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Accused mum's 'greatest act of love',23599,23698377-2,00.html

May 14, 2008 06:03pm

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A WOMAN drugged and killed her two sons, telling them they were going on a trip
and had to take travel medicine, a court has heard.

Donna Fitchett, 49, is charged with murdering Thomas, 11, and Matthew, 9, at
their Balwyn North home on September 6, 2005.

The Supreme Court heard today that she wrote a letter to her psychologist on the
day the boys were killed, describing her plan to give the boys an overdose, the
Herald Sun reported.

She said she had told her husband David days earlier that their marriage was

"They (Thomas and Matthew) think we are going on an exciting trip today but I’ve
told them they need to take some medicine so they won’t get airsick," the letter

"I’m not a coward, nor am I crazy. I see this as my greatest act of love.

"I’m not punishing David, I pity him.”

Never trust a woman, How can you trust something that bleeds for 6 days yet
doesn’t die?

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Re: Drunkard Ken Pangborn admits to alcohol consumption as a child.

"Nomen Nescio" <nob…> wrote in message…


    Moore you IDIOT – what high school kid doesn’t TRY a beer?  Maybe a
total GEEK like you! Maybe a TWERP with NO social life like you. Maybe the
KID that even the girls put a "KICK ME" sign on his back like YOU!  Maybe a
little high water nerd like YOU who everyone LAUGHED at in high school as

And BOY were they right.

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Price of gasoline drops! According to the federal government, anyway.

The price of gas just dropped 0.2% in April, according to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics (the people who do the Cost of Living Index).

And as a result, inflation over the last 12 months, including energy
and food prices, has dropped from 4.4% to 3.9%.

What revolting garbage! Inflation at 3.9%??? It’s obviously running at
more than 10%. Gas prices here are up 74% since last year. Groceries
are up 37% from what they were a year ago, by our personal estimates.

Why does the media buy these Orwellian figures and simply report them?
Inflation 3.9%?? Gas price drops 0.2% last month??


Why is there no independent effort in the media to find out what these
numbers really are? Anyone know of such efforts? I’ve seen a couple of
economic newsletters that said inflation is running at more than 10%,
but nothing in the mainstream press.

Only thing I’ve seen on these absurd figurres so far is this (from

"Wachovia Economics Group, commenting on the seasonally adjusted drop
in the price of gasoline, wrote to clients: "The drop makes absolutely
no sense. Where does the BLS buy their gas?"

Anyone know why the hell no one disputes these fake figures?

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Students claim survey dishonesty

Students from a range of universities are claiming they are being pressed to
make falsely enthusiastic responses to an official satisfaction survey.

Staff at Kingston University were recorded telling students to falsify their
ratings in the government-backed annual National Student Survey.

In response, hundreds of students have e-mailed the BBC News website claiming
this is a more widespread problem.

The higher education funding council says the survey is not invalidated.

The National Student Survey, set up by the funding council (Hefce), provides a
league table of student satisfaction – which is intended to be useful for young
people choosing a university.

Endorsed by the government and funded by the taxpayer, it is part of the process
of quality assurance in higher education.

Caught on tape

But an audio recording made at Kingston University revealed that staff were
instructing students how to respond to the survey – and using it as a way of
promoting a positive image rather than an honest assessment.

Hefce says that it knows of a handful of other cases where concerns have been
raised about the student survey.

In response to the story about Kingston, hundreds of e-mails sent to the BBC
from students and academics claimed to have seen attempts to manipulate the

These include claims that lecturers were instructing students to submit only
positive responses and that special talks were being held to sell this message.

"The message was practically shoved down our throats. Give us good reviews or
your degree won’t be worth much and you’ll look like you’re coming from a
rubbish place in your interviews."

"We had at least three ‘special’ lectures on it, and a school wide announcement
and e-mails and it was announced in induction events," wrote Brian from

"To a greater or lesser extent, this happens everywhere. At my university the
reminders were constant and carried a threatening overtone," wrote Patrick from

"We were threatened by our university course leader: if you honestly answer the
questions, you will suffer. He was suggesting if we aired our problems in the
student survey the course would gain a negative reputation, thus: our
qualification useless," wrote Lou.


A repeated claim is that students have been told that their future employment
opportunities will be boosted by improving the university’s reputation – and
that the survey is a way of achieving this.

"We’ve been told several times that negative feedback will reflect badly on us
and damage our career prospects," e-mailed Paul from Manchester.

"I’m sure all universities do it, I know mine did. We were told that if the
university isn’t respected then your degree will be worthless," wrote Keir from
Sutton Coldfield.

