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A thread on feminism

Mostly, in fact, on the issue of rape. I once posted a similar link to
a thread on the Straight Dope Message Board in which I managed to get
myself banned by discussing rape to truthfully.

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Muscular Christianity

Yesterday I was wandering the stacks at the library and stumbled on a
book called "Muscular Christianity" by Clifford Putney.  Below is an
article from Men’s News Daily that summarizes this late Nineteenth
Century men’s movement.  Somehow I missed this in my research and
internet discussions these many previous years but it is a critical
piece of history for any anti-feminists or men’s movement people to be
aware of.


MND Guest Commentaries & News

muscular christianity
From Brother Chapin….

Muscular Christianity can be defined as a Christian commitment to
health and manliness. Its origins can be traced to the New Testament,
which sanctions manly exertion (Mark 11:15) and physical health (1
Cor. 6:19-20). But while muscular Christianity has always been an
element in Christianity, it has not always been a major element. The
early Church sometimes praised health and manliness, but it was much
more concerned with achieving salvation, and it preached that men
could achieve salvation without being healthy and husky. This doctrine
seemingly squared with the Gospels, and it reigned supreme within the
Church for centuries. It did inspire criticism, however, and that
criticism was especially fierce in the nineteenth and early twentieth
centuries, when droves of Protestant ministers in England and America
concluded that men were not truly Christians unless they were muscular

The phrase "muscular Christianity" probably first appeared in an 1857
English review of Charles Kingsley’s novel Two Years Ago (1857). One
year later, the same phrase was used to describe Tom Brown’s School
Days, an 1856 novel about life at Rugby by Kingsley’s friend, fellow
Englishman Thomas Hughes. Soon the press in general was calling both
writers muscular Christians and also applying that label to the genre
they inspired: adventure novels replete with high principles and manly
Christian heroes.

Hughes and Kingsley were not only novelists; they were also social
critics. In their view, asceticism and effeminacy had gravely weakened
the Anglican Church. To make that church a suitable handmaiden for
British imperialism, Hughes and Kingsley sought to equip it with
rugged and manly qualities. They also exported their campaign for more
health and manliness in religion to antebellum America, where their
ideas failed to catch on immediately due to factors such as Protestant
opposition to sports and the popularity of feminine iconography within
the mainline Protestant churches.

Opposition to muscular Christianity in America never completely
disappeared. But it did weaken in the aftermath of the Civil War, when
changes in American society placed health and manliness uppermost in
the minds of many male white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. These men, who
included Social Gospel leaders such as Josiah Strong and politicians
such as Theodore Roosevelt, viewed factors such as urbanization,
sedentary office jobs, and non-Protestant immigration as threats not
only to their health and manhood but also to their privileged social
standing. To maintain that standing, they urged "old stock" Americans
to revitalize themselves by embracing a "strenuous life" replete with
athleticism and aggressive male behavior. They also called loudly upon
their churches to abandon the supposedly enervating tenets of
"feminized" Protestantism.

As evidence that there existed a "woman peril" in American Protestant
churches, critics such as the pioneer psychologist G. Stanley Hall
pointed to the imbalance of women to men in the pews. They also
contended that women’s influence in church had led to an overabundance
of sentimental hymns, effeminate clergymen and sickly-sweet images of
Jesus. These things were repellant to "real men" and boys, averred
critics, who argued that males would avoid church until "feminized"
Protestantism gave way to muscular Christianity, a strenuous religion
for the strenuous life.

The heyday of muscular Christianity in America lasted roughly from
1880 to 1920. During that time, the YMCA invented basketball and
volleyball, the Men and Religion Forward Movement sought to fill
Protestant churches with men, and the churches took the lead in the
organized camping and public playground movements. These efforts to
make muscular Christianity an integral part of the churches lasted
throughout World War I. But in the pacifistic 1920s, there emerged
widespread discontent with many of the ideals that had flourished
during World War I, including muscular Christianity. Protestant
leaders such as Harry Emerson Fosdick and Sherwood Eddy blamed
muscular Christianity for encouraging militarism. And satirists such
as H. L. Mencken and Sinclair Lewis skewered muscular Christianity in
their writings.

The postwar devaluation of muscular Christianity was evident not only
in literature but also in the mainline Protestant churches. By the
1930s, these churches were gravitating toward the Neo-Orthodoxy of
Reinhold Niebuhr, who argued that divinity resided not in men’s
muscles, but with God. As Neo-Orthodoxy arose in the mainline
Protestant churches, muscular Christianity declined there. It did not,
however, disappear from the American landscape, since it found some
new sponsors. They include the Catholic Church and various rightward
leaning Protestant groups. The Catholic Church promotes muscular
Christianity in the athletic programs of schools such as Notre Dame,
and the evangelical Protestant groups that support muscular
Christianity include Promise Keepers, Athletes in Action, and the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Bibliography and further reading

Hall, Donald, ed. Muscular Christianity: Embodying the Victorian Age.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1994.

