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Do housewives have it easy?

IS STAYING at home while partners work the easy option, or do housewives
have it harder?
We all know people who make it look so easy – clothes washed and ironed,
kids packed off to school and healthy dinners cooked by eight on the dot.
But is life indoors as cosy as it seems?

MY Sun users have been racing to our Woman forum to praise and slate the
duties of the domestic goddess.

jokeeman says housewives live in the lap of luxury: "We work for them, feed
them, clothe them, in short we keep them.

"All they have to do is keep the house clean and tidy to a decent standard
and I for one am happy."

 work for them, feed them, clothe them, in short we keep them. ‘—

~ A man needs a woman like a lion needs a stove. ~

~ Women deserve only equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. ~

~ Men are not collectively "guilty" of anything. ~

~ Never needing to be pregnant is a blessing. ~

~ Feminist ideology "men have to respect women, but women have no reason to
respect men" ~

~ Everybody makes choices, and nobody should be entitled to special
treatment because of those choices.
Equal results based on unequal treatment amounts to no kind of equality at
all. ~

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That Shamwow Guy is Selling "Shampons."

Now here’s a guy who slyly subverts whatever commercial he’s in, which
is why he’s popular.
This is a parody.  Enjoy!…

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Two children should be limit, says green guru…

COUPLES who have more than two children are being "irresponsible" by
creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green
adviser has warned.

Jonathon Porritt, who chairs the government’s Sustainable Development
Commission, says curbing population growth through contraception and
abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He says
political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of
environmental harm caused by an expanding population.

A report by the commission, to be published next month, will say that
governments must reduce population growth through better family planning.

"I am unapologetic about asking people to connect up their own
responsibility for their total environmental footprint and how they decide
to procreate and how many children they think are appropriate," Porritt
said. —

~ A man needs a woman like a lion needs a stove. ~

~ Women deserve only equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. ~

~ Men are not collectively "guilty" of anything. ~

~ Never needing to be pregnant is a blessing. ~

~ Feminist ideology "men have to respect women, but women have no reason to
respect men" ~

~ Everybody makes choices, and nobody should be entitled to special
treatment because of those choices.
Equal results based on unequal treatment amounts to no kind of equality at
all. ~

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What A Difference Ten Days Make

What A Difference Ten Days Make
Friday 30 January 2009
by: Isaiah J. Poole, The Campaign for America’s Future

Obama mural on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.
(Photo: Lois Stavsky)

    Consider how far we’ve come since January 20.

    On Thursday, the Senate followed the House in passing a
reauthorization of a child health insurance bill that will mean 4
million more children will have access to health insurance. When the
Congress passed similar legislation last year, then-President Bush
vetoed the legislation – twice. This time, President Obama is expected
to sign the bill into law next week.

    Increasing the number of working-class families who have health
insurance for their children is just one of the significant victories
progressives can lay claim to in just the first 10 days of the Obama

    Struggles over the the administration’s economic recovery package,
and the brutal snubbing Obama received from House Republicans in spite
of what most progressives think were ill-advised compromises, have
threatened to overshadow the sea-change that is unfolding inside the
Beltway. It’s wrong to let that happen. Instead, the change should be
celebrated, defended and established as a foundation for the bolder
policy steps that this administration must take in the days ahead.

    The Positives So Far Are Sweeping:

    • An executive order that commits the United States to closing the
international shame that is Guantanamo Bay, and that will finally mean
that Guantanamo detainees will receive legal due process – and that
the United States has returned to respecting the rule of law.

    • An executive order, and a clear statement from Obama’s attorney
general-designate Eric Holder, that reject the Bush administration’s
policy on torture.

    • Repeal of the Bush administration order that banned funding to
international family planning organizations that supported legal
abortions, which means that vital women’s health services to poor
countries will begin flowing again.

    • President Obama’s signing on Thursday of the Lilly Ledbetter
Fair Pay Act, which will finally allow victims of wage discrimination
a fair chance in the courts to get the justice due them. Ledbetter,
who lost a conservative Supreme Court ruling that she could not pursue
a wage discrimination claim because of an impractical statute of
limitations, was able to witness the White House signing.

    • A memorandum that allows California and several other states to
impose tough auto-emissions standards, a move that a New York Times
analysis suggests is the first step in a relationship with state
governments of "progressive federalism."

