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"Violence Against Women Act" reintroduced

Senator Joseph Biden has reintroduced his "Violence Against Women Act."  It
now bears the bill number S.15.  I only have sketchy reports on the differences
between this bill and the one he introduced last year, but it appears that
this version is much like the old one, but extended somewhat.  It now calls
for a National Commission on Violence Against Women.

If you want a copy of the legislation, just write to one of your Senators
and ask for S.15.

If you want to lobby senators about this bill, the best bets would be to
write to your own senators, or to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Members of the Judiciary Committee (from an 1989 list):

Joseph Biden (chairman)         D-DE    224-5042        SR-221
Dennis DeConcini                D-AZ    224-4521        SH-328
Charles E. Grassley             R-IO    224-3744        SH-135
Howell Heflin                   D-AL    224-4124        SH-728
Gordon J. Humphrey              R-NH    224-2841        SH-531
Edward M. Kennedy               D-MA    224-4543        SR-315
Herb Kohl                       D-WI    224-5653        SH-702
Patrick J. Leahy                D-VT    224-4242        SR-433
Howard M. Metzenbaum            D-OH    224-2315        SR-140
Paul Simon                      D-IL    224-2152        SD-462
Alan K. Simpson                 R-WY    224-3424        SD-261
Arlen Specter                   R-PA    224-4254        SH-303
Strom Thurmond                  R-SC    224-5972        SR-217

All phone # in (202) area code.

Address format:
        Senator Name
        (SR=Senate Russell Office Building,
         SH=Senate Hart Office Building,
         SD=Senate Dirksen Office Building) #number
        Washington, DC 20510

Or you can write to any senator at the U.S. Senate, Washington DC 20510,
and can call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- dgr…@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
"Women don’t kill men unless they’ve been pushed to a point of desperation."
                — Dr. Lenore Walker, executive director of the
                   Domestic Violence Institute

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Letter Writing Campaign

The National Coalition of Free Men has started a letter-writing campaign in
response to a grocery-bag display at Williams Brothers Markets on domestic
violence.  The display, sponsored by the National Organization for Women
and the local women’s shelter, predictibly paints the domestic violence issue
in terms of male perpetrators and female victims.

The NCFM is urging members to write to the President of Williams Brothers
Markets urging him to replace the information on the bags with less sexist,
more informative information.

The address to write to is:
        Merrell Williams, President
        Williams Brothers Markets
        P.O. Box 305
        Santa Maria, CA 93456

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- dgr…@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
"I am not being hyperbolic:  I have read Against Our Will, and I have read Mein
 Kampf, and my sober judgment is that it is a toss-up between them."
                                        — John Gordon

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The Tazer operator was a WOMYN The Tazer operator was a WOMYN

Well, as you all know now, the Tazer operator was a man.

It’s so funny how wimpy men will beat their chests and then and run and
cancel their articles.  It just proves my point about men in general.

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>     You know what I forgot to add? You mention that the "non-womyn" users
>should have no say in your internal affairs. Does this go both ways? I seem
>to recall someone complaining about a posting concerning date rape to

The net is almost completely men space.  Only in soc.womyn could there be
womyn space.  So there’s no need for any additional protection for men.

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Needed: Your Custody Story

NEEDED:  Your story of being in a California court for custody and/or

I am currently working on a research paper, the focus of which will be
the ‘standards’ that the California courts are using in determining
child-support and custody awards.  Even though there are guidelines,
particularly for support, the courts have discretion, and seem to be
using it in any variety of ways and circumstances.

It is very hard to get this information from reported cases, because
most reported cases are those which have been appealed, and the majority
of support and custody cases never get beyond the trial level, if they
make it that far.

Things that would be helpful to know:

        o When were you in court?

        o Was your trial by judge or jury [very rare]?

        o Did you appeal the decision? Why or why not? [my suspicion
          is that here, as in other places, one’s attorney usually
          discourages appeals, particularly if you are the father]

        o Was this an initial action, or a change of support amount
          or custody?  If the latter, why, and what factors did the
          court consider when effecting the change?

        o Do you feel that the outcome was fair? Why or why not?

        o How has the outcome of the decision impacted your life,
          your child’s life, your ex-spouse’s life, and/or any
          other person for whom you feel the impact was great?

        o Would you be willing to be interviewed by me, via email or
          phone [i.e. may I ask you further specific questions, with
          of course you always having the right to say "That’s something
          I don’t care to answer."]

        o Would you be willing to have your case mentioned by name in
          the final research paper?  [If not that is fine, names can
          be changed, or if you don’t want any of your specific story
          mentioned, that’s ok too…I can still use the statistical

        o Any other information that you feel is relevant or that you
          feel "Someone should know that this goes on here!" about.

I can’t promise where this paper will end up, but there are many faculty
at Stanford Law who are doing important work in the areas of Family Law,
Children’s Rights, and Father’s Rights, more than a few of whom have
taken an interest in my research.  They are not without input, particularly
as several alum are now prominent members of the California Family Law bench.
So please, take the time to send me your story.