Higgs, Robert. God in the Stadium: Sports and Religion in America.
Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1995.

Kimmel, Michael. Manhood in America: A Cultural History. New York:
Free Press, 1996.

Ladd, Tony, and James Mathisen. Muscular Christianity: Evangelical
Protestants and the Development of American Sport. Grand Rapids,
Mich.: Baker Books, 1999.

Macleod, David I. Building Character in the American Boy: The Boy
Scouts, YMCA and Their Forerunners, 1870-1920. Madison: University of
Wisconsin Press, 1983.

Mjagkij, Nina, and Margaret Spratt, eds. Men and Women Adrift: The
YMCA and the YWCA in the City. New York: New York University Press,

Putney, Clifford. Muscular Christianity: Manhood and Sports in
Protestant America, 1880-1920. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University
Press, 2001.

Vance, Norman. The Sinews of the Spirit: The Ideal of Christian
Manliness in Victorian Literature and Religious Thought. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press, 1985.

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Peter McLaren: Poster Boy For The Feminist Toadies In The Academy

Mr cool.  God, I hate guys like this.  There’s thousands of them in
the academies around the country and world who weasled their way into
the academy by getting PHD’s in lame subjects like education.  Then
they turn on men by becoming the eunuch’s of the feminists so they can
get promotions and goodies.


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100 MPH! Thank God They Killed Just Themselves! Typical Cycle Crazies! Good Riddance!

The brothers sped away from the cops at 100 per, one on a STOLEN
cycle.  And these guys didn’t deserve to DIE?

They died horribly, I’m happy to say, in the manner in which many

But face it, moto-jerks … the ONLY reason YOU infantile outlaws RIDE
these things is so YOU CAN BREAK THE LAWS OF THE ROAD!

So here’s hoping many more of you nitwits kill yourselves this week.
As long as you don’t kill or maim others, I look upon your deaths as I
do the daily shooting, stabbing, and OD deaths of drug users and
dealers in our nations’ ghettos!

In fact, I always smile inwardly when I read or hear of another
motorcyclist’s death!  One less dimwit on the highway.  One less jerk
on a screaming 140 dbl machine weaving crazily in and out of lanes,
speeding past the "slow" law-abiders, waiting to cut another sucker
off!   No need to bother about stop signs and red lights, is there,

No question — the world is better off without ALL OF you!

Check out THIS comedy!   It made MY day!

"Motorcycle Ride Ends in Tragedy for Brothers"

"Police Radar Shows Speeds of Up to 100 MPH Before Crashes Off an Exit
Ramp in Baltimore"

By Aaron C. Davis
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, June 20, 2008; B01

The Heureaux brothers were riding motorcycles, heading north on
Interstate 95 near Laurel, Maryland, when at speeds of nearly 100 mph
they raced by a state police trooper armed with a radar gun.

The trooper pulled his car out and turned on his lights, a state
police spokesman said yesterday, describing the events of Sunday.
About 16 miles later, Suky Amin Heureaux, 25, and Suky Shamin
Heureaux, 24, died in nearly simultaneous crashes on an exit ramp in

Today, in Prince George’s County, a wake will be held for the
brothers, one of whom was riding a stolen bike, police said. The
service will be attended by family and friends from the Washington
area’s Dominican community, some of whom wonder whether the trooper
chased the brothers, a contention police deny.

"They tell me they were racing, that’s all they tell me," Maximo
Heureaux, 45, who shared his home in Landover with his sons, said of
his limited contact with investigators. "I don’t believe the police;
nobody here believes the police. We all need to know what really

Sgt. Arthur Betts, a police spokesman, denied that there was a chase
and said the trooper, James Davis, appears to have followed state
police policies.

"This all could have been prevented if they had stopped," Betts said
of the brothers. "The trooper didn’t do anything to make them crash
their motorcycles."

Police declined to released the agency’s pursuit policy yesterday,
saying the agency must receive a mailed written request before doing
so. Betts, however, said that unlike in many area jurisdictions that
only allow police to pursue felony suspects, Maryland state troopers
are allowed to chase traffic violators.

The issue has special resonance in the Maryland suburbs. Last year, a
Prince George’s County police officer’s pursuit of a motorcyclist on
the Capital Beltway led to a fatal seven-car pileup; the officer has
been indicted on two counts of vehicular manslaughter.