But universities contacted have rejected the idea that there are widespread
problems with the survey – or that students could be given advice on how to
answer questions.

Hefce also defends the credibility of the survey.

"Apart from Kingston, a very small number of cases has been brought directly to
our attention. Again each of these has been or is being investigated.

"They generally relate to a very small part of an institution’s provision and
the institution has dealt with the issues in a responsible manner," said a


"We are confident that there is no evidence of systematic attempts to manipulate
the survey outcomes by institutions," he added.

"We do not consider that the cases that have come to light call into question
the robustness of the survey and believe that the great majority of students
will take the opportunity to provide accurate feedback on their experiences,"
said the funding council spokesman.

But even though there seems to be a difference of opinion between the e-mailers
and universities, there are academics who say that anything involving league
tables will inevitably be linked to PR.

A student at Bournemouth University complained via the university’s website that
he had been disappointed to have a lecture interrupted to "pressurise us into
rating the university well in the National Student Survey".

In response, the Dean of Business, Chris Brady, wrote of the survey: "What I
said, and I am happy to stand by it, is that we need to work as a team to add
value to your degree and that entails internal feedback and external PR."

Professor Brady says that his university does not influence how people respond
to the survey, but he says that "anything that ranks anything has a PR element".

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قروب موقع تعب قلبي ,قروب منوّع يحمل في طياته الكثير,اسلاميات وصوتيات ومرئيات اسلامية ومحاربة أعداء الرسول,أخبار مثيرة ورياضية وفنية,أفلام عربية وأجنبية ومسلسلات ومسرحيات عربية,افلام النمي ومسلسلات الانمي,نقاشات جاده ومواضيع ساخنة,الشعر والخواطر والقصة والخيال,والكثير

قروب موقع تعب قلبي  ,قروب

منوّع يحمل في طياته الكثير,اسلاميات وصوتيات ومرئيات اسلامية ومحاربة

أعداء الرسول,أخبار مثيرة ورياضية وفنية,أفلام عربية وأجنبية ومسلسلات

ومسرحيات عربية,افلام النمي ومسلسلات الانمي,نقاشات جاده ومواضيع

ساخنة,الشعر والخواطر والقصة والخيال,والكثdv

أغاني م اغاني طرب فيديو كليب موسيقى عربي عربية تركي  اجنبي بلوتوث 2008

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We're in a Race War – You Don't Even Know It!

We’re in a Race War – You Don’t Even Know It!

May 9. 2008

Whether you know it or not, White America has been in a bona fide Race
War. But it’s not blacks we’re up against (although we’re often
distracted into thinking that way). We’re in a Race War with the Jews,
have been for quite some time, now. It can’t be denied any longer. All
the efforts of the Jew in this country point to this gut-wrenching

And it’s also a race against time to awaken the Whites about it all.
The Globalist, Zionist component to the US Government realizes that’s
it’s only a short while before we ALL finally get suspicious and
become seriously pissed. That’s why you see so much stuff about the
Patriot Act, the Internet, "Hate Speech" and other constitutional
issues. It’s not the crazy Muslims that they’ve been so worried about,
but us figuring out the real deal!

Now, I’m going to talk about some why’s and wherefore’s. Now, I know
you are shouting out "OK, here comes the `Jew Conspiracy’ thing,
again!" You’re thinking about the impossibility of some wide-ranging
conspiracy to work. And you’re absolutely right – it’s quite
impossible for a conspiracy of this sort to exist as one may imagine
it. But that’s not how it’s being done!

So bear with me for just a minute while I explain how this really

You first have to divorce your mind from who you are and of your
assumptions. I realize how difficult that can be. Perhaps pretending
you’re another race, a disinterested observer of some sort might help.
I know that sounds wacko but there you have it. If you are black or
white, you’ll have some preoccupations that color your thinking, so
you really do have to force yourself in some creative way to think
about all of this and to separate yourself from personal experiences
that obscure your perceptions. Personal experiences have nothing to do
with the big picture, logically.

First, the media of the Western world, led by the US, has been slowly
going down a road that increasingly has more and more graphic sex and
violence. This should be obvious if you’ve been around for a while.
No, it’s not planned as a gradual plot. It’s more like a natural (or
unnatural, if you prefer) progression. Each new media thing often uses
shock value to garner higher ratings and money. To get our
increasingly jaded attention, things must go just a bit further than
before, without getting into too much hot water over it. This effect
takes us lower and lower and demoralizes us into not caring about

And yes, Jewish supremacists have been a major force in all this.
They’ve been well-entrenched in the media since the very beginnings
and their inner hatred of White America often shows it’s face in the
media. But mostly they’re doing it for money first, secondly because
of that atavistic fear and loathing of Goyim. Of course, there’s no
secret communications with some Jew Head Office or anything; yet this
on-going and below-the-surface hatred of Gentile, European White
culture and institutions has fueled much of the silent degradation to
our society over the last several decades.

