined this group and I wanted to introduce
<> : myself,
<> :

BurnitBob <burnitbob…>
: Hello I just joined this group. have you seen this web site
: check it out
: (

If you just joined this group? (ACS),
"Than what teh MoTHERFUCK are you doing?!?!?!,….,
burying your reply, in an February FUCKING PoAST!!! (DUMBFUCK)…"
(oh loOky FUCKY-ME, I’m poasting in ACS! (buried in SHIT))


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Re: Obama's pro-illegal alien lesbian dyke DHS chief warns: Beware of 'right-wing extremists', esp. patriotic, pro-Constitution veterans

On Apr 14, 4:34 pm, "GWashingtonFan" <GWashingtonFan_USA> wrote:

- — -

>   This is the same bull dyke (no, really) who as governor of Arizona
> thwarted the apprehension of illegal aliens even as they were robbing,
> raping and murdering the people of her state. As Obama’s DHS chief she
> has ordered and end to workplace immigration raids (as unemployment
> among U.S. citizens hits record levels) and also recently rewarded over
> 100 illegals with visas so they could sue for back wages.

>   She [he?] is an enemy of the American people.

> Federal agency warns of radicals on right

> radicals-on-right/
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>      What Would America’s Founders Say?

>   The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so
>   let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so
>   the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

> "It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate,
>   tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the
>   minds of men."
>   –Samuel Adams

>   The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to
> keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves
> against tyranny in government.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and
>  silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.
>   — George Washington

>   If the representatives of the people betray their constituents,
> there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that
> original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive
> forms of government … The citizens must rush tumultuously to
> arms, without concert, without system, without resource;
> except in their courage and despair …
>   The natural strength of the people in a large community, in
> proportion to the artificial strength of the government, is greater
> than in a small … the people, without exaggeration, may be said
> to be entirely the masters of their own fate.
>   — Alexander Hamilton

>   We in America do not have government by the majority.
> We have government by the majority who participate.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good
> conscience to remain silent.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of
> the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe
> depositories.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now
> let us show them we can fight like men also.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will
> delineate and define you.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on
> does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which
> they draw their gains.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>  I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied
> corporations which dare already to challenge our government to
> a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our
> liberties than standing armies.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

>   Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government
> those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations,
> perverted it into tyranny.
>   — Thomas Jefferson

Motley assortment re-infests Washington, DC.

en  V-Dare

- — -

> —

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confucious say he who think lead

anywhere important, also use fingers to catch large rat for food

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rhonda lea kirk fries likes being in a sandwich

or would that be a burger instead

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