Betts said Davis clocked three bikers traveling north at about 100 mph
near the exit to Maryland Route 32. Betts said Davis pulled his car
onto the highway, two bikers pulled over, and what he thought was one
biker — it turned out to be two — kept going.

Davis did not stop to write a ticket. Davis tried to "catch up" with
the remaining biker but did not chase him, Betts said. Davis did not
request permission to initiate a high-speed pursuit, which would have
required a supervisor’s approval, Betts said.

Betts declined to release Davis’s maximum speed. He said Davis only
lost sight of the biker at the entrance to the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel
on Interstate 895 in Baltimore, shortly before the crashes Sunday.

With the brothers that day was Pedro Gervacio, 31, who was the lead
rider as the three neared Route 32. Gervacio said a fourth motorcycle
had been with the group, but he was not sure if the rider was with the
group when they passed the police car.

At the tunnel’s toll plaza, Davis stopped to see whether cameras
recorded the bike’s license plates. The brothers crashed after exiting
the tunnel; each was thrown off an elevated highway as he attempted to
negotiate the off-ramp to Holabird Avenue.

Friends of the brothers, both of whom were fathers, said they probably
fled because they had recently learned from a friend that one of the
bikes, bought this spring from an acquaintance, had been reported
stolen. Suky Shamin also might have been driving with a suspended
license, court records show.

Gervacio said he saw the police car, lifted his right arm and tapped
the top of his helmet, a signal to the others that an officer was
ahead. They slowed, Gervacio said, and he did not see the trooper
leave his post. More than three miles later, however, Gervacio said he
looked in his rear-view mirror and saw the trooper closing fast with
his lights and sirens on.

Gervacio said he pulled over, but the brothers kept going north on
I-95, faster than they had when they first passed the police officer
at the side of the road. Gervacio said the trooper also was clearly
chasing both brothers at that point. He estimated that the cruiser was
five car lengths behind the two bikes.

"That’s the last time I saw any of them," Gervacio said.

Several minutes later, an employee at a trucking company at the base
of Holabird exit heard the crash and called police after he saw a
black helmet rolling down the exit ramp. The police were not far
behind, he said.

"When I was on the phone, I could hear the sirens," said the employee,
who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he said he had a prior
criminal record and feared retaliation by police.

The body of Suky Shamin traveled 150 feet beyond the elevated ramp
before landing near a railroad line. The body of Suky Amin was found
below the ramp.

For Maximo Heureaux, an employee of the Maryland-National Capital
Parks and Planning Commission, the deaths ended a link that he said
went with the nickname he had bestowed on both sons. As a young child
in the Dominican Republic, Maximo said he was known for yelling "Suky"
when he saw neighborhood boys riding Suzukis by his parents’ home.

"It was my lucky nickname," he said. "I gave it to both of them."…

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last
Why Nice Guys Finish Last
New Research Points to Biological Reason Why Girls Like Bad Boys
ABC News Medical Unit
June 19, 2008

Ricky Menezes, a 22-year-old from Marlborough, Mass., says he knows he will
hook up with "about 20 girls" in the next month.

New research suggests that bad boys may indeed beat nice guys when it comes
to getting female attention.
(Getty/ABC News)
How does he know this, you ask? Ricky knows this because he’s what we call a
"bad boy" — the type of guy who knows exactly how to act, what to say and
how to manipulate women into giving him what he wants.

"It all started in high school," Ricky said. "I started being the outgoing,
crazy, funny kid that everyone thought was fun and wanted to hang out with."

After being validated by his peers in high school, Ricky said he has more or
less mastered the art of being a bad boy, and has done so with one
overriding goal in mind — sexual conquest.

"I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not," Ricky said. "I’m honest and
outspoken. I say that I’m just looking to hook up. … I’m not afraid to go
for it, and I rarely get rejected.

Oh, and I’m in a band. You have to be in a band. Girls love guys in bands,"
he added.
Most everyone knows — or at least knows of — a stereotypical "bad boy"
like Ricky. The guy with such high self-esteem he could aptly be called a
narcissist. The guy who wins women over with deceit, callousness and
impulsive behavior. Basically, the type of guy who resembles a real-life
version of Hugh Grant’s character in "Bridget Jones’ Diary."

The success of Ricky and so many other "bad boys" with women seems to add
weight to the popular saying "good guys finish last."

And there might be more than just a grain of truth in these mantras about
bad boys; new research suggests they might actually be attracting more women
than their "nicer" counterparts.

