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Nobama's Assaults On The 1st Amendment

His thugs have already effectively silenced Jerry Corsi and Stanley

Kids wearing Palin T-Shirts are being called racists, and some have
been stoned, much like the Muslim women who dare show their faces in

And in Prince George’s Co, (Md.) which contains the largest % of
well-to-do blacks in the US — affirmative action guvmint workers
doncha know — a hotel DARED to put-up a McCain/Palin sign.  My Gawd,
the negroes went ballistic, protesting and threatening boycotts.  For
awhile it looked like a full-scale bongo party was imminent before
cooler heads prevailed.  Meanwhile, pro-Obama shirts, signs, buttons
are flashing everywhere, including business establishments.  Needless
to say, the hotel caved-in and pulled down the McCain sign.

Bad days ahead.

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Any interest in a WEB SITE where only 40 or so real people can post? (Not moderated–but posting priviledges granted to only 40 or so people)

Any interest in a WEB SITE where only 40 or so real
people can post?

Not moderated (you see your post immediately)–but posting priviledges
granted to only 40 or so people.

Additional people admitted in the future by popular vote.

One could set up such a site pretty easily and grant publishing
permissions to allowed posters. Whenever you wanted to post a new
article, just click a link, type the text, and click the button. Your
article will appear on the home page.

Was thinking Joomla or BlogSpot could work.

Original posters would include all on the gold list:

amused onlooker
Batroc Z. Leaper
Grizzlie Antagonist
Ken Chaddock
Marcus Aurelius
the Curmudgeon

Cadet gold listers:
Deb Terreson
Denise Noe

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For Jill: "Panic-stricken mother faces charges for not aborting"

The essay is at…

I know you oppose the safe haven laws. Interestingly, Floyd and Mary
Beth Brown, who are committed social conservatives, view them as part
of the fight against abortion.

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Take a look–only members can post or comment (I think.
Still getting the hang of this, so will take some tuning.)

All true posters encouraged to join, especially now that
usenet appears to be going the way of the dodo (especially for comcast

Want to join? Sign up for an anonymous email account (or heck, use
your real email account, I’ll keep it private) at something like GMail
( and send me an email telling me your name


I’ll send you an email invitation to join and become an author on the

Yes, obviously, there will be fraudsters claiming they’re gold list
members when they’re not, but time will tell on those, and they can be

This is all new to me as well as to you, but am willing to give it a
shot. Gonna need some patience on everybody’s part.

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(rev 1.3) Your Love For Me is uniquely respecting me – and should inspire your Love for others, to be respecting others uniquely as these are – {HRI 20081003-V1.3}

Your Love For Me is uniquely respecting me – and should inspire your
 Love for others, to be respecting others uniquely as these are  (LFM)

                                                      3 October 2008
                                                  {HRI 20081003-V1.3}

                                                        (Version 1.3
                                                      on 15 Oct 2008)

                                                      (suits foreign
                                                    language readers)

                                                  (inspired by Mieke,
                                                  initiated by Meike)*

Your Love for me, is created by you for me (or about me, you might
 feel it, as ‘love about me’) – so it has a very peculiar and unique
 quality being created by you FOR ME or about me,

      just as also my Love for you or about you, is very uniquely for
      or about you – its quality is specially for you and about you

            Love, as you know, has to do with respect – respect is,
            precisely to look at or sense, who and what someone is,

            and so Love does look at who and what you are, and, at who
            and what I am.

                  Your generally quite oppressed abilities in that

                        – to sense and feel and know and remember who
                          someone is and was, and equally who you are
                          and were – your actual abilities

                  are very far beyond and exceeding that, what you are
                  "allowed" by Criminal Minds to use, and dwarf what
                  these have "taught" you, that "are your abilities"
                  to sense and feel and remember.

                  And indeed, despite what is written in the history
                  books about me or you, having died, or in general
                  about ancestors, it is so, you might concede, that

                  neither am I dead, nor are you dead.