Note:  Please try to keep your submissions concise, as I am hoping for
       a lot of responses, and I will of course be reading and rereading
       them all.  

       Also please be sure to let me know if I can use your name, the
       specifics of your case, and whether I can contact you with any
       further questions.


Several months ago I posted this same request, and at that time
I received a few responses to my posting saying, essentially, this
is not a credible source of data.

The cases that I am soliciting via the net will be incorporated for contrast.
They will be to augment the data and research through more "acceptable"

However, the a true story is a true story is a true story.  What we are
looking for is how these decisions have impacted real people, in real

Also, I may not get back to you right away, as this is but one portion of
the paper, but I *will* acknowledge receipt, and I will get back to you
[if you are agreeable] for more detail as I start incorporating this

   *—-> WANTED!  Used pair of Rollerblades…woman’s size 7/7.5/8 <—-*
   Anne (She Devil) Mitchell – Stanford Law – shede…
    No disclaimer necessary as this is *my* account, and besides – nobody
       would ever accuse anyone else of having these opinions anyway!

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Re: "Ere, too, Brutus?

In article <1991Mar22.152915.29…> l…

(Lou Marco (WRAT)) writes:
>In article <7…@uceng.UC.EDU> dmoc… (Daniel Mocsny) writes:
>>If you aren’t comfortable participating in this interesting system,
>>the personal response seems obvious: ride a bicycle.

        >That’s easy for you to say, oh child of the inner city.  Roads are

>a mite longer in this part of America, though, and they don’t have shoulders.

"In this part of AMerica" (namely Austin) lots of the roads have bike lanes.
I think Dan was merely suggesting that if people were going to complain
about gasoline use, there are ways to reduce consumption (like riding
a bike for short trips).


Jeff Abbott     Texas Instruments, Inc. 512-250-4323
                Internet                Jeff.Abb…
                TI MSG                  %T…

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Who's minding the funds?

The following article was copied from the April issue of "Forbes".

                            Who’s minding the funds?

What’s next for advocates of affirmative action and quotas to conquer?
The world of money managers.  A movement is gaining momentum that could
pressure public pension funds – with total assets now exceeding $800
billion – to hire investment management firms owned by women and
members of minority groups to manage a big chunk of the assets.

The movement has already received concrete support from legislatures.
In 1989 California passed a law that established "goals" for all
contracts awarded by the state to outside vendors.  Included were the
contracts to manage some of the $90 billion in the state’s retirement
funds.  Fifteen percent (by value) of the contracts are now to be set
aside for minority-owned firms, and 5% for firms owned by women.

In support of these mandated goals, the California Public Employees
Retirement System last year placed $480 million with 12 of what it
calls "emerging managers," 9 of which are minority- or women-owned
firms.  The California State Teachers Retirement System allocated
$175 million to 3 firms in a similar program.

Other state and local governments are joining the fray.  New York
City, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and the states of Maryland,
Pennsylvania and Washington have all committed funds to this sector.

One needn’t be a cynic to agree that unintended consequences, not
all of them desirable, generally follow well-meaning laws.  In the
case of applying affirmative action programs to money managers, some
of the beneficiaries hardly need the government’s helping hand.

Take Valenzuela Capital Management, of New York.  Since its founding
last year, Valenzuela Capital has attracted $60 million, including
$40 million from the California Public Employees Retirement System.
Valenzuela’s credentials?  Prior to founding the firm, 36-years old
Thomas Valenzuela, a Mexican-American, was a broker for Lazard Freres.
He never ran big money and so has no record to sell.  When Valenzuela
initially sold his services, he presented the investment record of
Westport Asset Management, a firm owned and run by white professionals.

In keeping with the spirit of affirmative action programs, Tom
Valenzuela owns over half of his firm.  That makes it minority-owned
firm.  But Westport provides investment guidance, and can earn up to
49% of Valenzuela’s fees, although Valenzuela says it is now making
all the investment decisions.

Typically, a large private manager of public pension assets takes a
fee of up to $5 per $1,000 of funds under management.  Valenzuela
gets only about $136,000 on the California Public Employees’ assets.
But up to half of that goes to the old boys over at Westport Asset.

All told, in the next few years up to $20 billion in public pension
fund assets – representing annual management fees of $60 million –
is expected to be pushed to management firms owned by women and
minorities.  But where will the qualified minority and women managers
to run all that money come from?  There are only about 100 of these
firms around.  And only a dozen – among them Westwood Management and
Ariel Capital, both of which have over $1 billion under management –
are qualified to run big sums of money.  The great majority have
been in business less than three years.

Warns Amie Stamberg, of Norwalk, Conn. pension asset consulting firm
Stamberg Prestia Ltd.: "it’s like trying to stuff an elephant into
a Volkswagen."  This worries Stamberg because the number of
opportunistic management firms will no doubt expand to absorb
the surging volume of pension funds.