The Positive Side of Negative Traits
Researchers at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces gave 200 college
students personality tests to see how many of what psychologists call "dark
triad traits" they possessed. These traits include callousness, impulsive
behavior, extroversion, narcissism and various other anti-social traits for
which "bad boys" are known.

The researchers also asked about the student’s sex lives, their feelings
about sexual relationships, their number of sexual partners, and what they
are seeking in sexual or romantic relationships.

According to Peter Jonason, lead study investigator, although society tends
to look down upon these "negative" dark triad personality traits, there
seems to be quite an upside to being a bad boy.

"We would traditionally consider these dark triad traits to be adverse
personality traits, and we think women would avoid these kinds of men, but
what we show is counterintuitive — that women are attracted to these bad
boys and they do pretty well in terms of sheer numbers of sexual partners,"
Jonason explained. "They’re taking quantity over quality as their sexual
agenda, being serially monogamous and having multiple partners or one-night

Jonason compared the type of "dark triad bad boy" that the study refers to
as a modern-day James Bond figure — a man with little empathy for others, a
penchant for fast cars and even faster women, and a seeker of short-term
rather than long-term goals — especially concerning the opposite sex.

And because these characters appear in this study to be successful at
achieving their short-term goals — which, in this case, is a short-term
sexual relationship — Jonason believes such character traits have
persevered in so many people because they seem to be evolutionarily

"Dark triad traits are useful in pursuing our agendas at any given time,"
Jonason explained. "If you like someone and want to meet them and date them,
people who have the dark triad traits appear to be more successful at
facilitating short-term mating."

Jonason validated this point with a comparison to the popular VH1 show "The
Pick-Up Artist," wherein nerdy, nice guys meet with a typical bad boy to
learn how to pick up more of these dark triad traits — and also more women.

Nice Guys Win in the End
But some experts say it might not be so simple.

Heather Rupp, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex,
Gender and Reproduction, believes that the reason women may be drawn toward
the "bad boys" is more because of physiology more than psychology.

"I think it goes back to the physiological underpinnings of such an
attraction," Rupp said. "For instance, testosterone is a hormone that in men
is linked to more dominant personality traits — outgoing personalities and
charm and things like that. And men with higher testosterone are rated by
independent observers as being more outgoing and charming than others."

Some experts, however, believe that these narcissistic males tend to
embellish the self-reported tales of their own sexual conquest, leading
others to believe they are more sexually successful than they really are.

"People high in dark triad traits tend to say what they think others want to
hear," said Everett Worthington, professor of psychology at Virginia
Commonwealth University.

Moreover, Worthington notes that while some of these males may be more
successful at short-term sexual relationships, their overall success with
long-term relationships is often compromised by their dark triad traits.

"The manipulative ‘It’s all about me, so tell ‘em anything to get sex’
behavior is likely to have more short-term sexual success," Worthington
said. "A strategy of building trust and intimacy and commitment is, by
nature, going to take longer. Thus, the payoffs are likely to be greater in
the short term. However, long-term relationship survival is likely to be
strongly disadvantaged in people with dark triad traits."

So maybe good guys don’t always finish last.

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First female soldier killed in Afghanistan (and don't we know it)

The media has become obsessed by the death of a precious, ‘brave’ little woman
in Afghanistan, yet almost completely ignores her male colleagues who also
died on that day. Their names – in case you didn’t know – are L/Cpl Richard
Larkin, Trooper Paul Stout and Cpl Sean Reeve.

It’s truly sickening. All you read in the media is "Sarah Bryant this" and
"Sarah Bryant that"… Did the sun actually shine out of her arse or
something? Did she find the cure for cancer? No. She’s a fucking woman, that’s

Female ‘soldiers’ constitute a full one-fifth of the army’s ‘strength’ in
Afghanistan yet represent only 1% of total casualties. That really says a LOT.

Story here, here and here.
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"never trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die"

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"LK" <Patis…> wrote in message…
On Jun 20, 8:35 am, Dan Sullivan <dsull…> wrote:

> On Jun 20, 8:27 am, LK <Patis…> wrote:

> > Betty,

> > Let her show her true colors as a hateful spiteful parent hater.

> greg’s not a parent… he’s a twice convicted wife abuser who’s done
> jail time for his crimes, and he’s listed on the Iowa State Child
> Abuse Registry… but, thankfully, he’s not a parent.

> Lacking Knowledge shows he lacks knowledge, as usual.

< Dan too.

    Don’t you just love how BRAVE Danny gets when he KNOWS Greg isn’t here
to defend himself? WHAT A CLASS ACT SULLIVAN IS!