                  We live on…

                        as sung so beautifully by Celine Dion, for
                        the movie ‘Titanic’ – the song I might presume
                        rightly you know by that part of its lyrics:

                       ’We live on…’

So when you create your Love for me

      – because you become aware of me again and feel me again,
        through my work or directly, or both

           (because though I, like you, have died many life times,
            we are not only alive, but live a time of life again, now)

        and whenever you were aware of me and felt me in any past,
        when you created (felt or remembered) your Love for me –

 what you feel for or about me, being very specific and unique Love,
 that characterizes you and me specifically, you can not or do not
 give that to another, of course,

            because that would – and it indeed does – violate the
            respect that is a major part of any true, actual Love:

            It is my love for you and your love for me, which is a
            very specific and unique Love, specifically for you,
            respecting you, and it is from you with respect to and
            for or about me,

                  and my Love for you certainly would break down, if
                  you give it, my Energy of my Love for you,

                        in an extreme case for instance,

                  to a Criminal Mind,

                        for which my Love for you, is not designed at

                        and your Love for me, is very obviously NOT
                        created by you for addressing

                              nor has it the quality with which to
                              address – it is not suitable to give –

                        Criminal Minds,

                  or to a lackey of a Criminal Mind,

      it would be a great distortion of and in fact will hamper or
      break my Love for you, and your Love for me, too,

      because – being uniquely personal – it is not your Love about
      another, nor is it my Love about another.

You can however (and you do) use MY specific and unique Love for or
 about you – and YOUR specific and unique Love for or about me – to
 inspire you, it may and will help you,

 to create your specific and unique Love for ANOTHER, and for many
 others too, as well as in your receiving the specific and unique Love
 of others, for you, *(1)(2)(3)

      much like you might choose to play music composed by me, while
      you are engaged in pleasant conversation or activity with others
      who equally appreciate my music.

            The idea, that "you can Love only one person," *(6)(7)
            stems entirely from Criminal Minds:

                  In that case, if such a Criminal Mind has tricked
                  you into Loving (into creating and giving your Love
                  Energy to) him or her

                       (who – being a Criminal Mind – can not really
                        be Loved, at all,

                        not ever, in fact: so insidious and so wholly
                        irreparable is the mutilation inflicted in
                        distant past lives – with for you now wholly
                        unimaginable methods, inflicted on such a soul
                        and reversing his or her intentions, thereby),

                              if you are tricked into Loving
                              a Criminal Mind,

                  then he or she (the Criminal Mind) ‘has made it’

                        – has "succeeded" in deceiving and captivating
                          you, has managed to secure your Energy for
                          himself or herself –

                  when you have agreed, that "you can or you must love
                  only one person" (if you agreed with ideas to that
                  effect, culturally or otherwise).

                        Similarly, a Criminal Mind will convince you,
                        that "You must live in (you must be aware only
                        of) the present." (Oprah Winfrey, Eckhardt
                        Tolle, "The Power of Now.")

                        Then he or she ‘has made it,’ has made you
                        blind to his or her past and future intentions
                        and activities towards you and others.

                              Then "you can live with Criminal Minds,"
                              which is the goal of various Hindu and
                              Buddhist gurus,

                                    and of the current Secretary
                                    General of the United Nations

                                    Ban Ki-Moon (and I would suggest
                                    to take his first name to be an
                                    English verb) – indeed

                             ’living with Criminal Minds’ is in fact
                              impossible, because these will ruin your
                              life in any (other) way,

                              UNLESS they are respected as they are,

                                    which has given rise to various
                                    HRI’s on that subject, to respect

                              for instance with the HRI ‘The Rights of
                              Criminal Minds.’ *(8)

You DON’T let Criminal Minds tell you, that "I am dead," that "I do
 not exist anymore, ‘because I have died’." I am a soul, you know,
 just as you are too.

      This also applies to religious people: You may sense my
      existence and my Love and Compassion for you, you feel my
      Golden Strength or Fiercely Blue Life Energy of Beauty, Truth
      and Love, of Creating Life.

      Which then may result in you creating your Love for me, which is
      specific and unique Love, to me and about me.