To protect their investments, the big public funds have long had
strict investment codes that precluded money managers without well-
established records and at least $100 million under management. But
when sensible rules get in the way of social engineering, the
engineers usually win.  New York City, for instance, dropped its
minimum asset threshold to $20 million from $500 million.  And
instead of requiring that investment principals have at least five
years’ experience in their present firms, they can now credit years
spent at other places.  "We found that by having these rules we
freezing out smaller firms," explains Elizabeth Holtzman, New York
City Comptroller.  "Now we have two Latinos, one African-American
and one Asian" running part of the city’s $18 billion employees’
retirement fund.

Henry Cisneros, the former San Antonio mayor, is also doing well
playing affirmative action/money management game.  In June 1989
Cisneros, who is of Mexican descent, founded Cisneros Asset
Management, a registered investment adviser.  But Cisneros primarily
collects money to be managed.  The $167 million it supposedly looks
after is in effect run largely by Criterion Investment Management,
a Houston-based bond firm with no minority ownership.

Then there’s Tiffany Capital Advisor, of San Ramon, Calif.  Here is
a firm that needs no affirmative action to get ahead.  Tiffany’s
majority owner is Curtis Townsend, who is black and the former
treasurer of Philadelphia.  Two women are also owners: Nancy Lattimer
and Mary Frohlich.  Townsend, who is based in Philadelphia, does the
firm’s marketing and says he makes the investment decisions.  But
investment record compiled by Tiffany’s chairman, Donald Lattimer, a
white portfolio manager and husband of one of the firm’s principals,
is Tiffany’s big selling point.  Tiffany is now running more than
$300 million.

The race to invest in minority- and women-owned firms got another
powerful kick last July when Pennsylvania Treasurer Catherine Baker
Knoll introduced a resolution at the annual meeting of the National
Association of State Treasures "to use their voices and the powers
of their respective offices" to hire more women- and minority-owned
firms.  The resolution was passed by every state present but Utah.

"Women and blacks put money into these plans; why should not they
invest it?" says Knoll, adding that pension funds should hire
qualified mangers to reflect the makeup of their beneficiaries –
an interesting idea that could, if carried to its logical conclusion,
create enormous demand for octogenarian money managers.

Utah Treasurer Edward Alter, the lone dissenter to Knoll’s resolution
explains his disagreement this way: "Fiduciaries need to remember that
it isn’t their money, and it isn’t their sandbox.  I think investment
firms should be selected solely on their merit."  It’s safe bet that
the public pension fund beneficiaries would, if given a chance,
agree with him.

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Re: Cost of sex

> From dmoc… Mon Mar 11 06:10:26 1991

> Assume a man has sex with his wife 5 times/wk. How much would he
> have to pay for equivalent service from a prostitute?
> —
> Dan Mocsny                        
> Internet: dmoc…

Wrong assumption. Here’s a better engineering approximation:

Assume a man has sex with his wife 5 times/wk for the first week and
the frequency decreases exponentially thereafter….. :-)

Averaged over the duration of the average marriage…. say, 7 years,
and THEN what do you have?

Test your assumptions with knowlegeable individuals next time :-)
(like, a *married* man :-)


(Ever hear of the old saw that says that you put a penny in the jar
 every time you have sex in the first year then take one out every time
 thereafter and  you’ll be buried with some change? )

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Re: Channelview Cheerleader, mom gets joint custody

In article <1…> thr… (David Throop) writes:

#rival and the rival’s mother.   Somebody informed the police, an FBI
#agent came around posing as a hit man.  The mother gave cash and some
#diamond earrings to pay for the murder of the rival mom.  The FBI
#recorded it.   Mom’s arrested, and charged with solicitation of capitol
#If a FATHER was charged with murder, and with as much overwhelming
#evidence as was in this case, and the MOTHER wanted custody, does
#anybody believe that
#  - Her lawyer would have advised her to settle for joint custody?
#  - The judge would have approved it, even if the lawyers requested it?
#  - The father would have been granted visitation?

The more interesting question is:
"Will she continue to get child’s support payments while she’s in jail?"

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Charleen the network censor

>From: charl…@ADS.COM (Charleen Bunjiovianna Stoner)
>Troops, ignore it.  It’s a forgery, posted through the mail->news gateway
>If you’ve responded to it already, I strongly urge you to cancel your posting.
>Can we show a little restraint this time?
>Oh, by the way, Carl (or whoever is playing at being "Barbara J. Stubna"
>these days), post any more of these gems and I’ll issue a global cancel.
>Got it?

Charleen has already complained to the bozos who run this system and had
my unix account jerked.  Now I’m forced to use the VMS system.

Now she’s threatening to cancel every article I post.  I’m tired of being
harrassed this way, just because she doesn’t agree with my feminist views.

This net.terrorism must stop.

If Charleen continues to interfere with network traffic, I’m going to demand
that ADS internet access is cut.



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