Second, there really is a International Zionist Agenda, quite separate
from all this, but works in parallel with the media Jew’s on-going
corruption of us. This is where the Globalist Zionist has been seeding
the US with social changes, principally with the funding of social
activism, promoting causes and in various educational foundations.
This has been going on since the early 50′s and saw the first big
payoff with the baby boomer generation of the late 60′s, right along
with the "Politically Correct" victimhood movement of the Frankfurt
School intellectuals. We’ve been on this track ever since.

The aim of this program is three-fold: One, to keep the white majority
divided and distracted; two, to keep the State of Israel in place and
well-funded by us, and three, to gradually dissolve our racial,
demographic hold on this country. This can readily be seen in the
efforts to promote interracial sex and divide our racial loyalties;
destroy the family unit and with immigration – to dilute our political
and voting power. The evidence is all over the place anymore and to
ignore it is pure stupidity!

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What Is Cancer?

Cancer is actually a group of many related diseases that all have to
do with cells. Cells are the very small units that make up all living
things, including the human body. There are billions of cells in each
person’s body.
Cancer happens when cells that are not normal grow and spread very
fast. Normal body cells grow and divide and know to stop growing. Over
time, they also die. Unlike these normal cells, cancer cells just
continue to grow and divide out of control and don’t die.

Cancers are characterized by the cells that they originally form from.
The most common type of cervical cancer is called squamous cell
carcinoma; it comes from cells that lie on the surface of the cervix
known as squamous cells. Squamous cell cervical cancer compromises
about 80% of all cervical cancers. The second most common form is
adenocarcinoma; it comes from cells that make up glands in the cervix.

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prostate cancer

The prostate (pros-tate) is a gland found only in men. The prostate is
about the size of a walnut. It is just below the bladder and in front
of the rectum. The tube that carries urine (the urethra) runs through
the prostate. The prostate contains cells that make some of the
seminal fluid. This fluid protects and nourishes the sperm.
Male hormones cause the prostate gland to develop in the fetus. The
prostate keeps on growing as a boy grows to manhood. If male hormone
levels are low, the prostate gland will not grow to full size. In
older men, though, the part of the prostate around the urethra often
keeps on growing. This causes BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) which
can result in problems with urinating.
Most of the time, prostate cancer grows slowly. Autopsy studies show
that many older men who died of other diseases also had prostate
cancer that neither they nor their doctor were aware of. But sometimes
prostate cancer can grow and spread quickly. Even with the latest
methods, it is hard to tell which prostate cancers will grow slowly
and which will grow quickly.
Some doctors believe that prostate cancer begins with very small
changes in the size and shape of the prostate gland cells. These
changes are known as PIN (prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia). These
changes can be either low-grade (almost normal) or high-grade
If you have had a prostate biopsy that showed high-grade PIN, there is
a greater chance that there are cancer cells in your prostate. For
this reason, you will be watched carefully and may need another
Introduction to Prostate Cancer Kit
Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a life-altering
experience. It requires making some very difficult decisions about
treatments that can affect not only the life of the man diagnosed, but
also the lives of his family members in significant ways for many
years to come.
To help men and women know where to begin, the Prostate Cancer
Foundation created an Introduction to Prostate Cancer Kit, which
features Conversation Tips, a series of pointers and questions that
can be used to start a conversation about prostate cancer. In
addition, the Kit includes the An Introduction to Prostate Cancer
guide, a list of FAQs About Prostate Cancer, and other materials
designed to help both men and women learn about prostate cancer.

small cell lung cancer
cancer biology
tongue cancer
sign of breast cancer
cancer farrah fawcett

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SoT Christian Family Value: PA Pastor Molests 15 YO Boy

Yep, that vaunted Christian moral superiority…

A 40-year-old former youth minister plead guilty yesterday to charges
of deviate sexual intercourse and corrupting the morals of a
15-year-old boy.

James Wilkerson, who also uses the name James Haynes, was then
sentenced as a result of a negotiated plea to a mandatory minimum of
five to 10 years in state prison, followed by three years of


"I can hardly wait for your head to explode when the Repubs hold onto
both houses of Congress this November. And Yang can quote me on that."
         -Fred Stone, 6/14/2006

        -laleeloolelo <at> yahoo, 12/28/2007

"Face it, Fred, you’ve been pwn3d."
        -Bill Baker, 12/21/2007

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