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smitty is clueless

a clueless teacher

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The state is fascist and its going global

"The most effective way to do this is to make it, in effect, a crime
to be different… nothing less than psychological fascism." – David
Icke, Children of the Matrix

"..The U.S. Government is committed to monitoring and combating anti-
Semitism throughout the world as an important human rights and
religious freedom issue. As President Bush said when he signed the
Global Anti-Semitism Review Act on October 16, 2004, "Defending
freedom also means disrupting the evil of anti-Semitism.".

The state is fascist and its going global.

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you might do something bad, so we’re going to hold you. – Jen Nessel, Center for Constitutional Rights

We have absolutely moved over into a preventive detention model—you
look like you could do something bad, you might do something bad, so
we’re going to hold you.” – Jen Nessel, Center for Constitutional

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How to Build a Bomb

Hire Mel Brooks. Made you look, looser.

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if smitty had a rocket launcher

some son of a bitch would die

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Ballad of Timmy the TaxCheat

Watch it all here:

You or I would be in jail

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Its an Oligarchy Alright!
“..many decisions have to be made daily that cannot efficiently be
made by large numbers of people. The effective functioning of an
organization therefore requires the concentration of much power in the
hands of a few. Those few, in turn—the oligarchy—will use all means
necessary to preserve and further increase their power…” – Robert
Michels, Political Parties

The iron law of oligarchy is a political theory, first developed by
the German syndicalist sociologist Robert Michels in his 1911 book,
Political Parties. It states that all forms of organization,
regardless of how democratic or autocratic they may be at the start,
will eventually and inevitably develop into oligarchies. The reasons
for this are the technical indispensability of leadership, the
tendency of the leaders to organize themselves and to consolidate
their interests; the gratitude of the led towards the leaders, and the
general immobility and passivity of the masses.

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Finally, Denise Can Stop Pretending to be a Woman

Maybe she’ll get a job in the private sector now.

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Reverse Feminism

Reverse Feminism
March 29th, 2009 by Pelle Billing

Today I’d like to do a thought experiment and have some fun at the
same time.

We’re all familiar with feminist rhetoric, it’s hard not to be, since
it comes at us from feminists, the media and policy makers. The gender
messages reaching us are so streamlined and consistent that it’s easy
to simply accept the rhetoric as fact, or at least as mostly fact.
Even men and women who are critical of feminism are likely influenced
by these messages on a subconscious level.

What if we were to turn the tables on this feminist rhetoric, and use
a similar language to describe the male gender role and the suffering
of men? In other words, what would it sound like if we were to
describe the experience of men and situation of men using a feminist
style of language, to show how ludicrous and one-side most of the
feminist ideology is?

I’m not saying that we should actually start implementing a reverse
rhetoric, far from it! But I believe it could be a good thought
experiment in order to demonstrate that the blame game and the
claiming of victimhood can be done by men too, meaning that each
gender has just as many disadvantages.

So what kind of statements would masculism make, if it was just as
strong and just as pathological as mainstream feminism? Here’s a
preliminary list:

   1. Women force men to work full-time by only marrying men who are
providers, thereby limiting the choices of men.
   2. Women structurally oppress men by claiming the closest
connection to the children.
   3. Women expect men to protect them physically, thereby
subordinating the men (men’s lives are less worth).
   4. Women do not mind that their husbands have dangerous jobs while
they are safe at home, caring for the children. This matriarchal power
structure keeps men away from a loving environment, and keeps the
ruling class (women) out of harms way.
   5. The power of the sisterhood represses any inquiry into why men
live significantly shorter lives than women. The only acceptable
explanation is biological differences, which in all other gender
scenarios is a prohibited explanation according to the sisterhood.
   6. Breast cancer gets more funding than any other cancer, which
removes resources from prostate cancer research.
   7. Men commit suicide far more often than women, which is yet
another sign of men facing matriarchal structures that keep men
trapped in impossible life conditions, and ultimately the only way out
may be to take your own life.
   8. Women demand that men act tough and repress their emotions at
all times, which is why men do not dare report domestic violence.
   9. 70 to 80 percent of the homeless are men, since our matriarchal
society is reluctant to help a man who doesn’t perform, while women
(as the ruling class) always have their intrinsic value intact.
  10. Men are always given the task of defending the country against
aggressors, since the ruling class must be kept safe at all times.
  11. Women are not held responsible for the crimes the same way men
are and receive shorter jail sentences. The matriarchy knows that men
must be punished properly to stay subordinated, while women are always
considered to be basically good and therefore less in need of
  12. Cutting off genital tissue from boys is condoned by society, in
order to teach men from the start that they are expendable, and
inferior to women. Developing countries who cut off genital tissue
from girls are judged harshly.
  13. Boys do worse than girls in school since they feel tremendously
unsafe and confused once they realize what the constricted and
dangerous male gender role demands of them in the future.

Could you add anything else to this list?

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Now the Machinery for False DV Accusations Is Being Used by Teen Daughters Against Their Mothers.…

[False domestic violence accusations aren't] only a boyfriend/girlfriend [or
husband/wife] thing.

My then-17 year old daughter was out of control.  Sneaking out her bedroom
window not once, but twice in the same night, with two different guys, more
than once.  Our neighbor finally told us what was going on; her bedroom is
upstairs so I had no idea she could do this undetected.

She had no sense of responsibility whatsoever, did no chores, and her
language was as vulgar as it gets.

When I tried to discipline her, she would threaten to call the police and
"make an injury" on herself to blame on me.  And one day, she made good on
that promise.

I came home from shopping one Sunday to find three police cruisers in my
driveway and my daughter standing amongst them with a big red welt-like mark
on her neck.  She’d told them I’d tried to strangle her.  I later found out
she’d taken her purse strap to make the "injury."  Incidentally, the reason
she did this was because I removed a large bottle of rum from her bedroom
and poured it out.  I remember her saying, "Your ass is going to jail, just

I was in such shock that I could say little except, "This can’t be
happening" and trying in vain to explain the situation to the cops.  Then
one said, "turn around" and I did and was promptly handcuffed and taken to

I have NEVER laid a finger on any of our children, nor has my husband.  He
wasn’t at home at the time, and I cannot tell you how it felt to be in the
back of a squad car going downtown for doing absolutely nothing wrong (save
for raising a spoiled child.)

It was her word against mine, and for some reason, I lost.  I received a
simple assault charge and was given a year’s probation.  When I returned
home that night, she had this awful "told you so" smirk that made me wish I
was back in the jail, for that’s what my home had become since she began her

I haven’t the words to describe how this made me feel.  All the way to the
station, the cops driving me wondered aloud how I "could’ve done that to
that sweet girl."  It was the stuff of nightmares.

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