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Seagate dishes up 2TB drive

Seagate says it’s the first HDD manufacturer to ship 500GB 3.5-inch disk
platters with its 1TB, 2-platter Barracuda 7200.12 HD product.

The highest-capacity Barracuda, the 7200.11, can gulp up to 1.5TB of data on
its four platters, meaning 375GB per platter. So a theoretical Barracuda
7200.13 could have four 500GB platters and offer 2TB.

Seagate says it’s attained a 500GB platter capacity with a 329Gbits per
square inch areal density, which it says is the highest areal density in
volume shipment of a mainstream desktop drive, meaning not a mobile drive.

Competitor Western Digital won’t be impressed. News has already slipped out
about its forthcoming 2TB drive, expected to be released this quarter.

Hitachi GST has a 500GB mobile drive based on 375Gbits per square inch areal
density, comfortably more than the Seagate number. Is the delightful
prospect in reach of Hitachi GST surpassing both Seagate and Western Digital
in the drive capacity stakes?

Pricing for the Barracuda 1TB 7200.12 hasn’t been released. The WD 2TB
whopper is thought to be around ?230, when it ships. ®

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Hot Sarah Palin Calendar Just Released…

I thought Jill, ray and GA would be interested in this <smile>


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Current Socio-Political-Economic-Military Disaster in USA Due to Feminist Men and Women

What price gender feminist TYRANNY! Without a doubt, feminists in the
USA ,individually and collectively, through their organizations have
worked and conspired assiduously to destroy men and groups of men who
have any self respect and character denigrating them personally and
collectively for the purpose of obtaining tyrannical political-
economic-social-legal power over men in the USA. Look at how they
destroyed returning Vietnam Veterans! Look at how they associated
with, conspired with, and supported the weakest and basest type of man
to complete their assasination of returning veterans for the purpose
of assuring their tyranny! The same type of behavior has been
promulgated innumerable times against many of the best men in the USA
for this same purpose!
Yes! Those organizations and individuals, inclusive of President Bush
and Cheney, and governmental and private entities which have led us to
the current disasterous political-economic-socio-cultural-military
scenario are noted for their extremely politically correct gender
They spew forth terminological inexactitudes and specious sophistries
to justify their horrendous conduct at home and abroad.
Yet! Justice comes forth in a revengeful manner with socio-economic-
political-cultural-military disaster awaiting the society, American
society, which loudly justifies the same behavior which behavior is an
anathema to civilization and justice!
With regard to the aforementioned, the following is a quote from
President James Madison, one of the First Presidents of the USA, an
American Revolutionary Patriot, and a Founding Father:
•"       "8. Wherever the real power in a Government lies, there is the
danger of oppression. In our Governments, the real power lies in the
majority of the Community, and the invasion of private rights is
chiefly to be apprehended, not from the acts of Government contrary to
the sense of its constituents, but from acts in which the Government
is the mere instrument of the major number of the constituents.  James
Madison, President of the United States"

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Is Obama a Mason?

Yes, he is a member of the Martinist order and also a Mason
of another irregular lodge. He’s completely bought and in
the pockets of the Illuminati.

If that’s true, then Barack Obama would be another phony
"Rosicrucian"(AMORC/Martinist Order) politician from the
Illuminati of the Black Lodge.

Which wouldn’t be surprising.

And when I say "Black Lodge", I am NOT referring to Prince \
Hall Lodges.

Meaning that: There isn’t really any reason that a Prince
Hall Mason couldn’t be a member of the Great White Lodge.

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I am a hero.If you want to know what is "Armageddon", it is necessary to look at the following.I am Isaac Newton.

I hope it was translated into English, I am learning Hebrew.
我的父亲上帝耶和华所创造出来的这个世界解决巨大的人道世界末日,为中国建立新的秩序.如果我没有从"Westerner"经过"The great
seventh number’s revolution"复活再生成"Easterner",那么将无任何人能阻止由台海战争所引发的巨大的人道世界
末日,为了我的安全,当然在这里我是绝对不会告诉你"The great seventh number’s revolution"究竟是多少;除非
我安全了,我才会帮你们解开预言.如《以斯拉书下》和"After the victory of the raving tongue, The
spirit tempered in tranquillity and repose: Throughout the conflict
the bloody victor makes orations, Roasting the tongue and the flesh
and the bones."所预言的一样,我轻而易举地通过律法的形式将发动战争的这个唯一目标消灭,并使它建立新的秩序,如《死海古卷》一样,作
我的父亲上帝耶和华的律法,这一切必将成为事实,因为这一切已经被犹太人先知预言了."The divine word will be
struck from the sky,One who cannot proceed any further. The secret
closed up with the revelation,Such that they will march over and
ahead. "这句描写的是从2007年5月至2008年10月,欧美开始利用我所揭露的巨大黑幕逼迫中国政府自7月底要求1个月内全国有腐败的官员
大灾难,最后至今为止,如"After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is
prepared,The Great Mover renews the ages.Rain, blood, milk, famine,
steel and plague,Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running. " 预言的一
样,我使中国彻底更新,而且这种更新是不可逆,因此你们也必须知道事实了".The Moon in the full of night over
the high mountain, The new sage with a lone brain sees it. By his
disciples invited to be immortal, Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms,
bodies in the fire."这句话指的是我在2007年1月到2008年10月期间双手拿着写好的文章,话筒夹在头部,眼睛向南望着读,
中国共产党,你们都被耶稣这个古代人类之子骗了.儒略历的1642年1月4日是星期四,现在的我又复活再生于星期四,根据"The body
without soul no longer to be sacrificed,Day of death put for birthday.
The divine spirit will make the soul happy,Seeing the word in its
eternity."和"The earth and air will freeze a very great sea,When they
will come to venerate Thursday. That which will be never stuffed and
filled so much,From the four parts they will come to honor it."这两句诗,我必将