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Sex, Lies, and Datatapes in the Partner Abuse Industry…

Carey Roberts

The domestic violence industry is reeling from a recent series of high-profile
scandals, leaving abuse workers to wonder how things could have possibly gone
so wrong.

First the Sex.

Recently a woman described her stay at an abuse shelter. In shocking detail,
she recounts how threats and bullying had become commonplace among the shelter
residents. Once a resident punched her forearm, screaming at her, "bitch!" One
night another woman assaulted her, injuring her back and forcing her to seek
medical attention.

The woman also recounted lesbian advances by a shelter employee. "If you
become her girlfriend, you will be treated very good, I was 100% sure," the
woman sheepishly explains. On another occasion she was referred to a local
lesbian attorney whose fetching assistant was "dressed like she was in a

This is a video that has to be seen to be believed: .

Sexual harassment of women in abuse facilities is not uncommon. I have
personally spoken with other women who were pressured by shelter workers to
engage in lesbian sexual activity in return for better accommodations and
special perks.

Now for the Lies.

Two weeks ago a Maryland-based think tank called RADAR put out a report
detailing numerous half-truths and falsehoods from the American Bar
Association. The distortions are found in a document called "10 Myths about
Custody and Domestic Violence and How to Counter Them."

A few of the claims are eyebrow-raisers, like the ABA’s pronouncement that
children who witness domestic violence are more likely to get lung disease!
That’s right doc, if your patient can’t breathe, it’s probably because he once
witnessed abuse.

And some statements are preposterous, like the assertion that abusive parents
win child custody 70% of the time. So if you want to get custody of your kids,
just tell the judge you abused them!

That’s just for starters – RADAR compared the ABA’s 19 claims to the actual
research and found only two of the 19 are true:…
. Score one for the tin-foil hat crowd!

Ready for the Datatapes?

Family researchers Murray Straus and Katreena Scott recently released a report
that documents how the domestic violence industry routinely hoodwinks the
American public. "Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence" exposes all the tricks:
falsifying research findings, blocking funding, and harassing researchers who
cross the feminist party line: .

In one case professor Suzanne Steinmetz released a study that proved males and
females are equally likely to perpetrate abuse: "Anger over this resulted in a
bomb threat at her daughter’s wedding."

Imagine a cabal of women threatening to blow up a white-dress bride on her
wedding day – and in the name of stopping family violence!

Like a cancer that ravishes healthy cells, the corruption of the domestic
violence industry is spreading to government agencies, as well.

In West Virginia, any domestic violence program that wants to receive
government funding must have one-third of its staff certified by the state’s
Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a group that rejects on ideological
grounds the suggestion that men can ever be abuse victims.

So earlier this month a group called Men and Women Against Discrimination
filed a discrimination lawsuit, charging the state "has unlawfully delegated
the appropriation of public funds into the hands of a private entity, i.e.,
the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence."

False allegations have become endemic, as well.

Last month former Olympic ice skater Oksana Grishuk accused James R. Halstead,
a wealthy California investor, of dropping a date rape drug into her drink.
Grishuk had won two gold medals for Russia in the 1990s.

The two had been involved in a lengthy romantic relationship. But when
Halstead refused Grishuk’s request to tie the knot, she furtively slipped the
pills in her drink.

The Orange County judge dismissed the case last Monday after it was reported
she had demanded of her ex-boyfriend, "Can’t you find me a man with money who
could take care of me?"

Lesbian advances, propaganda-like claims, fabrication of research, sex
discrimination, and false allegations. All in a day’s work for the good ladies
of the domestic violence industry.

"Any positive future has a lot to learn from the best of the past."

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Exposing the women's shelter industry ONE VIDEO AT A TIME!

Another video in the women’s shelter series in which a mother from Ontario,
Canada describes her horrifying experience residing in women’s shelters in
Ontario. In the shelters where she was a resident, women were beaten, robbed,
intimidated and sexually exploited. Children were exposed to violence,
swearing and abuse by the women and often witnessed their mothers being abused
and humiliated by shelter staff. Children are being taught that being
"Canadian" and respecting yourself means to hate fathers, lie to your own
parents and to call the Children’s Aid Society on your mother if you don’t get
your way.

When is the government of Ontario going to put an end to women’s shelters
being used as indoctrination centers where lesbian women prey on vulnerable
women? When is the Ontario government going to make these women’s shelters
accountable and professional?

When is all this government funded madness going to end?

Women who have experienced abuse while a resident of a women’s shelter and
would like to make their stories public by way of video, should contact Canada
Court Watch. This will help in efforts to make women’s shelters more
accontable and professional and help to provide a truly safe place for those
unfortunate women who legitimately need such facilities.

"never trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die"

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