            Now you DON’T then go and give THAT Love to Jesus Christ,

            conversely, because you sense someone’s great Compassion
            and Love for you coming towards you or surrounding you,

            that you are unable to identify correctly,

                  you then DON’T assume, that "I am Jesus Christ"

                        – I am not Jesus Christ, there is only one
                          Jesus Christ and I am not him.

                  He is very different from me, though similar in
                  certain aspects that are culturally determined; *(4)

                  you can and should appreciate Jesus Christ for what
                  and who he was and actually is (and not "appreciate"
                  him for what you like him to be, but respect him
                  for what he is).  *(5)

 And so you go and appreciate and feel me, and acknowledge my
 existence, and thus respect me, for what I am and who I am.  *(4)

Koos Nolst Trenite ‘Cause Trinity’
human rights philosopher and poet

                                            ‘God gave Solomon wisdom
                                              and very great insight,
                                      and a breadth of understanding
                                                      as measureless
                                         as the sand on the seashore.’

                                                        1 Kings 4:29


(*)   Mieke very naturally created and showed her Love for me as
      uniquely for me, so all was fine: She created and showed her
      Love for others as was her Love for others.

      This was sharply contrasted by Meike, who experienced a strong
      Love for me, when she saw me, and talked with me, but that she
      then, after a while and away from me, directed at someone else
      whom she considered ‘she should love,’ but did not tell me
      It felt like a drain and distortion, that hampered the overall
      creation of my pure Love, and that prompted me to diminish my
      Love flowing to her, as it was being mis-used, mis-represented,
      mis-assigned, and thus made Ugly, by her not keeping it open and
      honest as my Love is intended.


(1) ‘Genuine Art – Producing It, Recognizing It’  (GA-PITRIT)
      {HRI 20021220}
       (20 Dec 2002)

(2) ‘Famous American Life Energy Vampires – Unsuspected Of Destroying
      Your Emotional Integrity’ (FALEV)
      {HRI 20031110-V3.7}
       (10 November 2003 – Version 3.7 on 9 Jan 2007)

(3)  ’ABBA’s Famous Life Energy Vampire, Agnetha’
      (Addition to ‘Famous American Life Energy Vampires – Unsuspected
      Of Destroying Your Emotional Integrity’)
      {HRI 20031110-V3.7-A1-V2.0}
       (10 November 2008 – Addition 1, Version 2.0 on 10 July 2008)

(4)  ’Three Anecdotes about Koos Nolst Trenite – Intending others
      to be decent to each other – What is ‘Zero Tolerance’ actually’
      {HRI 20060305-V2.3}  (ZTA)
       (5 March 2006 – Issued 7 Dec 2007 – Version 2.3 on 30 May 2008)

(5)  ’Facing Life: Jesus Christ Never Was A Leader, And Never Will Be
      – Nor Does He Want To Be One’  (JCNL)
      {HRI 20081005-V2.3}
       (5 October 2008 – Version 2.3 on 7 Oct 2008)

(6)  ’What is Love, and Three Parts of Love’  (WIL)
      {HRI 20080428-V2.1}
       (28 April 2008 – Version 2.1 on 9 June 2008)

(7)  ’About Loving people – Basic education by example
      – An hour of my life recorded for you’  (ALP)
      {HRI 20050625}
       (25 June 2005)

(8)  ’The Rights of Criminal Minds’  (RCM)
      {HRI 20040108-V1.3}
       (8 January 2004 – Version 1.3 on 26 Jun 2008)

(nn) (as indicated)


     (See under Footnotes, above.)

     (more as applicable)

Issue Note:

     Version 1.0 of this HRI was not publicly issued.



Copyright 2008 by Koos Nolst Trenite – human rights philosopher
 and poet
This is ‘learnware’ – it may not be altered, and it is free for
 anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
 who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
 to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths,
 who vehemently oppose any true knowledge of life and of themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
 or religious or scientific ‘agenda,’ but only to educate, and to
 encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
 about any organizations or individuals.
Send free-of-Envy and free-of-Hate, Beautiful e-mails to:
 PlatoWorld at

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Re: Nebraska # 1 for Child Removals in the USA!!!