Isaac Newton
1 January 2009

I am sorry for my safety, I do not have so much time to play in
English, Chinese writing the article far faster than the English,
written Chinese characters dragged into a google translation to
English made up of; invite you to the future You see it’s Jesus! Your
life and death has nothing to do with me! I am just a book describing
the figures, the Jewish Messiah, the true Messiah, I just want to
protect the Jews!

Moderator: Hello hotline listeners, I am linked Wei
I am: I am Mr. Guangzhou
Moderator: Mr. Guangzhou, please
I: Israel during the nation with the Western European nation
This should be my last time in the voice of Radio Free Asia, the
following information than the "Dead Sea Scrolls," found that the more
important, I have no doubt that the existence of a harbinger, allow me
to get well prepared for the rapidly after the finish. My birth to
death as early as 500 years ago was full of prophecy, I do not think I
have the ability to say here’s a lie. Prophet predicted that the major
Israeli history has occurred, they have all been in me all come true,
I really Really Is that all Jews have been waiting for the Messiah,
Jesus the son of evil aliens to take my name came to the use of high
technology to deceive all the people, so that the Jewish nation cast a
unredressed injustice, which as early as before Christ Written on
"after the Bible Code" in the. I have never been a Christian, I do not
believe in Jesus has always been, I am not a Muslim, I never Jiubu Xin
Mohammed. I was discriminated against Jews because they A Offended
God, God abandoned the law in the near future to become the king of
the Jews and I certainly will be in accordance with God’s will you
come back to correct. I like the psychological and moral England with
a person exactly the same, but it is in the soul On the cause of this
is entirely in religious beliefs other than. Jesus, Muhammad two big
liar distorts the image of God and humanity and the contract, God is
never to use intermediaries, God is there is no body of Since the
ultra – However, with the power of a miracle. Likely in the near
future I am going to be a prophet, a great scholar and the king. I
really was, "Old Testament" and "all of the century" and "John
Apocalypse" and "after the Bible Code" The prediction , Also a prophet
to predict that the future since ancient times, no one’s reputation
can be compared with me. Israel’s many prophets have long predicted
that the metaphorical to my life, the people of Israel, and so I had
more than 3000 years, from the I In the end who up to now, four in
this book to be able to predict, for my safety, I can only tell you
all come true in me, and I was "all century," predicted that into the
grave to another person , As a result of It must be said that my life
is totally your year. Prophets of Israel is usually around things
metaphorical familiar with the way God communicated to us in the "Old
Testament" by the book to see what All Is metaphorical. "Dead Sea
Scrolls," predicted that the Messiah is a very strong power of the
Messiah, the facts have proven that Jesus is only so-called alien made
out of a God, is the so-called non-alien According to Jia Sisuo
According to the literal interpretation created a big liar, by the so-
called Virgin born and the bar is a serious departure from the hands
and feet, "the Dead Sea Scrolls", the so-called Christ’s true, "the
Dead Sea Scrolls," and predicted that actually metaphor to point to me
I will explain to you to listen to; in the "Dead Sea Scrolls,"
predicted that will lead to all of the Jewish king was referring to
me, "Ma predicted to spend" is the so-called alien masterpiece, "John
Revelation Recorded " Author and we will never know his true identity,
but he must not believe Jesus was a Jewish prophet, he is not written
in Jesus before. In addition to the "John Apocalypse", "New" is not
credible It Repeat of the "Dead Sea Scrolls," a lot of content, should
be "John Apocalypse" and "all of the century" and "Where Paul Huang
predicted that the first" into the "Dead Sea Scrolls," will be
composed of books that they can Known as the "saint After. "Maya from
the books, I think the so-called ancient alien is subject to the
punishment of God, fled to the vicinity of the Earth, large-scale can
not breed, can not re-adapt to the environments of the Earth’s ancient
humans, they must be separated for some To be back at the time of the
earth to supply requirements, the Earth is the only supplies they
needed, the extinction of species on Earth, they can not survive; it
is not so-called human-made is. Darwin once said , Found that as long
as there is a kind of biological evolution in the body can not get the
small parts, then his theory of evolution completely bankrupt, modern
science has proven that the theory of evolution is wrong. Indeed,
human beings by God Created by God has no physical strength and the
supernatural miracle, because God promised in the universe formed a
protein component, to land on Earth, to have had a wonderful variety
of biological machine, and then a miracle Have had a variety of
species like the DNA, culminating in a variety of species; As this is
miraculous, I can assure you that life on Earth in the universe is
indeed unique. Reference from the Falun Gong cult "Toru save the world
poem". "Zhu century" in a poem: "After 500 years of attention to the
people of the world, his presence is an honor that era, the great
moment of inspiration in the emergence of the century with the people
who have been great over Enough. ", As in I do not know completely in
any predictions that I said to you in the end who, while a few months
later I found that as early as in a long time ago and I have long
predicted would be his own regeneration, and my life as early as On
the whole in mind I have set out in the definition of the "Bible".
Appearance from the point of view, I would definitely not a personal
copy, I met the teachings of Judaism, I was absolutely out at the so-
called alien unexpected. I advocate "Fate By day, into the subject,
"predicted the existence of what I did not constitute any impact. I
just did not say what, in a long time ago I spent more than 50 years,
to break the" Old Testament "and all the prophets Predicted, I lost To
the memory of the past, now I really do not know what I写了些什么, I
finally know that I was his, which took place from me as a miracle, a
miracle and this has long been hidden in the writing My Under the
definition of the "Bible", I will explain to you listen to, no one is
better qualified than I see before me in the end写了些什么, I think, in
fact did not dare open a large number of these books, The Vatican Gang
Holy See’s religious leaders have long known but Jesus was a liar and
who I am. There is no doubt that faith in God is my whole life, in
accordance with the "Old Testament" as provided for in the book of
God, the Jews must paste I legislation for the king of the Jews, I
have to be in accordance with God to the people of Israel to come back
to correct; I am really looking forward to is that the Jews have been
the Messiah, I must abide by God’s strong Israel, all Mu Gosling is
not a place to stay out of Palestine, to lead you to the upcoming
terrorist deal with a major disaster.
Moderator: President of Guangzhou, the time has come
I: Good-bye
Moderator: Good-bye
I: Good-bye