    • Obama’s interview with the Al-Arabiya television network, in
which he pledged a relationship of mutual respect with the Arab world,
backed with the reminder that he has direct Muslim familial ties. The
interview has immediately opened possibilities for diplomatic progress
with the Arab world on a host of issues.

    • Obama’s visit to the Pentagon this week to make clear his
intention to follow through on his campaign promise of a safe and
responsible withdrawal from Iraq and a refocusing of resources on
repairing the Bush administration’s disastrous handling of the fight
against al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

    Then there is the economic recovery bill that dominated the news
this week, a bill that my colleague Bernie Horn calls "the biggest and
boldest progressive legislation in 40 years," even with its
concessions to business interests and conservative whiners. This bill
makes a significant down payment toward addressing both the short- and
long-term challenges of rebuilding the economy and assuring that
prosperity is more broadly spread than it was under President Bush.

    Yes, Obama administration proposals have had to be nudged in a
more progressive direction by allies in Congress and by activist
groups, and that will continue to be the case. But let’s also
appreciate how much change is already beginning to happen.
Conservatives are certainly noticing, and if we are not careful to
guard and build upon the victories that we are winning, it will not
take long for us to be dragged back into much darker times.

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my dad

I despise my dad, Ken P.  He has never been a manly figure for a daughter to look up to.  He is fat, ugly, weak, stupid and he dislikes minorities too.  He was never civil to my black boyfriend, Young Duane.  He is a disappointment to me in every way that a daughter needs her father to be.  He is a piece of shit.

Megan Pangborn

Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this
non corrisponde ad un utente   |message is not related to a real
reale ma all’indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an
di un sistema anonimizzatore   |anonymous system
Per maggiori informazioni      |For more info

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Re: Sielu painaa 12g

Aurinkokunnassa planeettojen ratanopeus  pienenee etäisyyden auringossa
kasvaessa, koska gravitaatio heikkenee vastaavasti auringosta.(Juuri kuten
aiemmin kerroin olevan tilanne myös atomien K, L, M-kuorikerroksien
ionisaatiotaulukossa, jonka tänne hetki sitten vaswtaanvänkääjien harmiksi
postasin. Eli totutusti minä olin myös tässä täysin oikeassa ja SUPO/TVO
insinööristöt totaalisen väärässä.. .Noin yllättyikö enää kukaan?) galaksien
on todettu pyörivän kuin polkupyörän pinnat ja syyksi löytyy mystinen
galakseja ympäröivä ns. musta aine. Neutriinon löytynyt massa on osa tätä
ainetta. myös sammuneet ruskeat tähdet. mutta nyt haetaan myös MACHOA
Massive Compact Halo Object. Jokia ympäröi mustana aineena galaksien

Näkyvä mailmankaikkeus on 4%, 23% onpimeää ainetta ja loput 73% on nimetty
pimeäksi energiaksi. Sitten erittäin tärkeä tieto: 7miljardia vuotta
alkuräjähdyksestä on gravitaatio ja sen mm. vuokseilmiöiden kasltaiset
fossiilienergiahäviöt hidastaneet alkupaukun laajenemisenergian voimia.
Gravitaatio vetää myös ihan suoraankappaleita takaisin yhteen. Nyt ei vaan
tiedetä riittääkä gravitaatiomassan voimavarat lopettamaan koko
fossiilienergialaajenemisen alkupaukusta. Maailmaan on todettu alkavan
vaikuttamaan pimeän enmergian kasvava vaikutus kiihdyttämään laajentumista.
Tämä selittyy sillä, että tyhjiöavaruuksisdsa ainetta muodostuu alati aineen
ja antiaineen pareja, jotka "lainaavat" energiaa ympäriltään näitä

(Kyseisessä ilmiössä ei ole toki mitään ihmeellistä vaan kyse on jo 60v
tunnetusta arkisesta Casimir-efektistä. Mutta koska kaava antaa fotoneille
massan , säteilyenergiaslle kyvyn varastoitua, siirtyä ja viiveellä
purkautua. Ja näin radioaktiivisuudelle sen pysyvyydet ja beetta´soihduille
kyvyn 10-kertaistaa säteilytaustamme IAEA päätti kylmässä viisaudessaan
kieltää MYÖS tällaisten faktojen olemassaolot tuosta vaan! Fysiikka
invalidisoitiin myös aina koulutuspuutetta myöten ja nyt ei maailmassa juur
muut ymmärrä fysiikkaa kuin näiden "kadotetun tusinakaavaston metsästäjät!")