On Oct 15, 2:18 pm, "Dragon’s Girl" <bettywir…> wrote:

> On Oct 15, 10:55 am, LK <Patis…> wrote:

> > Oklahoma No. 2 for removing kids from homes

> > Associated Press – October 15, 2008 11:05 AM ET

> > OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – An audit has found Oklahoma has the second-
> > highest per capita rate in the nation for taking children from their
> > homes and putting them in state custody.

> > Auditors looked at the Family Services Division of the state
> > Department of Human Services and say Oklahoma is second only to
> > Nebraska.

> > They told state lawmakers that the reason for the high rate may be
> > Oklahoma’s definitions of abuse and neglect are very broad.

> > The audit was requested by a task force of state lawmakers and a final
> > report is due by the end of the year.

BW > Anyone know why Nebraska tops the charts?

Follow the MONEY!

That generally explains most of what CPS does.

Along the lines of the article, the implication
is that the state definition of abuse and neglect
are even broader than Oklahomas.

They remove kids WAY too much, almost on a whim.

The WHITER an area is, the more many people
get into the "Church Lady" kind of mindset
where they feel entitled to sit around on
their assets establishing some delusion of
moral superiority.

Remember the "Church Lady" (Enid Strict)
skits on Saturday Night Live?

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The Gloves Are Coming Off Tonight!

And so is the truss.  Feh.

You Betcha?

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I Need to Know the Full Extent of the Relationship

between McCain and Joe the Plumber, who is sneaking around the
bathrooms of American, flushing bananas down our toilets and
destroying the fabric of our democracy by clogging up the plumbing
with acorns.

And the word is…cari…cari….CARIBOOBY!

You Betcha,

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what will you do…when the well runs dry….?

this is a question that we will be asking at FACES WITH A VOICE and
all over the
internet for the rest of the year….
IF you are  Ryan White client, receiving financial, medical or housing
support what
would you do if that support was no more….? if there was no Ryan
White Care
Act….? no ADAP….no Housing for Health….no food basket…. no
SSI….? in just
the past 5 years we have seen some major changes to the HIV/AIDS care
system that
we have been fortunate to experience… at least here in Santa Clara
County . many
places have not had it as good as we have here. the thing is that it
is going to
get rocky EVERYWHERE very soon no matter who is running the country.
if we don’t
prepare and speak up there is no telling how bad things can get. FACES
will be meeting on the second wen. of each month at the Neil Christie
Living Center
46 Race Street San Jose to discuss these issues draft letters to
congressmen and
lobbyist review current status of programs, collect and forward
questions and
concerns to the Ryan White Planning Council for HIV and AIDS. we need
feed back

from everyone who has any and I mean ANY information that might help
keep ppl up to
date on the status of thing coming down the road. this is not a test .
changes are real and coming soon do not be fooled or ignore this as it
is going to
affect you if you are reading this. your input is VITAL . questions
,[addresses phone numbers of officials or lobbyist etc...] ANY
information about
these and other HIV/AIDS issues are needed to help us leave no stone
unturned…..PLEASE GIVE US SOME FEEDBACK….it could mean life for
someone who
does not even know any of this is going on. Thank you for your time
and support.
TO BROWSER OR CLICK ON ) depending on how it is displayed
A place for HIV/AIDS infected, affected or not persons to find links
to health care information and many other related issues.
New to HIV/AIDS or long term
Clients and care providers
All health info welcome
Post events
Ask questions
Anybody can view group content
Only members can view group members list
Anyone can join
Members can create and edit pages
Members can upload files
Only members can post
Its about your health…
 Is filled with HIV/AIDS information
 pages of links to almost anything health related
medical, legislative and media
 resources for clients and caregivers alike
 if it is not here feel free to add it
 share stories
 post events
 its about our health, because we are living longer and getting

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shit water

shit water makes milkshakes!

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