It still does not understand the difference between fighting Israel
and pouring concrete ay 50C. It is a bit worse than Arabic. In Arabic
it translated "wst jw AlmErkp" as "central air battle". Correct was
"the climatic enviromental battle" in other words one factor being the
rapid setting of concrete at 50C. In Arabic I have an independent
reference in Buckwalter’s dictionary (I use his transliteration

- Ian Parker

Isaac Newton
25 December 2008

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Newsweek's lies about divorce

By Stephen Baskerville

Divorce is the main cause of family destruction today, and fatherless
children are the principal source of virtually every major social pathology.
Yet divorce is ignored by the mainstream media to the point of blackout.
Now, Newsweek magazine offers a revealing exception that proves the rule.
Newsweek’s depiction of divorce is so trite and clichéd that it seriously
distorts what is happening.

Most Americans would be shocked if they knew what takes place today in the
name of divorce. Indeed, millions are appalled when they discover that they
can be forced into divorce, lose their children and even be jailed without
trial – all without having violated any law and through procedures entirely
beyond their control. Comprised of courts, bar associations and federally
funded social services bureaucracies that wield police powers, the divorce
machinery has become the most repressive and predatory sector of government
ever created in the United States and today’s greatest threat to
constitutional freedom.

Yet, we hear not a word of this from Newsweek. As is de rigueur in
journalism today, reporter Susanna Schrobsdorff begins not with objective
facts or disinterested analysis but by publicly displaying her own divorce.
And what a joyous occasion it was. Despite pretentious pathos (also
obligatory in today’s media), it is clear that no one forced her into this.

The usual assortment of divorce lawyers and feminists are then trotted out
to mouth the standard clichés of the divorce industry: parents must
"cooperate" and "put the children first," caring courts are now generous to
fathers, etc. "Their dad and I had read the divorce books and rehearsed our
speech about how none of this was their fault, that we loved them," she
recounts. "All of this was true, but it seemed insufficient."

(Column continues below)

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Never have i read soooooo much shite in all my life!!

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Why Believe the Gas Chamber Lies?

From: Kixi_…

On Jan 1, 9:38 am, anarch… wrote:

> Jews are culturally hardwired to lie, as everyone has seen, from
> Madoff, to the Israelis ‘defending themselves’ from Hamas
> firecrackers, to the Bush administration neocons lying for the war in
> Iraq.  They just always seem to be lying whenever it can bring them an
> advantage.  Do you still believe their Auschwitz, gas chamber lies?

I understand why so many people believe the gas chambers lies. It’s
because of a lifetime of gas chambers propaganda.

But I am bit perplexed as to why people believe jews’ stories of 65
years ago when they see the multi-billion dollar frauds of today.
There’s Bernie Madoff and the 50 billion, the Russian jewish mafia
looting the collapsing USSR and the simple theft of Palestinian
peoples land. I just don’t see why more people aren’t suspicious of
the gas chambers tales.

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