Kirja jatkaa salatuista gravitatiolinkkiytyvistä Casimireistä peitellysti:
"Tämän pitäisi olla juuri sitä, mitä olemme etsimässä. Lisäksi: mitä
suuremmasta tyhjiöstä on kyse, sitä suurempi poistovoima näillä kyseisillä
virtuaalimuodostushiukkaspareilla. Oletamme siis tämän voiman kasvavan
maailmankaikkeuden laajetessa, juuri niinkuin olemme havainneet.
Kosminenvääristyminen satojentuhansien galaksien muodostumisessa ovat
osoittaneet massallisten fotonivalokimppujen vääristyneen massan
vääristäminä. (Juuri kuten Rytkönen oivasti esittää!) Ilmiö tynnetaan myös
Einsteinin valorenkaina esim. 4C 05.51 radiokohteessa. Galaksien on usein
todettu venyvän mm.kaariksi. Galaksit kallistuvat jne.

Nyt jotain lekaa niille harhatiedottajille mm. Evojeesuksille, joiden mukaan
nykyfysiikka osaa laskea 15 numeron tarkkuudella tapahtumiamme:"S.87 Itse
asiassa laajentumisteorian tähtitieteellisten havaintojen ja teorioiden
mallin välillä oleva ero on luokkaa 10^120. Virhe on niin suuri, että
kyseessä täytyy olla suurin virhe teorian ja havaintojen välillä KOKO
tieteen historiassa!" .. .. ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Nyt ei voi kun vetää henkeä ja naureskella sille sulalle hulliuudelle jota
IAEA:n "kadotetun fysiikkatusinan kaavakato maailmallemme aiheuttaa. ja
tosiaan alkakaa nyt laajasti ymmärtää , että mm. Rytkösen, ja minun
kritiikini nykyfysiikkaharhasta perustuu JUURI tämänkaltaisiin asioihin!
Nimenomaan vaikka aihesta ei suin surmin halua ydinhallintomme räikeän
härskisti keskustella, niin Newtonilla, Malenkalla ja Einsteinin pysyvien ja
katoamattomien säteilyenergioittensa maailmassa jo oli fysiikka miljoonasti
paremmin hallussa kun nykyisessä IAEA:n invbalidisoimassa

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Did you know this definition (For Canadians, not sure about US)

When people talk about FULL YEAR , FULL TIME WORKERS, what do they mean to

Before looking at the answer on the stats canada website, get a picture in
your mind of what it ‘should’ mean or what it means to you

For me, it means working 12 months a year, at least 38 hours a week. (minus
holidays of course)

Here is how stats canada defines it

Do a search for the following words "Full year refers to working at least"

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Mom kills Daughter, and surprise, a man must have been at fault

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Re: The GOP, "expanding its footprint", selects Michael Steele first black RNC chairman. That surely will not fool anyone, and now the sins, dirt, and scandals of Steele most verily shall be brought out, as Sarah Palin's were!

On Jan 30, 6:33 pm, haterofneoc… wrote:

- — -

> On Jan 30, 6:21 pm, haterofneoc… wrote:

> >

> > It’s like that old Randy Travis song said …..  "…It’s just a
> > matter of time……."

> Yes, this move by the Republicans is kind of surprising, as it comes
> just one day after Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said
> that the GOP was going to "explain its mission".  Now, a day later,
> the Republican party is trying its best to appear to EXPAND its
> mission – sort of like an olive branch to black Americans.  As has
> been sadly seen in the many USENET groups, those Republicans hit, and
> hurt, the hardest by the election of our new president, Barack Obama,
> have gone to calling Obama all kinds of names – in a very bigoted and
> racist way.

> So, Republicans, nice try.  NO ONE will be fooled by your silly
> attempt at symbolism.  Many times, in the past, the evil Republican
> party has made promises to black Americans before elections in an
> effort to garner their support, only to leave them hanging after
> getting some support from them in those elections.

> "won’t get fooled again!…." – the American people, besides the nasty
> neocons, to the evil Republican party.

*waves to my fellow Americans!*

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Do it the Osama Way

Take it out on the fat cats. They don’t
deserve to earn more than 80K anyway.

Get the jews involved. Ship more GBU’S
and cluster bombs in time for the Gaza
holocaust. The jew is always correct,
get it, nigger?

Appoint more niggers and mexcrement to
visible positions in Government.

Pull an OJ and chimp out with your wife.

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